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I have a problem with the main map. When I go to For Sale section for example, not all of the properties listed ‘for sale’ appear on that map. However listings that do not appear on the main map, have the map with correct location on the listing page. Any ideas what might be causing it?

Hi. Thanks for your purchase. Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and we’ll take a look.


Just a quick question. Is it possible to make the search widget only search page titles or page urls and not page content?


Not sure, but there might be a plugin out there that can accomplish that.

We are interested in purchase of your theme Real Estate Pro 5. But there are some questions bofore to take a final decision. Is this theme may be adapted for sailing flats and offices in apartment houses not only for villas? Would you be pleasant to answer to the next questions? 1). Is it possible to add in Listings Search Field Manager such features as Floor, ?otal Area, Area of kitchen and the like? 2). Is it possible to import/export listings of flats as a one total table? 3). How to work in the theme with pictures of different sizes and proportions to make thumbnail in high quality (not cutted)?

It will require some coding, but nothing major.

Hmm… Could you give a detailed instruction about this correction?

Once you purchase, please open a ticket on the support site and one of my personnel can help you out.

I’ve had a ticket open for over a month with no answers. Have you found a fix for the map pins. i.e Google only allows a certain number to be displayed. not every listing.

No probs, again thanks for your patience.

Is there a fix yet?

Still working on it, hopefully this week.

Which google map api you used? I have trouble with show “location” of listing item(((((

Sounds like a JS conflict, disable any plugins and test. If you need further assistance, please open a ticket at

All tickets are answered in the order received, usually around a 24-48hr response time. Thanks for your patience.

I bought this theme and had a question. Is there a way for the search box on the homepage to pull IDX results as well? Or just pull the IDX results?

Not without some big modifications, I’d recommend using the supplied IDX widgets instead. You can also disable the large search in the homepage options panel, if you’re not using manually added listings.

Hello, love the theme but having issues with the Listings. A large gap shows after the main picture:

Thank you for your help!

Glad you’re enjoying the theme, its due to the fact you have one or more images that are much taller in proportion to your other ones. In this case its the image of the closet area, I’d recommend keeping all the images the same basic proportions and you’ll be all good.

Thanks for your purchase!

Thank you for your response. That was it!

Any chance that a picture resizer can be included in the next them update? The client doesn’t seem to like the fact that they cannot updload vertical images.

On a separate note,

-I would like to show all updated listings in one page without the dsIDXpress. - How can I change the turquoise blue and greene colors of the theme? The color changer does not seem to offer those options.

I can send a separate support ticket if need be, where do I find the license number?

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi there. WP Pro looks great. I’m creating a video site for a realtor. I envision it working like this:

1. “Post” house information & video in the blog with fields for the price, location, special features, etc.

2. Auto populate new videos to a space on the home page (just 3 or 4 to a small space)

3. Search the blog roll for the price, location, special features, etc.

Does your product provide that functionality?

Thanks for your time.

Hedy Walker Bergg Homes

Yes, it hits all three points although it doesn’t use a “blog” for the listings its a separate custom post type. So you can have both a regular blog and listings with separate looks and templates. Any listing tagged as featured will be pulled into the homepage section, as you can see from the demo site.

Looks good. Does it work well with AdRotate?

Haven’t personally tested that plugin, but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work 100%

Hello – I was wondering if the search function on the home page pulls from listings that I add or if it pulls from IDX/ MLS listings? If it does not pull from IDX/ MLS Listing, do you have a recommendation on how to get this search functionality on the home page? This is a requirement before we purchase. Thank you.

Can you give me a quote on how much it would cost for the customization? Thank you!

I refer all my buyers to tweaky for customizations.

okay thank you.

Hey can u please tell me how to enable that “rental” and “reduced” figure on Featured Listings….rply asap

Got it

Please tell me one more thing how to add extra taxonomies means in the place of rental i want prelaunch, can i make it ???

Found it :)

Hi there. I’m making a site for a photographer to post videos of homes. People can browse the videos for free but he may charge Realtors for posting them. Does that prohibit me from using the Regular License?

Nope, regular license would work just fine.

Thanks much for your prompt replies. I buy now. :)

Hi. I’m in Australia and want to use plugin over the idx …. Can I uninstall the idx plugin if I purchase this theme?


The IDX plugin isn’t required you can use any you’d like.

i’ve successfully installed the theme and plugins, created a test listing. i can see it with a brief description when searching listings, but when i try to open the detailed listing i get page not found error. what am i missing?

Sounds like a htaccess issue, reset your permalinks to default and test.

works great, thanks. but why when i switch the permalink to post name it’s not working?

I still can’t get this theme to work. There is no phone number to call?? The instructions provided did not work. Bleahost says its the theme.

I’ve been having serious issues with this theme. It’s causing the site to run very slow and no pictures are present. It’s unworkable. This is the same problem that I had before, you sent me a link that has not helped.

Their is NO “style.css” file in the download Zip..

Are you positive you’re uploading the theme correctly? I’d also recommend redownloading the main zip from your account, you might have gotten a corrupted file.

I redownloaded it this morning, just to make shure. It was uploaded three times. The first was just through the actual Wordpress uploader. The rest were done with the help of a Bluehost tech

Please review the documentation for installation instructions, something isn’t being done correctly.

I’m having weird issues with the navigation dropdowns. All of a sudden the dropdown doesnt drop down in the right place.

Can you take a look please?



Updating a lightbox plugin fixed the issue!

Glad ya got it sorted.

I have a client who likes this theme, but would like to know what options are available for the slider animations? Their very particular about how they like the slides to come across. Preferably and slide across motion. Is that available? Thank you!

The theme uses Flexslider, so it only supports slide or fade animation styles. However if you’re looking for something more advanced I’d recommend using a plugin like Slider Revolution or LayerSlider. You can disable the built in slider from the admin options and use a shortcode from either plugin to replace and or use anywhere on the site.

Thank you so much for the information! I really appreciate it. Have a good one.

Theme is very nice. Question though: Is there a blog module I can add to the home page using the drag & drop tool, maybe just below the big image? Thanks!

Yes, you can use the latest posts widget.

How can you make it so that when you hover over a thumbnail, the image gets larger?

Is anyone even looking at these anymore?

If you’re referring to the slider changing the click to hover you would have to hack up the Flexslider code I didn’t see an option for this on the repo.

If you’re referring to the listing thumbnails not within the single view you would need to find a plugin to accomplish that, unfortunately I’m not familiar with any.

It seems wmpl translations are not working in home featured listings and advanced search. Just works for the default language. Do you have any idea? Anybody has the same problem?

If you are using several languages and you have featured listing and search working please comment!

Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and we’ll take a look.

I opened it already several days ago. It seems it’s ignored:

I’ll bring it to the attention of my support staff, thanks for your patience.

I just purchased this theme and have encountered a few issues I need resolving quickly if possible (tight deadline).

1. How to I make my listings page populate like this:, without IDXpress? Do I have to have a sidebar on this page? Also, my client doesn’t want to use featured listings at all, but would like there to be a random four listings on the homepage. How is this possible?

2. How do I make the MLS # appear in the listing page?

3. What are the best dimensions for the homepage slider? (I use auto for height for responsive purposes.) Also, once I ass more than one slide, the test for title and description disappears. How do I fix this?


  1. Just add your listings via the Listings custom post type. Make sure the Contempo Real Estate Custom Posts plugin is installed and activated (it comes pre-packaged) go into Plugins.
  2. You’ll add that information via the listings CTP as I explained above.
  3. Any image 1058px wide and above

Thanks for the reply! I’ll move my concerns to the support page from here on out. :)

No probs, thanks for your purchase!