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Pre-Purchase Comment. Can I use a static set of images in the slider instead of featured properties? Also, can / has anyone integrated RETs into this instead of IDX?

  1. Yes you can use whatever static images you’d like in the slider.
  2. Yes, I’ve had some buyers use RETS plugins like

I am in the process of formatting my blog posts and both the “read more tag” and the formatting does not seem to be recognizing when you view the page. It is showing the text wrapping around the picture in the dashboard, but when I view the page—it is indented and the body of the paragraph is justified to the width of the picture. Any tips? My photos are all 1200 pixels wide x 800 height.

Sounds like possibly a non-required plugin you have activated is causing styling conflicts, if you could please open a ticket on the support site with your admin details my support staff will take a look, thanks for your purchase!

Hello I want to ask several questions before purchasing: 1. Can I have 2 login systems one for persons and one for organizations? Or in login there can be checkbox if you are organization you will have additional fields name of organization etc. 2. Can I have different offers and different prices for example if you want to have your property on first page you pay different price or something like that? 3. I don’t want to have PayPal. Can there be automatically generated invoice sent to their mails, for bank transfer and I should have the opportunity to accept placement of add on web.

Duplicate, see previous reply.

hello, i am currently working with WP real estate 6 theme and i noticed that my images for the listing sliders show the feature images in different sizes, would you happen to know of a way to format the image so that it is all one uniform size?

I’d recommend using a program like Photoshop to edit the images or a free plugin like, just a heads up you’ll need to purchase an extended support pack as yours has expired, thanks for understanding and your previous purchase!

Hi There. I added a menu navigation item for RENTALS and SALES to be filtered. See: – but it shows all listing and not just the one that I want to filter by status. I double check the tagging and its done correctly. Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks, but for some reason it is working now..?

Odd, well I guess its sorted then ;)

Hi There. I would want to manually insert the ‘Listings Search” function into a page. I see one can only have it on the HOME page when the page is set to template HOME PAGE. And then as a widget on the side. I want to be able to achieve the look as per your HOME page, but to have control over where I put it.

The only way to do that would be to add the following into your custom page template, this before get_header() and this wherever you want the search to appear, unfortunately these types of modifications are outside the scope of my normal support hope you understand.

Hi, I just want to understand, in order for the SEARCH function to actually work, the home page must be set to the HOME template?

That is correct as it has some code that includes the search-listings.php template, you could create your own custom page template but you’d have to also include that code snippet you can see it at the top of template-home.php

cool thanks

Hi there. The bulleted list seem to not align. any suggestions? I tried so code in custom CSS with no luck. – thanks for all the help.

It uses inside by default you can change that with:

article.span_9 .hentry ul { list-style: disc outside;}

Hi there. Is it possible to change the featured posts on the home page to be a 3 column view and not 4. The Copy within the blocks are running over to the next line and it looks horrible. Please see – I would like those 3 listing to SPAN across the width and not just be aligned to the lieft. Same goes for I want 3 columns but it should be spanned across.


First thing make sure you’re doing this using a child theme, never edit the parent theme files.

Once you’ve created the child theme using my generator (takes 15 secs), create your includes folder within said child theme copy over featured-listings.php and make your modifications. Thanks for your purchase!

OKay thanks, but where do I change the spanning for the filtering

realestate-7 > layouts > grid.php or list.php

The listing sliders and images on this website suddenly have a lot of white space between the slider and slider images when there’s multiple images on a listing. See this property so you can see: What can be done to fix this? All plugins, WP version, and the theme are up to date. Thank you.

Go into Real Estate 7 Options > Flexslider > Enable smootheight and you’ll be all set.

Pre Buying Question: I wish to use this theme on a test site – then transfer it to a live site. Once live I’ll delete the test site. Can I do that and get support, if needed, when setting up the test site?

Definitely, thats not a problem at all and is actually how a lot of my buyers do it.

What is the best solution for a CAPTCHA for this theme’s contact form?

Did you purchase the theme on another account, or is this a pre-purchase question? If pre-purchase I’d actually recommend my RE7 theme as it supports using Contact Form 7 & Gravity Forms making it super simple to add captcha, I’m also running a 30% off sale.

WP Pro Real Estate 7


aweima Purchased

Good afternoon,

After we update, something went wrong and we cant fix it.:

- The website dont show the categories anymore. (Partuclier, commercial and lots). They put it all in one map.

- The website only shows listings of last month (the rest is not visible)

- The website allows the featured image to stay constantly above the gallery.

Can you please help us. Nobody response on support.

Responded, but I can’t help without your websites URL and WordPress admin login information, please post those in your ticket so I can take a look. Thanks!


aweima Purchased

Can you please respond ? PRIVATE TICKET #997145

Yes, I’ll get back to you shortly, thanks for your patience.


calopzg Purchased

I am waiting for an answer PRIVATE TICKET #1036500 Could you help me.



calopzg Purchased

A day later he responded with incorrect information. Now I have another 23 hours and I still have no answer.

Replied, same thing applies.

Problem with wpml plugin. Hello. I have a problem with this theme. when the plugin wpml is active all the query doesn’t work. For exsample if i search a home with the form for searching it doesn’t work. can you help me?

Sorry you’ll need to find that account and open a ticket on my support site, so I can verify you.

i cant find the account, this is the site how can we do?

Again, I can’t provide any support in this case unless you purchase the theme on this account or find your old account and also buy an extended support pack.

I have two issues that I recently notice that I would like some clarification on.

1. RE6 contact form will not show fax number on contact page. 2. Can not create a child theme without all listing pages creating a 404 response. The 404 page remains even after I switch back to the non-child theme. The only way to fix this is to restore the theme from a backup.

I’ve tried opening a ticket for this but support has expired and I can no longer submit a ticket.

Is it possible to get support on these items since they create an issue with the theme working as original intended or described in the theme documentation.

You’ll need to comment here with the account you purchased the theme with so I can verify your purchase, and you’ll also need to purchase an extended support pack if its since expired, hope you understand. Thanks for your previous purchase!

Presale question: I have a existing RE6 theme that is active but the support has expired and ownership of the site has changed. I plan to buy the theme again under new a account but I need to know one thing. If I try to install the theme again with an existing one already active will this delete the existing work already done on the site i.e. will I have to start from scratch if I try to reinstall the theme?

It won’t affect anything within your existing database, please use this link for purchase.

I’d also actual recommend checking out my new Real Estate 7 theme, its heads and tails better than my previous.

Thanks for the quick response.

Does RE7 use the same image optimizer as RE6 for the listing photo’s?

Does RE7 allow me to change the search options to say “neighborhood” rather than “state” without dipping into the css?

RE7 uses the standard WordPress image functions and not a third party script like re6.

Yes, that’s easily selectable via the admin options panel.