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Discussion on WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, WordPress LMS

Discussion on WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, WordPress LMS

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Hi….is it possible to skip the product and cart page while buying the course. There is an option in the theme for the same but it doesn’t seem to working. When you click on take this course button on course page, it should directly go to checkout page….please let me know if this is possible and what is the work around.


Hi,Yes, Enable the Skip Product & Cart Page switch in Options Panel -> Miscellaneous. It seems to be working in the demo, can you email me your site url at support@vibethemes.com (do mention about this comment in email)

Hello, I saw there is new Visual Composer feature. Do we need to buy the Visual Composer plugin separately? Thanks

Yes i did installed. It is great! Just I saw it in the Settings=>Visual Composer=>Product License page there is a place where we can enter the license key for the plugin. So we can ignore this right?

Yes, you can ignore it. Refer to this tip in forums for Visual composer.

gr8 thx

Hi Vibe, awesome theme, perfect for what I was looking for. I have WP 3.9, downloaded latest version of site and then updated any plugins that said they had an update which included Vibe shortcodes. When using the shortcodes I have a problem with TEAM, it gives out this error wp-content/plugins/vibe-shortcodes/tinymce/shortcodes.class.php on line 65

All other shortcodes are working correctly. Please advise, this shortcode would be useful to me. Thanks.

Yup, this is a bug, would fix in today’s update of Vibe Shortcode plugin. Watch out for update of Shortcodes plugin soon.

Great, thank you :)

Vibe Shrotcodes Plugin updated to version with the fix, please update.

hi when we add some video content below it appears download button, need to disable this button, any idea how can i do that?

Use the WordPress Media Embed to embed the video. refer screenshot.

hi i already embed the video below the video there is button download i need to remove that button

Hi, WordPress automatically connects attached files to unit, so when you upload a file while editing a unit it automatically shows up in the downloads list. You need un-attach this file from the unit. Refer to this link in forums.

hi need to add so additional fields to registration page any idea how?

1. Go to WP Admin -> Users -> Profile fields
2. Add fields in above link and they’ll show up in the Registration form.


I just updated to the latest update and plugin and now the slider and popups are not working

content on pages is all messed up menus is all to pot

Please reply about this asap

Many thanks


The issue is with placement of read more. Try placing the more quick in your course content (text more)

. The Course content detects the more tag and the default behaviour of Read more is overwritten.

hi there, The more tag has not been added by me it is not in my text edotors content

This is marked as bug. In some cases this issue is appearing. It will be fixed in 1.5.5 version.

ah, i can’t see where the wp-config file is…I’ve just downloaded the theme today on 2nd May…any chance there was an error with your latest update? In fact, I can’t find any of the ‘wp-admin’, ‘wp-content’ etc… Please help, S

wp-config.php is a WordPress file, located in the directory where WordPress is installed. refer link., No, there are no errors in the last update. The wp-admin, wp-content are folders located in the same location. Note :These are WordPress folders and WPLMS does not modify/change/delete them.

so sorry, was having a brain freeze :) Thanks for your quick reply!

H i need a guide on certificate and badges, i did not see any certificate template from the sample data.

my instructors are not able to add courses/quizzes from the admin

Certificates templates were fixed in the 1.5.3 version, so the import is still not available however you can get a sample certificate template and how to create certificate templates from this link in forums.

Make sure the instructors have the user role of Instructor and they need to access WP Admin to create Courses as of now.

I have a problem with me website, for some reason Notoday the price of the course is missing, the course do not show anymore the price, just show the price when I click the take a course tab, please help

Please create a support topic in forums for this. Were you using any tip for the Prices ?

Hi..we are planning to use it for instructor led live courses also. Is there a way instructor can put the schedule of the lectures and there can be multiple slots? So a course might have multiple slots and user can select a slot and take the course. Can there be a plugin for this.?

There is no concept of Slots or classes in WPLMS. So, you may want to create three different courses to manage slots for a course.

Hi…How the instructor can create /edit courses. If the instructor sings in from the login button in header menu bar, there is no option for instructor to create/edit courses. Do the instructor need to also login via wp-login to access the course creation process or is there a better way of doing the same thing?


When Instructor logs in, she should see a settings icon in the login panel, which takes her to the WP Admin area, where she can create courses. refer screenshot.


Couple of pre-sales questions before I can make a purchase decision:

Goal is to build a subscription online learning site. Currently, I’m producing all courses myself but I’m considering to offer content from other instructors in the future. Idea is to pay instructors a monthly revenue share (royalty) based on minutes watched. In simple terms, if the monthly total minutes watched of the entire course library is 1000 minutes and students watched 100 minutes of course A, I would pay instructor A 10% of subscription revenue.

1) Does your theme/plugin offer a reporting functionality “minutes watched per course” which I can export into a spreadsheet to calculate instructor royalties? If not, do have recommendations for plugins that enhances your theme with the required functionality?

2) Does your membership functionality allow recurring monthly subscriptions AND individual course purchases at the same time? If not, do have recommendations for plugins that enhances your theme with the required functionality?

3) Does your membership functionality allow discount coupons for subscriptions and one off course purchases? If not, do have recommendations for plugins that enhances your theme with the required functionality?

4) What design or layout changes can I configure for the landing page? Can change layout, fonts, picture and background, e.g. add a video loop as background would I need to integrate with another theme?

Thanks, M

1. No, this is not built in the theme. I think this needs to be explored as you need to find a plugin suiting the requirement.
2. Yes, Courses are sold via products both on subscription basis and full course duration basis. Subscription periods can be set for each product.
3. Yes, we’re using WooCommerce for selling courses and yes WooCommerce has a very powerful coupons management system.
4. All the pages can be built using Vibe Page Builder or Visual composer, so you can create any layout and change fonts, picture and backgrounds. Video loop in the background is not present in the theme.

I am testing the system on http://vibethemes.com/demo/wplms The problem is that, I have added a quizz. The correct answer of Quizz is “A” but in the member side, the member can not pass the quizz even answering the right answer. Th system is showing the right answer is “A,” and there is a comma after A. It means, member can never pass this quizz. Please kindly check.

Please share the link to the quiz. Also make sure you’ve entered maximum marks for each question in the quiz and the remaining settings are properly done. If individual questions marks are not set then they are by default set to 0 and in that case a member can never pass the quiz.

On second thoughts, I think you may have pointed out a potential issue. When one answer is selected in Multiple Answer MCQ then auto evaluation seems to be not marking the correct answer. So, I will look into this and fix it in the next update. I’ve set the Multiple answer to single Answer MCQ and auto evaluation works correctly, so this may be one off case which needs more inspection. Thanks for finding this.

I understand the difference between regular license and extended one. But I don’t see any pricing for extended license? Can I use this theme with regular license for paying customers to access the trainings? If not, how much the extended license would cost?

The extended license has been disabled for WPLMS to avoid this very confusion among purchasers. One commercial usage of WPLMS = 1 regular license. However, this does not give the right to use WPLMS is an external package and resell it as a product.
Since this is a LMS , the function of this product is to sell courses so, as far as your requirements is concerned a regular license should fit. For more you can always consult support.envato.com

Great Theme. I’m just installing it now. @VinhSonNguyen asked if we can modify the ‘course’ slug to something else like ‘class’ or ‘lesson’ – you said it is possible ‘with little code modification’ – how exactly can we change this :)

Thanks in advance!


If you want to change it only for display purpose then you can use the translation files. I would suggest you to wait for the theme update on slugs as it is already in our feature list.

Thanks, that’s great :)

How can i setup the my own homepage just like the one you have on the demo?

Two ways :
1. Import the sample data and you’ll get a prebuilt homepage.
2. Import the Demo pages in Page builder refer link.

While setting buddypress in the page tab …..The following active BuddyPress Components do not have associated WordPress Pages: Course. Repair error occurs…


You have two choices.
1. Import the sample data first and then proceed with the settings.
2. Create a blank page and connect it Course.
My suggestion is to ignore this message for the time being and continue with the importing of sample data. You can then come back to this and set it up.

Is there a way to import my current list of members and assign them a course in bulk?

I have been using a membership plugin for this but it’s a bit of hack doing it that way. This seems much better if I can convert over to your theme.

Also, would I be able to install this on an existing Wordpress install that wasn’t built using buddy press?

I probably cant import the dummy data without overwriting my existing content right?


If the current list of members is stored in WordPress database then they would be automatically included in Buddypress & WPLMS setup. There is also an option to manually add students to courses from Course -> Admin.
Yes, you should be able to install this on existing WP setup.
This depends upon the type of dummy data you’re referring.

Hi Team,

I am getting following error on the course page:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function groups_get_group() in/home/gyan/wp-content/themes/wplms/single-course.php on line 37

I already mailed you about this issue. Please look into this issue.

Thank You, rajathe

rajathe , check settings -> buddypress -> pages and make sure their all set


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