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Hello Support,

I recently updated all plugins and my VibeBP Loggedin Menu keeps disappearing when users log in.

Kindly assist.

Please check if you enabled Member type specific menus in WP admin – Vibebp – Settings – BuddyPress. If you enabled then make sure the member is assigned a member type.

purchase question

we want to achive something like this https://demo.peepso.com/ userid/password : demo / demo

refer https://prnt.sc/1123yus

if you have any example please share.

This is possible with some customisation. Not having any example yet. We have new demos coming up but none have this design.

any suggestion or any plugin i can use to get this feature with wplms??

The tool is look great. It is compatible with Elementor plugin? I just want to use it on my client website – https://techmahindrafoundation.org/

Yes you ca use Elementor . You can use the LMS in your current theme as well.


Partybody Purchased

I paid for support and it still says my support is expired. i am growing increasingly frustrated with this service


Partybody Purchased

After updating to 4.0 I can no longer edit my pages using Page Builder. There is no longer save button.

Please check now. This happens when envato account email is different from the email signup on forums. If you’re using the legacy page builder you will need to enable it again from WP admin – WPLMS – Misc.


sunny3kng Purchased

Hello Admin,

We are having some issues since updating our WPLMS recently. Kindly find below:

1. We created multiple courses from the Instructor Front End, but when we check the “Manage Courses” tab, we see ” No Courses Found!” yet the courses show under the All courses page and in Wp-Admin.

2. When Students or Instructors click on Notifications or try to their dashboard, it gets stuck in a loop and sometimes only loads the profile and not their Dashboard.

3. How can I disable my Profile loading first before my Dashboard when accessing my own (Student or Instructor) Dashboard.

1. Are you using any plugin like CoAuthors and make sure the WPLMS CoAuthoors plugins is updated to latest version. Administrator is able to see all the coures ?
2. This we need to check. Make sure the component notifications is active in WP admin – Settings – buddyPress – compoenents and save the components for budypress to resave the changes.
4. USe buddypress single page feature : https://docs.wplms.io/administrator-guide/step-by-step-guide-for-administrators/buddypress-single-page


mgozitn Purchased

Breaking instructor controls – WPLMS Ver 1.5.5!

Every time you have a new release updates on WPLMS 1.5.x, the instructor controls disappear.

This is very URGENT, please fix this: https://wplms.io/support/forums/topic/breaking-instructor-controls-wplms-ver-1-5-5/#post-350545

Replied on the topic, reoslved.

how can i check the new coming demos. i am excited to check the creativity. thanks

We have an app style demo coming up. I will share you the link this week.


sondos1 Purchased

https://wplms.io/support/forums/topic/vibe-appointments-issues-2/ – Appointments Directory Does not work. – Student cant see all available slots for all instructors – Instructor does not get any notice of booked appointments – Student does not see confirmed appointments or any notification. Does Appointment Functionality really work? please help me to make it fully functional .

Please continue on your topic


sondos1 Purchased

no reply on my topic

Kindly update the plugin, you seem to have a really old version of appointments addon.


I just set up my site. There is a problem. On the PWA page, the edit course is unresponsive. Your help is required. https://streamable.com/wl1832

Looks like there is some issue, Please share your details here: https://wplms.io/support/forums/forum/support-queries/how-to/

Do share the error log as well

Hello, since my Envato mail address and the mail address I purchased from WPLMS add ons are different, support login does not allow. It does not see the user. How else can we do it?

the above link in question description is not working. Make sure you use the Vibe Appointments plugin in the PWA. If you have WPLMS appointments you get the vibe appointments from here

Hi support, how do i create a bundle course and also a subscription package on my plaform.

I recently sent you a mail, am having a small challenge with my purchased Wp-lms theme.

Also, how do i change admin image on the theme

Create a subscription product in the WP admin area. Connect multiple courses with the product. Please clarify admin image, there is default avatar which you can set at WP admin – WPLMS – buddypress

Checking this right now


jukkalu Purchased

Good day,

How how can I view the woocommerce shop, product, shopping cart and payment in the webapp/ PWA page of buddypress? The only links there are orders and download as shown in the image link: https://prnt.sc/116f7tt



Thanks I think we replied in the topic. The payment process in the PWA is not yet available but we’ll be adding it soon.


shadde Purchased


Clean install of WPMLS on wordpress with the latest version.

Problem: When navigating to course page on Udemy template the “Start Course” text becomes invisible – it looks as though som javascript does not load properly on Safari and Firefox – it does however work on Chrome.

This happens when I set the Course to be a free course.

I believe this is a bug, do you have a fix for it ?

Thank you for reporting. Let me check this. Can you message me on live chat at facebook.com/vibethemes.

Hello to your great team
I had a question before buying
I want to build a site for teachers and educational centers
I wanted to ask if it is possible for educational centers to register on the site and registered teachers to become members of that center.
In such a way that the centers can supervise the teachers and can observe and manage their courses and appointments.
Also, the tuition fees should be paid to the centers and the centers can pay the teachers’ fees by deducting the commission.

Yes we have a feature for this called Buy Batch. You can sell a batch to a “center”, charge them for per seat. A batch is a group of students with moderators and administrators. Moderators and administrators can add members into a batch (https://prnt.sc/1185924 ), Batch maintains its own statistics and moderators and administrators can view how the batch students are performing in the Batch. Assign courses to the batch at the time of batch creation.
see more about this feature here : https://wplms.io/support/knowledge-base/wplms-buy-batch-feature/

Hello Support, How do i remove/Edit the features listed below from front-end header; 1. Members Directory 2.Group Directory (I want to add them back when i have gotten good number of users on my platform)

Also, 3. what is the different between courses and products? 4. How can i add additional course offer, giving users option of choosing a bundle course and pay less instead of choosing a single course and pay higher for it.

1,2. Simply do not create the pages which have these widgets in them.
3. Course is a LMS entity, Products is an eCommerce entitiy. To sell a course, you need to combine it with a product, so when the product is sold the person buying the product gets access to the course.
4. Create a product and connect multiple courses in it, set the price of the product which is less than the sum of individual course-product price. Now you can create a banner and upsell buyers to buy the whole pack. use woocommerce shortcode [add_to_cart_url id=”XX”] and the user can directly click to buy the entire course bundle. Example of a course bundle : https://demos.wplms.io/learningcenter/product/course-bundle/

i dont understand your no1 and 2 response, i feel the pages are created already, so how do i not create the pages? am trying to remove members and groups directory from showing in the front end of the lms.


ernestolee Purchased

alex please have a look in this topic: https://wplms.io/support/forums/topic/alex-i-need-help-in-the-events/#post-351654



ernestolee Purchased

how to sync the buddypress fields with woocommerce https://prnt.sc/1170j3q

Thanks checking topic, use this plugin


ernestolee Purchased

thanks you are a legend :) * 5 star for you

Why you are not supporting Buddypress version 6 and 7? I have latest version of WPLMS (27/03) and I have updated BP to version 7 and I am having many errors. Shall I dopwngrade BP to v5? How? Any other alternative to fix my site https://francemadrid.com?