Discussion on WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, WordPress LMS

Discussion on WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, WordPress LMS

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Hi Ripul, Are you available right now? Update the ticket https://vibethemes.ticksy.com/ticket/3382016/

Yes continuing on the ticket

Hello and welldoen with your theme, what a robust theme it is? Please which data or students management plugin is compatible with wplms to manage all the student profile and their uploaded documents.

We want to have all our students individual records, profile details, data, payment details, courses taken, updated documents etc to be generated at one glance for each student and the admin for proper record keeping.

I have not seen such functions in wplms. If there is let me know, if not, which wordpress plugin with such functions is compatible with wplms.

Thank you for your response.

We have these features available, please see this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asKeRjOe3p0 [ this panel is customisable ] , also see this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oCL_VJqtzY&t=1804s

hallo Where can I find Startup Demo?

Hi WpLMS I have a presale question. Do you have a function if parents who have multiple kids can be registered under one user registration but the? Eg. Parent registers with their details and enters the amount of kids with names to be enrolled for classes etc. This will be used for School fees


Thanks again. Final question for now hopefully. The course subscriptions listed on the link above is included? Is this different form woocommerce membership?

By default WPLMS supports subscriptions which are not auto-renewing. For Auto-renewing ( auto charging ) you’ll need to use woo subscriptions plugin. The WPLMS Woo Subscriptions is a free plugin, but Woo Subscriptiosn is paid and sold on woocommerce. For memberships you can also go to Paid memberships pro a popular free plugin integrated in Wplms.

Yes WooCommerce memberships is a different plugin.

I cannot get passed this requirement: WP MAX UPLOAD SIZE

My current setting says: WP MAX UPLOAD SIZE 128Md

What is the correct value for this WP MAX UPLOAD SIZE?

I also tried on a different server with WP MAX UPLOAD 2Gb Still stuck on this setup page because this problem. Any help?

Max upload size required for this theme is 10mb. It is possible that the php functions are not able to detect it correctly. So you can ignore this and move forward with the installation.

Please share ticket ID we can help you.


sedjav Purchased

Hi. When can we expect version 5?

Next month.

If you are interested in getting early notice & participating with us for version 5. join our facebook group : https://facebook.com/groups/wplms

I am thinking of starting a learning site but my biggest challenge has been with the hosting. I looked at Vimeo and I see 2TB for streaming bandwidth. I don’t think that’s a lot. Example if you have even one 1 hour video at 1GB size that means by the time 2000 people watch that video your streaming allocation for the month is finished.

What would you suggest as the best option for hosting video, please? Especially those with unlimited bandwidth. I want to put my mind at ease about the streaming bandwidth not being an issue before I can consider proceeding at studying the features of your theme. I look forward to your enlightening response.

Thank you.

Yes, from our view there are 2 options : a. Install ffmpeg and generate adaptive bit rate videos.ref 2. We have an upcoming add-on with bunny.net integration for videos streaming which you can use but again it charges on bandwidth but it is slightly less than vimeo.


Allan596 Purchased

Hi, do you provide custom work? If so, is it possible to integrate bunny.net cloud storage provider with instructor privacy feature?

Also, is it possible to install and use Presto Player plugin as default video player?


Allan596 Purchased

Do you know when bunny.net will be available?

PrestoPlayer is built on plyr.js which is internally used in WPLMS as well. But if you want we can look for integration as well.

We did a test the Bunney.net can be integrated even now. Message me I’ll share how.

Hi, how can I speed up the login synchronization from Wordpress to Vibepb and vice versa?

Ripul, please activate it. I already left you the accesses in the ticket https://vibethemes.ticksy.com/ticket/3382016

Ripul, are you around? I will wait for the activation, to see if the synchronization improves. Please

Continuing on ticket


bchui2009 Purchased

Hi. I’ve just purchased a copy of WPLMS but the installation failed. How can I find any help?

Can you please re-sahre the ticket id https://prnt.sc/EXR7fRuvS1sQ


bchui2009 Purchased

Sorry, I don’t understand the above message. I got into the link above but there’s nothing there.

any update about that please #3376084

Please reply on the ticket.


I have a created a ticket and need your assistance. PRIVATE TICKET #3374629

thanks checking this

how i can customize header and footer

The theme comes with standard headers, 8 in total which you switch form Customizer – Header – Header style. For extensive customisation you can use plugins or wordpress 6.x site builder as well.

any update please 3376084 ?

i replied on ticket kindly help

???? any update

Checking. Thanks for the id

emmareal Purchased

Hello WPLMS, how are you guys doing? i am still enjoying your theme, however the Zoom jwt app will be deprecated on the 1st June (next week) and in theme dashboard-->Vibe Bp-->settings--> zoom. You still have reference to JWT APP as API KEY and SECRETS KEYS.

1. .Please have you provided an alternative to this?

2. Are there guidelines inline with the new zoom integration with your theme and can you provide if there is any?

3. Like you always provide step by step youtube video on your them changes, can you provide a video guideline for your clients on this?

Have a great day.

Please update Vibe Zoom see video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYrpxUEPoss

PRESALE question: Does the Instructor Appointment come with the WPLMS theme 4+? I have a v3 installation of the theme and use it to make appointments with students and teachers. In the v3 version the appointment plugin was integrated. Now I see it says starred items are available in paid addons.

I would like to update to v4 but I need the appointments function- is it available in version 4+? I lost the old license key so I would like to purchase your theme again.

Thank you for your reply. So what would be the better course of action since I have made custom design changes to the website I am using currently (in a child theme) and wouldn’t like to loose them – 1. Buy WPLMS 4+ and the vibe appointments plugin and update to from v3 to v4 or 2. Buy the Tutorly theme- I don’t know if it is possible to update from WPLMS v3 to Tutorly. If I buy Tutorly does that mean that I have to do the whole web development of the website again?

Thank you.

Since you have a child theme with customisations the option to go for is buy WPLMS v4 + Appointments addon. The child theme would retain your changes. The Tutorly is built on TailwindCSS so its design is completely different from WPLMS and you’ll need to re-work on it. Post purchase maybe post a ticket at vibethemes.ticksy.com and we can inspect your site first and see the impact of the changes.

Ok. Thank you very much


psitato Purchased

Is there a way to enable direct access to units via links in the curriculum shown on each course page?


psitato Purchased

For enrolled students.

No this is not available atm.


grover261 Purchased

I have already purchase WPLMS theme.

In which I have to upload 600+ videos whose approximate size will be 30 GB. Which platform is best for uploading videos?

Thinking of purchasing Jetpack VideoPress to host videos. I want to know whether Jetpack VideoPress is compatible with WPLMS theme or not.

Jetpack VideoPress Plan LINK https://shorturl.at/ijSY3

VideoPress already provides iframe HTML code using which you can embed videos in the units but it does not have direct integration like youtube, Vimeo or selfhosted videos. Try creating a sample course with videopress video here: https://demos.wplms.io/playground/app , login. : instructor password : p@ssword

3376084 please help that ticket please ?

Checking right now

please check the new reply


Subject: Request for Refund due to Price Reduction

Dear [Theme Author],

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my disappointment and frustration regarding a recent purchase I made of the WPLMS theme. Yesterday, I purchased the theme for $75, only to discover today that the price has been reduced to $45. This sudden price drop has left me feeling quite disheartened and I believe it is unfair.

I truly admire the features and design of the WPLMS theme, and I was excited to incorporate it into my project. However, considering the significant price difference, I kindly request a refund so that I can repurchase the theme at the current lower price. I believe this would be a fair resolution that would allow me to continue using your outstanding theme while feeling more satisfied with my purchase.

I sincerely hope that you understand my position and are willing to assist me in resolving this matter. I kindly request your consideration in refunding the amount of $75, which I paid for the theme. With your assistance, I will be able to repurchase the WPLMS theme at the reduced price and continue benefiting from its excellent features.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I look forward to your prompt response.

Best regards,

I understand how it feels to see the same product being sold at a lower price the next day or just missing out a deal by few hours. But since you are our valued customer, I have a better proposal for you, please email me at vibethemes@gmail.com with your themeforest username in the title zhy844694805


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