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Hi, I am not clear on the license use terms for the regular license. If I buy a regular license, can I sell the courses if I use this theme on my website?

AFAIK, you need a regular license if you’re using WPLMS on a single site. You can contact the Envato support for more clarity on this.

Thanks- I would like to buy the theme but want to be absolutely clear that buying a regular copy entitles me to use the theme on a single website and I can charge the users for accessing the courses. Also, based on your comment I understand that the extended license is for multiple website use. Is that correct?

Yes, as per my understanding.

Oh wow this is so cool! I would like to know is this theme layout customizable? Does it provide more colors, boxed layout, header/logo change, etc…? thx

1. Yes, you can change colors, like header, footer, body, menu, Primary Theme color and text colors, all the font and font families from the theme customizer itself.
2. Header, logo , favicon can be changed form the options panel. Boxed layout is not included in the options but this can be easily added with some CSS fixes.

Hello, does this template include the demo content so that the site can be quickly set up?

The sample is the exported xml file from the demo. You’ll get all the courses,units, quizzes,questions, products, all the course & quiz stats, posts, pages, forums and instructors when you import data from the file. The only thing that import will not import are the groups and the students.

Thanks for your quick response!

i keep getting a space between the main menu and the slideshow, how do i get rid of that?

I still can’t figure that out. so I logged out and the admin bar shows. I checked the register.php file and I don’t see that piece of code there.

You’ll still need to disable the admin bar for logged out users. This setting is in WP Admin -> Settings -> Buddypress
You should look for the function remove_admin_bar in register.php. Let me know if you face any issues.

ok it all worked out now.

Hi, just before I purchase this theme. Just wish to clarify the following questions: 1. Is this theme compatible with LearnDash Plugin? (meaning i can also have Learndash plugin as a alternative option) 2. Does it come with unlimited google color & fullwidth setting? Thank you.

There are some CSS changes coming in the next update which will fix most of these issues. The issue is with a particular blog thumbnail style in page builder.

May I know when will you launch the new updates which come with Learndash compatibility?

Please see this forum thread.

I just purchased and going through Quick Install step by step. I’m at the section configuring Buddypress Pages and for Courses there is no available Course option available in my drop down as you show. Also no drop downs for Register or Activate like shown. Have downloaded and activated all plugins and updated to latest versions. Not sure if I should proceed to loading sample data or not. Please advise. Russ

Thanks. I imported the sample data and see several courses but none of the pages you show in your video loaded. I only see Activity, Groups, Members and Mijireh. I didn’t get any notice that the import process was completed. I did add the code to the wp-config file before starting the entire process. Suggestions?

I reran the import and now it seems to have brought in all the pages

Ok, great. Let me know if you face further issues. It would be best to raise support related queries in our support forums, you’ll get a faster and well formatted response.


Nice work, i want to use in French or Arabic (RTL) ! How easy to translate?


Theme comes with .po and .mo files. We have a video tutorial coming up in our documentation for translating WPLMS. There are fixes required for RTL, which will be available in the coming upgrade.


Excellent theme. I am impressed. I have one question,

I want to be able to sell products on the site and advertise courses. I want a membership area for customers who have taken courses so they can login and review what they have done so I want to upload MP3’s / MP4’s here etc…

Let me know.


Thanks :)
I am sorry, I could not understand the question correctly. From what I interpret, yes, you can sell regular products and products connected to courses. When a student/customer takes a course, the course is only visible to her in her profile section and in the course directory. The student also joins the connect Group, where you can send attachments to them using the BuddyPress group attachments plugin. You can upload mp3 and mp4 files in the units, you can also attach attachments to the units in the courses. Which will be accessible to the students taking the course.

Hi, very powerful app theme! Does the course masonary layout have a (AJAX) filter to sort the courses by their categories – All, Business, Technology?


No, but we have a Filterable posts section which allows you to create courses or any other CPT with filters, example: http://vibethemes.com/demo/wplms/filterable-courses/

that’s exactly what i meant. thanks! great theme – full of features. will buy soon

Thanks ! :)

Hi, can I test the admin interface? thx

No, but you can test the Instructor interface details are given in the Themeforest front page.

We have few questions before purchasing theme?

1. Can we add the more field options in registration page using Registration builder?

2. Do you plan on putting gamification into the theme (Leaderboard, badges, challenges, points) ?

3. Can we display the Statistics details in graphical form like Bar/Line/Pie graphs for admin?

4. Can we display Statistics details to user like Unique Id, User name, City, State, and Grad% to encourage user?

5. Can we add the courses build in Adobe captivate/Articulate with SCORM in courses page?

6. How to extract the user activity reports? Like user name, mail id, country, state, city, mobile, status of the course, bookmarking, etc.

7. aSMS gateway to send bulk SMS b. Bulk Email to send mail to all/groups/individual

1. Yes, this is a feature of BuddyPress 1.9, you can have any number of fields. Fields can also be combined into field groups, you can set required status, type of field {text, textarea, checkbox, radio}.
2. We are open to ideas and these are some nice suggestions.
3. Yes. Refer to these two pages : Course stats and Admin Stats
4. This is possible but this would require a lot of customizations and the road in this field would never end. I would suggest using Google analytics for tracking these.
5. We’re working on integrating courses made with Articulate storyline and Scorm Packages. So, work is currently under progress in this area.
6. As of now all activity is stored in Buddypress Activity. An Instructor can see activity of students in her course. Apart form this, the rest like country, state, city, mobile would require custom work as the fields for each WPLMS setup would be different.
7. This is again custom work as SMS gateways are different for different countries and is outside the purview of theme development.

From the video (on documentation), it looks like instructor will have access the wordpress settings – not sure if it is ok to expose the wordpress settings to instructors.

Is there a way the UI for instructors can be customized (and not exposing the wordpress settings)?

No, Instructor has limited access and certainly can not access WordPress settings. I might have missed this in the demo video. You can try logging in as instructor in the new demo created specifically for this. The details are given on Themeforest front page.

Thank you – will try.

Does the question (quiz) system work with existing quiz formats (to import existing questions) such as wp-quiz-pro (http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-pro-quiz/ ).

It would be impossible to re-enter all questions fresh.

- GK http://gopalakrishna.palem.in/

No, WPLMS quiz system works on WordPress Custom Post types. The quiz plugin you’ve mentioned above, sets up 10 database tables in WP and stores information in a custom format. Throughout WPLMS we’ve followed the standard WordPress/BuddyPress architecture and used the inbuilt classes, functions and queries, because WordPress db queries are secure, faster and optimized.

Thank you. So, there is no way existing quiz/questions can be imported? We have to manually create new questions?

Our existing system has multiple quiz each with 100+ questions. The wp-quiz-pro has compatible XML format that many other quiz plugins readily support.

I understand that there is no need for WMPLMS to be compatible with the plugin – but it should be able to provide import features for importing quizes from existing plugins, I believe. Otherwise, creating everything from scratch would be impossible. If such importers are provided with compatibility for existing plugins, we can easily move to this new WMPLMS system.

Yes, I get your point. We’re working on an add-on plugin which will facilitate admin to import questions into WPLMS from a CSV type format.

Can each instructor add the courses on their own from the front end

As of now No. But we already have this in our Feature requests list.

Front end course creation is now live, you may want to check it out on the instructor demo

Interested in buying this – but wondering it this supports the below:

1. Live events: Students should be able to register for a live-class and get access to a live-class link. After the live-event no one should be able to buy the course any further. People who already bought should be able to access archived content.

2. Limit the number of students that can register for any given course

3. Give discounts for new courses based on performance of old courses or quizzes. (Say, some one scores > 90% in a quiz, we would like to give some discount to that person in a course of either our choice or student’s choice)

4. Auditing the course access – who is accessing which course at which point of time. This is very important, since the audit logs will be proofs for fighting any credit fraud (some one takes the course, but denies receiving access to it).

5. Can instructors set their own payment fees for individual courses? Can the site owner (we) pay money to instructors based on how many students they taught and money they collected as a % share?

Please inform – we are very interested in this .

1. Live Events: There are multiple aspects to this. Live classes would involve real time relay servers, which goes out of the scope of the theme. You may look for an alternate solution like private Google hangouts which can be embedded in units using plugins. Each course is extendable, so you can add units to a course at any point of time. Units can be termed “FREE” units which are accessible to everyone.
Other than this, we’re working on an events plugin for WPLMS, this plugin would seamlessly integrate with WPLMS courses.
2. Yes, thanks for suggestion. Adding this to feature request.
3. This is a customization request.
4. This is inbuilt in the Theme. Login as instructor, go to your Course -> Admin -> Members section. Click on the stats icon for the student to see the status of the student.
5. This is already added as feature request in our queue.
Thanks :)

Thank you for the detailed responses.

Hi, The feature for instructor commissions has now been implemented. http://vibethemes.com/envato/wplms/instructor-commissions/

hi there please can you change my user to a author so i can see how to make the courses : username jordan boon

Hi, use the instructor credentials given in the themeforest front page.

thx for all the support


Do you have a time line on when WPLMS will be compatible with Learndash?

Thank you!

We’re in touch with LearnDash on this. So, this is definitely in our queue.

A few more questions, thanks.

I would like to: -give away free classes, but require simple registration to access -sell classes individually -sell subscription plans where for a period of time, user can access courses as long as membership is paid

Can I do all three of those at the same time?

Would it be easy to hide features like Groups and Forums? I don’t really need those?

Right now when a user wants to take a course and click that button, it takes them to a product page, then they have to add to cart, then they checkout. How hard will it be to enable the user to check out from the course page?

Do I need to hire a developer to make a change like that? Is that something you can assist me with? Are you planning to make changes to the checkout process to make it simpler?

What happens when someone applies to be a teacher? Do I approve their application then the course monies are split between us?

I see some courses are labeled like $29 per 4 weeks, does this mean that if the customer buys this course they need to complete everything in 4 weeks, then they lose all access to the course?

Thank you.

I would need some clarification on classes. We use course and units. Assuming classes = course, here are my answers:
1. Yes, Free course feature is inbuilt in the theme. Free courses are accessible to all the students in a course. Each course can be connected to multiple products, so you can have one product which sells the whole course and another product for the same product which sells it as a subscription and the student gets access to it for a limited period of time. You can also sell a combination of courses in a single product which can be sold individually or as a subscription for all the connected courses. Refer to this screenshot for more clarifty: http://goo.gl/3dGQGa

2. Yes, you can do all three at a time.

3. Yes. You can hide them from Settings->BuddyPress->Components

4. This feature will be available in the next version.

5. Check the next version with this fix..

6. This is a manual process. The demo shows a simple form which sends an email to the Administrator that someone want to be an Instructor. After this the admin manually changes the role of the user from student to Instructor and then she gets access to course creation and evaluation etc..

7. Yes and No, this means they get access to the course for 4 weeks. There is a maximum duration of the course which is larger than this say: 150 days. The course goes in expired status the course is not completed within the stipulated time limit, which is minimum of the above two values.
“No”, because it depends upon the course type. If the course is a drip feed course, which puts a restriction when the next unit will be available. The subscriber can not complete a course in 4 weeks. However, if the course is not a drip feed course then the course “can” be completed within 4 weeks.

How can teacher earn money ? And how can admin or site owner get benefits by it ? I am sorry i tried to find it out but i can not see any demo link.

Yes, all the payments are actually paid to Administrators account.
The administrator can calculate commissions for each instructor using the above feature and send out payments.

Yes i got it now ! Thanks for your prompt reply. Can instructor create a Quiz and sale like the course ? And get the commission for that ? Can you give me a temporary instructor access ?

No. Only courses can be for sale. You can use the Instructor credentials given in the Item Front page.