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Looks nice!
Good luck with the sales ;-)

Great corporate, very clean layout!!!! Excellent, wish you many sales my friend!!!! ;)

Looks great.. GLWS ;)

Thank ya!

Thank ya sir!

Hi there,

Just bought your great theme. Can you tell me how to replicate this exact lay-out?


Never mind, didn’t notice the button. Thanks, lovely theme!

Thanks for your purchase!

Hello, just to say that this theme is great!

I can not download the latest update via the Downloads menu (Themeforest) is still v1.0 which appears as Wordpress. Can you help me?

Thanks, Damien.

Thanks! v1 is the latest version.

Will this theme work with the Jigoshop plugin? I know Woocommerce and jigoshop are similar because woo is a fork of jigo. At least I think it is. I prefer to use Jigo though. Thanks!

Haven’t personally tested, although I don’t think it would be a problem at all.


10/18/13 — View complete changelog here

My client already chose this theme so I’m buying it anyway, but just out of curiosity, would it be easy to use an image background for the header as well?

Yes, with some CSS you could easily add an image to the header.

Sounds good, thanks

Could you maybe tell me what to edit to change the header to a banner? I tried to edit layout.css and change #header-wrap but I see no changes. (#header-wrap { position: relative; background: #1cfff3;})


Hi I would like to know if this theme is 100% compatible with the WPML plugin. thank you!

Yes, it is.

Hi, nice theme with lots of options. One problem I’m having is with the performance, the site is loading very slowly, so is the admin. Thinking it might be the hosting, I switched to the Twenty Thirteen theme and that is loading very fast in the front and backend. Any ideas on why this might be and how to fix the problem? We are hosted on Bluehost running WP 3.7.1.

My client has a limited budget which doesn’t include having to fix the theme, so if you have any ideas that can help speed this up it would be much appreciated.


Comparing Twenty Thirteen and this theme is like apples and oranges, my theme has a lot more going on. Although with that said I’d recommend using a plugin like WP Super Cache in conjunction with a service like CloudFlare.com

Yes, I understand that comparison, but performance should never be sacrificed for functionality. I have another client using a theme (Iron Band) that is more advanced and still very fast without caching or CloudFlare.

HI there.

My page has a black background. How do I change the text on the site pages to be lighter color?

Also – some of the options in your documentation do not appear in my theme (such as the ability to enable/disable Home Page pages).

Why would that be?


Make sure you’ve created posts under the Home custom post type.

Hi, and thank you for the quick response.

Your instructions continue to point that out, but I do NOT have a Home custom post type. I have gone to Page Builder and created a Home Page Template, but that doesn’t show up as an available template in the Posts area either. Am I missing something?

Thank you, in advance!

Make sure you’ve installed and activated all the required plugins.


I’m interested in purchasing this theme – just a few questions:

Can you select different color schemes for different pages or areas of the site?

Also, I’d need a different header logo for different areas of the site – could I do this using your theme controls?

Could I have a different background image for different areas of the site?

Thanks in advance Holly

The color scheme choices are site wide. You would need to use some sort of plugin to allow for different logos for different areas or coding up an if statement with your different logo files in header.php same goes for the background images.

It is very slow loading, especially in the backend, how can I fix it?

I’d recommend contacting your hosts and having them up your PHP memory limits if that doesn’t help you might try switching to a better host like Mediatemple or WPEngine. I run all my demos on one Gridserver and have no issues with load times either on the front or back end.

I change the setting of php.ini and now it work well. Thanks

No probs, glad to help. Thanks for your purchase!

I bought this theme when it was Collective and I recently installed it for the first time. I was told I had to update the theme and since its deleted, I can’t. Please let me know what steps to take.

Thank you

This is a new theme, I’ve moved Collective to Creative Market.

Good Afternoon,

I bought your theme last night and installed the plugins you recommended, consequently broke the WP-Admin side, displaying an error 505. I have been in contact throughout the majority of last night. They told me to send you this message.

“E_USER_NOTICE: wp-includes/functions.php:4138 – register_sidebar was called incorrectly. No id was set in the arguments array for the “Left Sidebar Pages” sidebar. Defaulting to “sidebar-1”. Manually set the id to “sidebar-1” to silence this notice and keep existing sidebar content. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 4.2.0.) require(‘wp-blog-header.php’), require_once(‘wp-load.php’), require_once(’/wp-config.php’), require_once(‘wp-settings.php’), include(’/themes/serenity/functions.php’), register_sidebar, _doing_it_wrong, trigger_error

For the moment we recommend not to use it.”

Do you have any ideas what caused this as I’d like to use your theme, but if it doesn’t work… then how does your refund policy work?



Thanks for your purchase! That’s actually just a notice and won’t cause any issues if you set debug to false that message will be removed.