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Good luck dude!

Thank ya sir!

Really Loving this theme!

Cheers, thanks!

Nice theme!

Any plans for IDX support?

Thanks! I’ve had many buyers use the plugin with my real estate themes.

Good luck , fantastic work.

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Great theme! Good luck :)

Good luck , fantastic work.

Much appreciated!

I’m a bit confused, what is the difference between your 5 real estate themes?

Mostly aesthetics (layout, design) with some different features between the different themes.

Can all shortcodes, sliders & maps be fed from an IDX plugin? I won’t be entering any houses directly – only streaming from IDX.

See previous reply.

Can all shortcodes, sliders & maps be fed from an IDX plugin? I won’t be entering any houses directly – only streaming from IDX.

Yes, I’ve had many buyers use the plugin with my real estate themes.

Just downloaded this theme! Very excited about it, however it isn’t showing up? I have already uploaded it to our wordpress and activated it and have gone through the customizations. It shows up fine when I am logged in to wordpress, however when I log out it isn’t showing up as this theme. HELP!

<Nevermind! I changed “use custom styles” to Yes and it now works>

Glad you got it sorted, thanks for your purchase!

Hi, I have already purchased the theme real estate 4, like the possibility before purchasing this theme admin access a demo …. is it possible? also a time … thanks

I don’t give out admin demo access, but you can see the backend in these two screencasts:

Nice theme! “search” fields are customizable?

Yes, completely and easily by editing a single file.

Hi there, I was wondering if it was possible if we have pro real estate 3 to update the site after we have set up our and the site is already running smoothly. How hard would it be? Thanks

They both share the same backend so the transition would be as smooth as butter.

We are editing the back end tho :$

I’m not sure what all you edited but you can make the same mods to the new theme as well.

Chris, this looks like a great theme!

But, from what I see you do not offer any Responsive Real Estate theme for “Portal” style “List-your-own-Property” website categories.

Where the website owner provides a Membership form for User Registration. Once the Users are registered they can create their own listings—as many as the Admin sets for different Listing Packages.

From what I see in your themes it is the Admin themselves or whoever is given Administrative rights that has to handle all of the properties.

Do you have any plans to issue a Responsive Framework for Real Estate where you elaborate on the Ways that an Admin can “package” listing options for Registered Users with an online payment capability?

Thank you for your reply.

What you have done so far is really wonderful.

You can use this theme in conjunction with a membership plugin like to gain that functionality.

Can I create a menu of property’s type (rent, sale..)?

Definitely, that’s covered in the documentation

Hi Im considering buying this theme. But can it be used for other business then realestate? Was thinking about using it for showing people for hire within my spesific industry. Thank you in advance!

Definitely it could be used for any type of listing site with some modifications.

Thanks for your answer! Do you have any examples of anyone who have done a different type of listing with this theme? Im not a skilled developer so Ill have to do the modifications myself, and it would be great to see an example of how others have solved it

Sorry, I unfortunately don’t have any examples to share

I have two questions. One our Testimonials aren’t lining up correctly and two, no matter what height options we use for the slide show we only get the one size and can’t seem to be able to resize it.

HELP : )

Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and I’ll take a look.


7/8/13 — View complete changelog here

Can I enter a custom ID for each property?

Yes, you could use the MLS field for that or add another custom field.

Is it possible to integrate the MLS Plugin for Wordpress to this theme easily if so do let me know so that i can purchase it asap.

Yes, I’ve had many buyers use that plugin with my real estate themes.