Discussion on Real Estate 7 WordPress

Discussion on Real Estate 7 WordPress

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Jgtlucre Purchased

Hello My purchase key is not working when trying to install this theme into WordPress. I don’t have any other sites using this theme.

As a one time courtesy we’ve extended your license until tomorrow so you can run the setup wizard.

The theme remains fully operational and lifetime updates are downloaded from your Themeforest > Downloads panel and applied via FTP.


Jgtlucre Purchased

it didnt work

We’ve extended it again as a one time courtesy until the 2nd please now run the setup wizard on your website before it hits that date.


meharijon Purchased

still awaiting assistance!!

Hi, all queries have been answered. If you still have an open question please post it and we’ll get back to you.


meharijon Purchased

Good Day,

I purchased your template and have begun edits. I have looked to change my theme to elementor6 as I currently have elementor3. Of course elementor6 is what I purchased.

Can you assist to change?

As I said I am editing the my site so hoping the change will not lose my edits.



Hi, to change designs requires a reset of the site itself in order to run the setup wizard again.


Good morning, I wanna let you know two questions that crossed my mind that need to be clarified before proceeding to finalize the purchase of the theme:

1) Once I buy the theme, can I use it to make all the pages I want? Or do I need to buy it every time I am going to make a new website with wordpress?

2) Does the theme allow you to use two types of currencies simultaneously (Argentinian pesos and USD)? For example, I will need to publish within the website that I make the properties for rent in ARGENTINIAN PESOS and the properties for sale in USD, is it possible?

Thank you.


1. You can create all the pages you’d like

2. Sorry no, we don’t offer any multi currency features or conversions

Hello, I would like to know if this theme has the function that when you search in a location and when you finish seeing all the options for the place you get a message similar to: “We found 5 more rentals matching your search near Van Wert, OH” and then those 5 extra options appear, is it possible? thank you so much

Hi, sorry no, we don’t have a recommendation engine built into the search.

I cannot see my attachments when editing a property. I have suddenly lost the ability to update attachments for a property. Does anyone know why this happens?

Make sure you’re going into Listings > find a listing > click Edit > then go to “Files & Attachments” screenshot https://share.getcloudapp.com/NQu5qpoZ

Also make sure you have the Contempo Real Estate Core plugin installed and activated, if you don’t you can get it from Appearance > Install Plugins.

I don’t see anything similar to what you have in that screenshot. I navigate to the attachments from Easy Real Estate > properties > property > misc > attachments. Is support possible over video call?

That path and names you’re describing are not part of our plugins or theme itself.

That’s a third party plugin you have installed and does not work with Real Estate 7.

You need to deactivate and delete that, and have our Contempo Real Estate Core plugin installed and activated as mentioned in the previous reply then refer to https://contempothemes.com/docs/

Everytime I add a custom header built from theme builder, the map stops working. I have tried to isolate the problem, but without any luck. Please help. Here’s the link to the page, https://imdevserver.com/hqhproperties/buy-a-property-2/

Looks like a conflict with the lazy loading option you’re using possibly from JetPack or another plugin.

Suggest deactivating any non-required plugins and doing some testing.

Installed Elementor 7 – when I hit the home page and scroll down the Blair logo in the white top bar is not visible. what needs to be changed so the logo appears in black? http://trisharemax.com

Sticky logo download and upalod to the site but home page is not taking it.

its still taking the custom logo instead of sticky

i tried to install but its showing that “Your license key has reached its activation limit.”

Hi, replied to your live chat.

I want elementor 7. but that theme is not working. and I try another themes. elementor 3, 4, 5 and 8 is working but elemento 6 and 7 is not working. I want elementor 7. what to do? please help

Some demos require more time to import due to the content, your server is timing out please refer to https://contempothemes.com/docs/installation-setup-wizard/#1-toc-title


9/4/2023 View complete changelog here, also see this KB article how to update your theme to the latest version.

  1. Fixed Listing Search > Stacked layout bug
  2. Updated Code refactoring & improvements Listings Single > IDX > Info Layout > Listing History now shows percent change (+/-) for price when old value is available preview, when running CT IDX Pro plugin
  3. Updated Theme Wide Styling & Color tweaks
  4. Updated UX tweaks for Header Search > Street, City… > Suggested Results
  5. Updated UX tweaks for Mobile Header Search
  6. Updated UX tweaks for Listing Search > Modal on mobile
  7. Updated Google Maps API to latest
  8. Updated Version number

RE7 Version 3.4.1 out now! View Changelog

Hey there, my client’s website is due for an upgrade due to an imminent PHP upgrade by his hosting provider.

We’re currently running a child theme from a very old version of Real Estate, on a very outdated version of PHP. I’ve set up a test environment to try out the latest version of RE7 on PHP 8.1 to see how it affects his site and although I’m able to restore most of the site pretty much verbatim, the home page needs to be reconstructed completely.

The goal is to recreate the current homepage as much as possible using the new platform. I’d like to be able to import the demo content and see if we can approximate the layout and functions we have now, but I’m not quite clear on how to import the demo content. Do we need to renew support to do this? Also, can I run the setup wizard again from the Wordpress admin or do I need to reinstall if I want to run the wizard? Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi, you need to be running PHP 8.0 (not 8.1 or 8.2) per https://contempothemes.com/docs/installation-setup-wizard/#theme-requirements

The setup wizard is only meant to be run a single time when you installed the theme originally, running it again requires a complete site reset.

With that said you’ll need to build out your homepage from scratch using Elementor itself.

We do offer our 200+ blocks and pages library but that is exclusive to Real Estate 7 Yearly https://contempothemes.com/real-estate-7-features/library-200-plus-elementor-blocks-and-pages/

I see, thanks for clearing that up, appreciate it.

I’m having trouble locating the home valuation tool to incorporate within my site. I like the example page at https://elementor1.contempothemes.com/home-valuation/ I just want to edit that and incorporate it to my site. I can’t find it anywhere in my Real Estate 7 options.

Hi, that template is part of our exclusive designs and our 200+ blocks and pages library for Elementor which all are exclusive to Real Estate 7 Yearly, more on that can be found in https://contempothemes.com/faq/

Hi there,

Is it possible to use WP All Import plugin to import many properties at the same time ?

And also use it to update all properties at once after their upload ?

Best regards

Hi, yes we have an official extension for WP All Import we also have a section in our docs on it https://contempothemes.com/docs/wp-all-import/

Hi, I bought this theme from you in 2017 for lifetime. But Now when I download and install the new version, it is stated that my license expired in 2018. How can this be? So why is the new version in the download section? Do I need to buy again? Isn’t that wrong? I would be glad if you answer. My license code and information is as follows:

This document certifies the purchase of: ONE REGULAR LICENSE as defined in the standard terms and conditions on Envato Market.

Licensor’s Author Username: contempoinc

Licensee: **

Item Title: Real Estate 7 WordPress

Item URL: https://themeforest.net/item/wp-pro-real-estate-7-responsive-real-estate-wordpress-theme/12473778

Item ID: 12473778

Item Purchase Code: **

Purchase Date: 2017-11-15 09:48:20 UTC

Hi, you have lifetime updates, you download it from your “Downloads” area, then they’re applied via FTP


You do not have to buy the theme again, the purchase/license code is only used to run the setup wizard on the initial install, the theme remains fully operational.

I want to activate the current theme, but this is the message I get: “License key expired 17 Mayıs 2018. Upgrade to Real Estate 7 Yearly.”

Hi On my website (Theme: RealEstate 7), I got this ‘compare’ window appearing on all pages with little arrow on the right side. How would I remove this? please help.


Hi, go into plugins and deactivate Contempo Compare Listings and it’ll be automatically removed.

Technical Issues

1. I have updated to PHP 8.0 yet I received an error message asking me to update to 8.0

2. I input my purchase code: Authors may ask you for a purchase code to verify that you’ve purchased this item.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx – 24 Jan 2018 REGULAR LICENSE. My purchase code cannot expire but support can expire. Please activate my account when I input the purchase code.

Please fix.

I intend to reinstall the theme afresh. But I could not. Please note that support renewal is optional. Don’t force it on me. Updates are free as done by other theme vendors on Envato Market. So active my license according to the terms of purchase.

My license of purchase can never expire. It is only the support that expires. Note the difference.

Hi, please open a live chat on our site https://contempothemes.com/docs/ with your purchase code.

Replied to your live chat, as a one time courtesy we’ve extended your license until the 24th so you can run the setup wizard.

seems always an issue with this theme

licence has dropped out , and saying reached activation LIMIT only have licence on one site

also the listing images have all of a sudden not being shown , whilst they are in the back end of the listings

only showing featured imahe . or 1 image ???

The license will expire after 6 months its just to run the setup wizard.

The theme remains fully operational.

I am not able to to install this theme. https://snipboard.io/Xqvd7V.jpg

check the url and let me know . I did not used this theme anywhere so far. Please look into this and update me asap.

Our live chat is online 6am to 6pm PST, 7 days a week.

Please open one with your purchase code.

Or you can send a message to us via our profile.

I already send the message but not got the response or so.

We replied three times via your message yesterday.

Your email is on their and the other email is kicking back for vivek.kumar as undeliverable.

Please just post your purchase code here and we’ll extend it a single day so you can run the setup wizard.

Reference “Where can I find my license key?” in https://contempothemes.com/docs/installation-setup-wizard/#5-toc-title

Hi, i would like to deactivate my license, so that i can use it on another domain. my purchase code is ef97f648-6157-4470-ab22-81976757af71

Hi, you need to login to https://immobilien-schlickenrieder.de/ where its currently activated and go to appearance > theme license > deactivate license, then also uninstall the theme. Then you can use it for a new domain.

That´s the problem. unfortunely i do not have access to this website anymore. can you deactivate the license for me?

We’ve manually deactivated the site for you.


8/14/2023 View complete changelog here, also see this KB article how to update your theme to the latest version.

  1. Fixed Listing Search mobile scroll bug
  2. Updated UX tweaks for compare listings panel, requires updating Contempo Compare Listings plugin to v1.0.9, go into via Appearance > Install Plugins > Update Available
  3. Updated Version number

RE7 Version 3.4.0 out now! View Changelog


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