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I’ve had my map pin bug up for months with no fix.

Currently, the map only shows a few listings. If you go on ‘browse’, you should be able to see every listing.


Hello, this is a nice theme, I love all the features, specially WPML dans retina. I own a website running wpCasa that is on production. I’d like to migrate to your theme but I have some concerns regarding SEO?

Could keep the same URLs for products ? (i.e. can I keep /property/ followed by the title of the the product such

Also, for the categories, can I keep the same URLs such ?

Also if you have some recommandation for the migration to your theme.

Thank you, Fred

Yes, you’ll need to change the listings slug which is a simple change.

Sorry, my theme doesnt use categories for listings it uses custom taxonomies.

So it means that to have fancy URLs (for instance, list of “properties for sale in France”) I need to do some URL rewriting with the .htaccess right?

Exactly, that would be the best way to do it.


I have an issue where the homepage layout manager isn’t working. There are no options as far as disabled and enabled lists; which is odd because I just migrated my site from a dev server to a live one—and the homepage layout manager was working just fine on the dev server.

Hit options reset and you’ll be good to go.


I have a feature which would be good to add, either by yourself, or wondering how I would go about it myself.

How can I add pins to the current map for businesses?

i.e, I don’t want to create a live post, just the pin. Also, I want it to appear on individual listings.

So that on each listing, it’s central around where that property is located, however you can see all the businesses nearby.

Is this possible with the current map? or will I need a plugin?

Unfortunately this wouldnt be an easy mod, it would require quite a lot of hacking to the existing code, possibly a whole rewrite.

Any news on the map fix?

Still working on it.

Hello, I love the team and want to purchase it. Just wandering if I can easily remove the address bar on the home page. I would rather have my own pictures which are not associated with a listing. Is this an on or off feature? Thank you!

Yes, all of the homepage modules can be enabled and disabled on the fly with drag n drop.

I contacted Diverse Solutions and they told me the IDX solution does not support Canada. Do you have any other plugin that would allow me to receive IDX feed for Ottawa, Canada.

Thank you!

You could try idx broker

I opened a ticket about the map pins problem and heres what i was told:

No, it’s not a bug, or at least it’s not a theme bug. It’s a php/google maps normal result. Notice that each property will show in some search, but some won’t show if there are so many results. The only thing we can do, unfortunately, is to wait for google maps and php responses.

I seem to only get 11 results, what about everyone else? Im not sure if sold properties show up, is there a status or property type that needs to be selected for a property to show up on the map? Does anyone have any idea for some sort of solution, my client is adamant that this is not good enough.

Yes, if you use lat/long there’s no limiting on the requests.

What is the limit, I have a ticket asking that question with no reply as yet, is it 10, 12 or? I added some extra ones using the lat long data and they didnt show up, I already had 12 others displayed without lat long, whats going on there? Thanks

Its 10 as far as know

I sent a request to support a couple days ago and no answer. I updated the theme and now the featured listings do not show. Can you please answer my email?

Please reply the ticket and Rochester will help you out further, all tickets are answered in the order received. Thanks for your patience.

I replied weeks ago though. Does it take that long for a reply or should I resubmit?

Whats your ticket number?


Months and months ago I submitted 2 tickets.

1- The dreaded map pin fix 2- My author link issue.

You’ll see page 2 doesn’t work. I’ve tried reseting my permalinks to no success. Is this an issue with the structure of the author pages?

I see you’ve answered one of my tickets, do I have to open a ticket for my second point. Or can you answer it here?

Please open another ticket and Rochester will get to it.

Is there a way to change the order of the images on the listing page? I can change the featured image, but I want to switch the order of some of the other images. Thanks!

Never mind, I found the answer in the documentation. I was trying right from the main media library. :)

Glad you got it sorted, thanks for your purchase!

Im planing to make a agent package for ex. package A agent can post 10 listing for $20 can i do that for this theme or is there any plug-in i can use for this features?

Yes, you can use a plugin like S2Member to achieve that functionality.


Can we do this following outline using your theme?

Waiting for your response. Thank you.

Duplicate see previous response.

I have purchased the theme and need help with a couple of issues:

1. I am using the dsIDXpress. They provide “sidebar” widgets that work fine with their MLS dummy data. But, the “Find Your New Home” search on the home page pulls from the theme listings. Can that be configured to pull from our MLS data?

2. I want to create a new page as my blog page. Most themes allow you to choose a “blog” template, but I don’t see that as an option. Also, shouldn’t I be able to use a simple short code [display posts]to get the posts to display on a page? Help!

Current Settings (reading): “Your latest posts”

Test Environment URL:

Thanks for your help

FYI: I already opened a ticket on that site and got no response. I will follow the link and open a new ticket.

Please provide me with the link to “submit” the ticket. This page has fields for “sign up” new account. When I do that it says username already established. When I login at the top of the page, nothing really changes and I’m at the same page where there are fields to sign up. I also submitted an e-mail to contempoinc via the “Envato Workplace” and never received a response. Thanks.

Disregard previous e-mail; I am submitting ticket

Will dsIDXpress Pro work with this theme?

Those features are only available in the pro version of the dsIDXpress plugin. Although they’re plugins out there that could also be used to add favorites to the manually added listings as well.

OK, so if I get the pro version of dsIDXpress plugin, it will work on the theme and users can save searches. But only if I get the pro version, correct?

Yes, as that is a functionality of the Pro version of that plugin.

On home page there’s a featured listing section that contains 4 properties; I wants 3 such sections containing 4 properties each – these will belong to different categories just like “featured”, Is there nay way or option to do that? Help me out mate :(

If you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Tweaky I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.

I have been looking through the pages of requests and a common theme appears ,that tickets raised in the support section seems to go unanswered , is this the case ? as I put one up yesterday and was hoping that I would get a reply.

Not the case at all, every ticket is answered. I receive quite a few and all are responded to in the order received, usual turnaround time is 48hrs. Thanks for your patience.

Hi, I wanna know if the template already have the option for the users(agents) make ur profile. Have a speficic page for this? Or did agents got their own login ID? Or I have to make the cadastre manuall? tks

It uses the standard WordPress user system so everyone has their own login and profile information entered through the admin.

I can’t find the word “listings” that shows up in WP main menu to translate. Where is it? Thanks,

wp-content > plugins > ct-re-custom-posts

HI. I’m thinking about purchasing this template but have a question – will I be able to use dsidxpress Pro or do I have to use dsidxpress for $29.99? I need to know this before purchasing. Thanks!

You can use either one.


I am unable to search listings in the admin. Our client would find it useful to enter “123” for example to find a property at 123 Main Street, but it always comes up as “No Results.” Any idea what might be going on with that?


The admin won’t search on custom fields and taxonomies by default, you’ll need to use a plugin like