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Hello, i’ve got some problems with the transition portait to lanscape mode in iPhone. Because of the portfolio have got 24 items, the website crashs the browser. Idem for Google Chrome mobile. It works with only 6 items, but crash if more.

Need help

Please open a ticket on the support site,

Thanks but i don t find the purchased code it asks. Where can i find it ?

There’s a link to an instructional graphic on the homepage of the support site.

Hello! I inherited a client’s site that utilizes your theme and was purchased by the previous developer. Therefore, I do not have the ability to open tickets via your site.

The issue I’m experiencing that is very frustrating is adding additional portfolio items, adding pictures for that post, and then getting them to populate the Portfolio template. Your XML data was imported and I can not seem to figure out how your theme works. So far I’ve been able to work around what appears to be many areas of brokenness with pages being recognized, adding background and content colors, images to pages, etc. The work around is going to WP Singluar Options area and completely resetting the options in order for new pages to show up and rebuilding the entire homepage.

However, back to the main reason of this post. How in the world do you get images to post to Portfolio items and get them to show up?! Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Those are images have been uploaded to that specific post via the Add Media button.

Yes but how can you view them if I select that post they’re associated with? When you click to edit the Portfolio post, you can’t view the image? I’m just trying to figure out how to get an image to appear or edit one of your sample posts. It seems unclear in the documentation. :/

Click Add Media > Uploaded to this post

If anyone else is still having a problem getting the pages to appear after you’ve added the code given at to the functions.php file you have to delete the pages you’ve already created and then restore them again. They will now appear on the Homepage Pages area.

I’m considering buying this theme and I’d like to make sure if I can install on the HOME page a full screen image slider with your “page builder”. The slider shown in the “page builder” section is quite small for my needs. Do I have control over it’s size or not?

Thank you!

Yes, you do have control over the width.

Dear Contempoinc,

Please contact. My item purchase code will not be recognised. Therefore I cannot use the contempo support desk.

I did follow the instructions given and found the ‘item purchase code’ via downloads>licence certificate. I also tried the code with and without the -(minuses).

Please try signing up again, if it still persists you’ll need to contact Envato support.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll get on with it.


10/15/14 — View complete changelog here

HI, Awesome theme, is this compatible with Wordpress 4?


Thanks! Yes, its fully compatible.


Thanks for your purchase!

Pre-sales question. Client is interested in having a boxed layout is this something that is possible with this theme or is there a background image that could be used to give it the appearance of a boxed layout?


It could be done with some CSS modifications.

Mobile navigation – I am reading it is not activated in this theme, but it is still showing on any mobile device like “go to: with the list of menu” how can we de-activate this ? Thank you

You’ll need to remove it from header.php or via css & a media query to target mobile devices you can see them in css > layout.css

Recommended plug-in Aqua builder don’t work with new Wordpress, and author is not saying anything about that. Now I have big problem with my webpage. Help.

I’m not aware of any issues with it and the new version of WP, what seems to be the issue?

Hi, I was wondering if I can put videos on the slider background with this theme, and if they could be from youtube or vimeo.

Hi. Yes, 100% can add videos into the slider if you’d like it supports youtube, vimeo, or self hosted.


I would like to know if the theme is ths compatible with Wordpress 4.7.5 and if you support again the theme (last update 26 June 15. 2 years ago)

Thank you.

Yes, it is compatible with the latest my demo is running it.


i used your theme. it is very great but in google chrome the anker does not work.

can you help?

in firefox the navgation works fine. but in google chrome it does not work.



send me a mail-adress and i send you the file. my customer can not helped wiht his login …

You’ll need to contact they’ll be able to help to recover your clients user account, as you’ll also need that in order to download the theme get updates, etc…

Thanks like that are outside of my control.

so many stress. ok i will do this. i hope we come in to his account … it is not ok and very bad service that you can’t answer my question although we have the licence key.