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Discussion on Real Estate 7 WordPress

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Hi! I would like to ask if this theme is capable of multi-vendor users? Users can register as vendors to add listings and sell property and allow customers to add viewing booking. Is this possible in this theme?

Hi, we do have a front end listing system but we don’t offer any monetization, that’s a niche we unfortunately dropped support quite some time ago.

We bought this theme through themeforest. When I try to load an elementor template (RE7 block or page) I get this error: “We’re having trouble connecting to the library, please refresh your browser or click here”. Is this a temporary thing or do I need to do something? Thank you

Hi, our 200+ blocks and pages library is exclusive to Real Estate 7 Yearly, more on that in https://contempothemes.com/faq


phil_c64 Purchased

Hello, is there a way to be able to use the favourites list feature without setting the favourite listing template to the page?

Eg, like you mentioned the compare code in the header to add the favourites code using an elementor widget that supports the raw PHP code like https://www.dynamic.ooo/widget/php-raw/.

Thank you (last question).

Hi, unfortunately there isn’t you’ll need to use the proper page template.


phil_c64 Purchased

Okay no problem, thanks for replying.

Will this theme work with another IDX platform if I don’t want to use yours?

It is possible, but the theme will just act as a basic wrapper meaning the header & footer, since any third-party IDX will use their own templates, functions, styles, widgets, etc, etc…

With our IDX its a full plug-and-play integration, creating a seamless, and fully cohesive website from end to end.

any upcoming sales for this theme?

Sorry no, we don’t run discounts or sales.

Does this work with Showcase IDX?

That’s great! Can you confirm if this will work with Flex MLS? And are there any limitations? Like can we still display properties that have already sold?

Also, does this cost anything in addition to the purchase of the theme?

We spoke over our live chat but yes we do support MLS Boards that use FlexMLS more on our coverage can be found in https://contempothemes.com/real-estate-idx/mls-coverage/, and the IDX is $69/monthly.


phil_c64 Purchased

Hello, Is there a way to use the compare sidebar feature that already exists with a custom header/footer or point me to the template that this code is within?

I created a custom sidebar and added the CT compare elementor widget to it. Assigned an on-click not the but just the span so it’s not the same element but about 1/6 times the listings load. So it’s very intermittent at best. https://prnt.sc/iqMiwlosl5lK

If I drag the compare widget on the same page it loads everytime, however, it very difficult to use for the customer since it’s below all listings and not visible easily.

Kind regards and thank you for your time.

Hi, the easiest would be to just the widget in the footer you’ve created with Elementor Pro so its global, or it would require custom developing your own sidebar area. The code for the original is in header.php > lines 667-680 https://share.getcloudapp.com/jkuXbbA6


phil_c64 Purchased

Thank you very much :) Appreciate your time.

Sure thing, glad to help.


phil_c64 Purchased


I’d like to re-use some fields not needed like the community field. So found your tutorial on label renaming https://contempothemes.com/docs/how-can-i-rename-a-custom-field-or-taxonomy/ once this is done and I want to use the field in an elementor single listing design.

How would this be output on the page as there are no widgets for picking individual fields? The dynamic cog option shows the available fields – https://prnt.sc/PPN6GS8z8F2p

Kind regards and thank you.

Hi, that’s a taxonomy and all you’re doing is rewording the front end strings associated with it per the KB article. But in terms of using that taxonomy and outputting it with Elementor and their dynamic content it would be Post Terms and it would still be technically from “Community”, unfortunately can’t expand any more but hope that gets you pointed in the right direction.

We have a host of custom modules for our Single Listing Builder https://contempothemes.com/real-estate-7-features/build-your-own-single-listing-templates-with-elementor-pro/ available, also see https://contempothemes.com/docs/elementor/


phil_c64 Purchased

Thanks again.

Sure thing, glad to help.

Hi, can you please help me to identify this problem on the site progeacasa.it? The map doesn’t load. See the page https://www.progeacasa.it/?ct_keyword&ct_city&ct_state&ct_beds_plus=0&search-listings=true&lat&lng

Thank you

The referrer error has been resolved, add the below to your Real Estate 7 Options > Custom CSS, something is collapsing the map or conflicting with the height https://share.getcloudapp.com/GGuK16bm

.listings-results-map.stacked #map { height:  600px;}

Great! With this css customization the problem has been resolved. Thank you.

Not a problem, glad to help.


phil_c64 Purchased

Hello, I can’t use the CT Testimonials Elementor Widget as when added to the page I get a timeout every time. Removing the widget and everything works fine again.

I have set the testimonial limit to 1,2,3 as tests. I’d like to record a private video to send you showing the issue. Do you have a business email I can send so private links don’t go out in the comments section?

I appreciate your help.

Kind regards

Hi, we actually don’t have a “CT Testimonials” widget for Elementor maybe you’re using the old standard widget that’s meant for sidebars which will cause problems, suggest using https://elementor.com/widgets/testimonial-widget/ or something similar that Elementor offers itself.

You can also see the list of Elementor modules we offer in https://contempothemes.com/docs/elementor/


phil_c64 Purchased

Okay thank you.


phil_c64 Purchased


How do we paginate the CT Listings Grid widget in Elementor?

I’d like to limit the property results (as there are a lot) to 12.

Kind regards

Hi. We don’t offer a “Load more” or pagination options for the Elementor Listings modules as we recommend directing users into the search utility which is built to handle the data loads by adding a “View All” then use http://yourdomain.com/?search-listings=true also see https://contempothemes.com/docs/building-out-your-navigation-find-a-home/


gantolin Purchased

I cannot get the emails to send once a client submits an inquiry on the individual properties. It keeps saying that the page is not found. I updated all the plugins already. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, please see https://contempothemes.com/docs/contact-forms-arent-working-or-sending-to-a-404-page/

Always suggest using the search in the docs and knowledge base covers 99.999% of everything and is accessible 24/7.


gantolin Purchased

This is what I found… but I have no idea how to fix it.

To fix this issue, replace the usage of navigator.userAgent, navigator.appVersion, and navigator.platform with feature detection, progressive enhancement, or migrate to navigator.userAgentData. Note that for performance reasons, only the first access to one of the properties is shown.

Unfortunately not sure what that is, assume its from your console would suggest disabling any non-required plugins and test them one by one, something is causing a conflict.


8/1/2022 View complete changelog here, also see this KB article how to update your theme to the latest version.

  1. Fixed “Allow location” is now properly only prompted when the geolocation button is clicked preview within the Listings Search, rather than on every page of the website when enabled under Real Estate 7 Options > Listings > Listings Search
  2. Fixed Header when sticky not properly moving to the left when mobile menu is expanded
  3. Fixed Front End User Pages display bug
  4. Fixed Lot Size display bug for Land Listings in Listings Search > Map Infowindow, when running CT IDX Pro plugin
  5. Updated Vastly improved UX for Listings Search on mobile, added “Map/List” switcher preview, persists state with a cookie based on the users last choice. The default view can be changed via Real Estate 7 Options > Listings > Listings Search > Map or Grid as Default View?, this is a global option meaning it applies to all devices from desktop to mobile
  6. Updated Code refactoring for Real Estate 7 Options > Listings > Listings Search > Enable Listing Creation Date admin screenshot, when running CT IDX Pro it will display elapsed time based on the MLS Date/Time Added, e.g. “5 hours ago”, “3 days ago”, “2 weeks ago”, “4 months ago” screenshot
  7. Updated Code refactoring & UX improvements for Listings Search > Draw
  8. Updated Code refactoring & improvements for Single Page
  9. Updated POT with new strings
  10. Updated Version number

RE7 Version 3.2.8 out now! View Changelog


mmohy001 Purchased

Dear Support Team,

We have a bug in the search where the auto suggest in the search is not showing any related suggestions or terms.

Please advice on the way this can be fixed as we confirmed that the featured is turned on in the backend, we trouble shoot further with an expert developer and have reached to the conclusion of having a bug and advised to get support from theme author.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi, the auto suggest is tested and working properly, if you could please expand a bit more, share the website along with the words you’re using so we can have a look. Have any modifications been made?

rad4u2 Purchased

Hi, I missed my renewal support/update deadline by a few days and just now paid to extend it. I went in to one of my websites to update the plugins and themes and everything updated just fine except the theme. You have version 3.2.0 installed. Update to 3.2.7.

Here’s the message I’m getting: An error occurred while updating WP Pro Real Estate 7: Download failed. Unauthorized

Downloading update from https://contempothemes.com/edd-sl/package_download/MTY1OTI4ODgyNDpiNThmNWZiYi02M2NiLTQzNzktYThhYS00MWQzZDlmZGUxMmI6ODczNDplZjYyMTNhOGI1MjNiNzcwNjY4YTZhNmI0NzNmNzcwMTpodHRwc0AvL3NobXNhcHRzLmNvbTow…

Any suggestions on how we can get these sites updated?

Hi, if you could open a live chat on our site with your purchase code so we can check it, https://contempothemes.com/docs

I am looking to purchase this theme. I want to sell the property and i want the visitor to pay for the property though the site . this way they see the listing they want, hit a “buy now” button and make the payment through woo commerce . this will take the property off the market .. Can your template do this ? thanks

Hi, unfortunately we don’t offer any monetization methods.


neo19cu Purchased

I can no activate my theme after a manual update, my license 2819a53e-5c75-479c-a1ba-32baa50030a7 and my website https://dreamestatesrg.com/ – and having issue with the image loading, regards, thank you (I just paid a support renew for 6 months)

Hi, if you could expand a bit more on the images, checked the website and everything is loading properly.

Hello, I set up my website and was making finishing touches on it. Then the video stopped working on the header. Can you please tell me how to fix this?

Can always use the live chat on our website https://contempothemes.com/docs

Can confirm not seeing a video in the hero section of your sites homepage.

Suggest trying a different video either self-hosted (uploaded to your media library) or another from YouTube and testing.

It doesn’t allow me to self host. Tried that as well.

Sounds like your upload limits which can be raised by talking with your hosts support.


MEAHCo Purchased

Hi,I have purchased your theme, however, demo 11, which is my preferred demos are not available to select at setup. how can i get this demo installed?

Hi, that’s an exclusive design to Real Estate 7 Yearly more on that in https://contempothemes.com/faq

I didn’t see the option to connect custom domain for each tenant?

Hi, not sure I’m following the question, but unfortunately we don’t offer any tenant portal features.


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