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Today I went to respond to a support ticket and I cannot login to the support site. “blockUI requires jQuery v1.2.3 or later.” You are using jquery v1.10.2”. Do you know why this is happening? I emailed a ticket that my testimonials page is unreadable and I received a reply on how to make a testimonials page (select the template and add to menu). That’s done already. I already have a testimonials page. It is unreadable and I provided an attached screenshot of how it looks all out of whack so my question wasn’t answered or resolved. Help, please. Thanks.

Just click ok to the pop up.

Hello! I already purchased this theme, but just to make sure it can do what we need before proceeding with the client updates to their current site. First. The search function on the home page currently uses listings entered in the site directly, she needs this to be the IDX search, I see the theme integrates with IDX I just need to make sure the search can be used for it. Next I must be missing it, the slider, I see the settings and how to add it to the home page, but where do you set up the slider images? I’m not seeing anything in the documentation, I’m sure I’m missing something simple. Thanks.

  • The search on the homepage is just for manually entered listings, however you can disable it via the admin options and use one of the supplied IDX widgets in the plugin for search
  • WP Pro Real Estate 5 Options > Homepage > Slides (scroll down a little)

The “CT Listings” widget is displaying the ‘lot size’ twice in the display. Any idea how to repair this glitch?

Small bug, replace your realestate-5 > includes > widgets > ct-widget-listings.php with and you’ll be good to go. I’ll also get an official update released.

Awesome. Thank you.

No probs!

Without building a custom CSS I was wondering if there is a way to make the footer navigation links a different color than the template links color.

I’ve done this just like you stated but it still is not changing the foot nav color. Can you check into it for me?

Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and we’ll take a look.

Thank you. I have submitted a ticket.


1/22/14 — View complete changelog here

Hi there! Would updating the theme to v.1.3.1 override/overwrite any of the changes directly made to ex. CT-Listings-Search? Been working with Support (they’ve been very helpful) for some issues and I’m just concerned whether applying the update might undo the “solved” issues.

Secondly, this is still an open ticket in Support but you might have an answer, have some issues on the Google Maps address or Lat/Long for a listing. The map only loads correctly for one of my listings. It doesn’t load in other listings. I tried creating new dummy listings just to test addresses or Lat/Long coordinates but the map still won’t load using either addressing methods.

All updated files are outlined in the changelog so you don’t need to overwrite the entire theme if you’ve made modifications.

hello We need to filter by city and area, on the basis of how it is implemented on When choosing a city areas offered in this city. Is it possible on this template? if not is it possible to implement for a fee?

It is possible, however some custom JS would need to be written up basically making relationships between all your city/states, etc…

If you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Tweaky I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.

Hello there. I have one issue that is causing two problems. In my page editor, I am not able to switch from “Visual” to “Text” on the editor. The tabs are not there. Also, the Symple Shortcodes button does not show up, so I am unable to insert any shortcodes on the editor. See this picture:


Shoot me a message via my profile with your URL & login information and I’ll take a look.

Ok, I just re-installed WP and everything seems to be ok now. Not sure what the issue was. Thanks for the help though!

No probs, glad you got it sorted. Thanks for your purchase!

Many people point out to me a bad view of the home page and individual listing with the Internet Explorer browser. Any solution?

What version of IE, do you have any screenshots? Keep in mind the theme only supports IE8+, FF, Safari, Chrome & Opera

This is IE8. Home page featured listing: and sidebar in single listing:

Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and we’ll take a look.

I have a client interested in purchasing this theme, but their main concern is if it’s mobile friendly. I do not see anything confirming that and some comments show that it isn’t as of several months ago. Can you please confirm? Thanks!

It is mobile friendly, its a responsive design so it looks awesome on any device.

I have submitted a ticket about the problem I’m facing but there is no response so far. It’s almost a day now.

Please respond. Thanks!

Please be patient as we receive quite a few support tickets all are answered in the order received.


I was looking through these commentaries here regarding the problem with Google Maps (for one listing Google Maps shows the location, other does not). I updated WP to 3.8.1 plus I overwrote the file css > layout.css, however the problem is not solved.

Ofcourse I verified the location at (34.71355896461285,32.528650760650635) and it is correct. But at my werbsite the map shows only the loading icon.

Perhaps you might suggest some solution?

BR, Anna

Its a JavaScript error, looks like something is causing the Google Maps script to not load up. I’d recommend deactivating any plugins and testing, if that doesn’t work you should download the original latest version from your Themeforest > Downloads area and overwrite your existing theme files.

For further assistance please open a ticket

Thank you very much for an absolutely immediate response :) I appreciate. I am just updating all realestate-5 theme folder. If it is not successful, I will do as you suggest.

All the best, Anna

No probs, thanks for your purchase!

How to resize listing single page (widget) in page builder? It overlapse my listing search right (widget) & side bar agents (widget)

Hi. Thanks for your purchase. Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and we’ll take a look.

Is there any way to display random posts on the homepage, instead of just ‘featured’ status.

Yes, you can replace ‘ct_status’ => ‘featured’, with ‘orderby’ => ‘rand’,

Same with the problem encountered by annawagnereu, I’ve been having problems with the Google Maps loading in the listings. To rule out any issues with plugins etc. I deleted everything and did a reinstall of both WordPress and the latest Real Estate 5 theme. Same scenario as before. The map does not load. Only the loading graphics is shown.

I tried the Google Maps API solution and installed the API key in headers.php. Still nothing.

Make sure you have all the options for WP Pro Real Estate 6 Options > Flexslider > filled out and under the Contact tab > Success Message is only a single line No Line Breaks or otherwise it will break the Javascript and cause anything below it like the Map not to load up.

I am having a problem with the wp admin bar jumping all around the page when I scroll here’s a screenshot since you have to be logged in for there to be a screenshot the test site is do you have a clue what’s going on and how to fix it please??

Ok I’ll do that now, but I tried that yesterday regarding another matter and didn’t get a reply.

I get a lot of support requests daily, as you can imagine. One of my support personnel will get to you shortly, thanks for your patience.

I appreciate your help!

HI friends! when load the dummydata the pages are incomplete, missing images, and the site is not structured as the template. Does anyone know how to import data with the same structure as the official template? thank you!

Contemponic… listen to me I need support!!!!!!!! I ask you help me 10 days ago. I have urgent support, my client is waiting. I write to you to Contempo. So I’m waiting your support please! I nedd import the dummy data as like your template. thankyou!

my god.. I have already told you 3 times, I ran the import by the book, but the site does not appear like as your template. I bought your theme because I like it so I want to import the data exactly the same as your theme. I hope I made you understand the problem. So we can write to us at private timando the link to my site?

please give me a real help A.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

any help would be Appreciated thanks

“Available” flag isn’t showing up. When I looked at the source code, the snipe class for Sold and Reduced (I tested each before I wrote this to make sure I wasn’t missing something) showed up right under <figure> but it doesn’t do the same for Available. I looked at layout.css and h6.available { background: #7FAF1B;} is listed… so why won’t it show up on the homepage.

Awesome Theme BTW… my client loves it!

Make sure the slug for your available tag is available and not something like available-2, etc…

Glad you and your client are enjoying the theme, thanks for your purchase!

Check… and double-check. Slug is “available”.

Shoot me a message via my profile with your login details and I’ll take a look.