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Hello. I’m trying to remove the first “Home” menu item and the item directly to the right of it labelled “No Categories”. Neither are appearing in the Pages or Posts section of Wordpress. Can someone help with this?

You’ll need to modify header.php, once you add a category and assign atleast one post it will show in the main navigation.

Hi, I’m thinking of buying this and have a question: How easy is it to change the image in the header? Thanks.

There’s a PSD file supplied so its as easy as editing it and saving over the original and uploading.

Hi, I tried to add widgets, remove the “archives” field… In the first case, everything i added didn’t display. Then, the pre-set field appears nowhere. In the end, there is no sign of pagination. Could you please enlighten me ? Thanks a bunch

It only supports widgets in the blog view.

Blog view ? I don’t understand. How can this be installed ? I tried to create a “blog” category but i didn’t see anything special By the way, the documentation is actually intricate to read

The sidebar area whenever your viewing a post archive.

Hello, I am trying to change the “home” menu item, can you tell me how to link it to a custom page ? ( and not to the blog articles…) thanks for your help!

thank you very much for your help, the problem is that if I do this, the page appears 2 times on my website : once in the menu and once on the homepage, which really deserves me. How can I do to make the “home” page only appear one time? thanks, chloro

Hello??? is there someone here?

Not quite sure I’m following there already is a home link in the nav by default if that’s what you’re trying to accomplish.

Problem with dropdown menu. I wish to have 2 lines of menu and one goes on another when you activate dropdown by mousepad. How to set it right?

Another question why this theme is not integrated with custom menu in wordpress? and how can i integrate it?

This theme was created awhile back before the 3.0+ menus function was added.

What about my question about 2 line of menu. Maybe you know how to create drop down menu that is not hidding after the second line of menu.

You need to create categories then add sub-categories to those main ones in order to create the secondary drop.

Hi, I’ve tried purchasing this theme via paypal with account and with credit card but it just gets stuck processing my payment. Is there another way to buy it?

You’ll need to contact

Post Revisions Possible? We’ve been using the theme and it’s great, but can’t find how to enable revisions for posts. Tried under Screen Options, but didn’t see it there. If the revisions feature is not included, is there a way to install it?

Thanks for a great theme!

Thats a standard WordPress function and isn’t theme related, please refer to

I’ve purchased the theme and almost have everything set-up, but can’t get the home page to show a portion of the featured blog post…thoughts?

You’ll need to enable the excerpt field under screen options on the edit post panel, fill that in and you’ll be good to go.

Hi there,

This theme isn’t responsive? : (


That is correct it’s not responsive.

Can we use this with script ?

I’m not familiar with that script but it looks to be its own CMS and theme and not something thats built on WordPress.

Thanks for the theme! One question:

On the main page, how to make it so that the poster’s username – or category – shows beside the post on the main page? We would like to show who posted the blog piece from the main page.

Thanks for your purchase! You’ll need to modify index.php, unfortunately customizations like this fall outside the scope of my support, hope you understand.

If you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Elto I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.

Hi, I am interested in the theme but I would like to know that if you accept special characters like the ñ. Thank you.

Definitely theres no character restrictions.

Hi, I’ve been using this theme for a couple years now. Recently I haven’t been able to change the icon on post maps (also the autocomplete feature in the address area of that section doesn’t seem to work anymore either).

I tried to submit this question thru your support page, but the signup process keeps telling me I have an invalid purchase code, even though I am copying it directly from the themeforest site.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you purchase on another account, I’m not seeing a buyers badge?

Not that I know of. I had to reset my userid and password based on my e-mail address before I could login, but then themeforest gave me the license and purchase code info from when I orginally bought your theme.

It sounds like you’re actually referring to a plugin as the theme doesn’t come with any mapping functions or address auto complete.


I need a theme with a plugin who can calculate a trip fare from point A to point B and show the price at the end with buy now option. Or book now. Does your theme do something like this?


Unfortunately it doesn’t have any features like that, however I’m sure there’s a plugin out there you could use in conjunction with the theme.

One of the first themes I bought on :)

Thanks for your purchase!

Hello can i get this theme in dusty brown or jungle green thanks

Sure with some slight CSS modifications that’s definitely doable. Thanks in advance for your purchase!