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One of my categories does not show up in the template hierarchy…. I have no idea why..

Have you had this happen before / fix ?

Sorry for late answer because we have just returned to office from long holiday.

Please send via our profile page


Thumbnail sizes are no longer showing up in Media window since upgrading to WP 3.5.1….. and now images are all scaling instead of using the correct size thumbnail… .. does something need to be fixed with this??


Can you send me the captured screen?



Just purchased this theme which I love and uploaded via file manager as it wouldn’t upload from the wp dashboard.

But the theme is blank and not displaying any content at all.


This is quite urgent as I am not getting a response via a ticket.

thanks Marcus

Sorry to contact you again but I have a developer who is putting the theme together. We have emailed you today, please respond as soon as you can. Thank you.

Hi, I have already sent email to answer

Thanks for previous emails and support. Unfortunately my employee has an ongoing problem. Can you check her email. thanks once more

HI, im interested on your template but i see it haven been updated in a while , does this template support WP 3.5 ?

and if any big issues you plan to make more updates ?

thanks in advance


It works well in WP 3.5.1. If we found any issue, we will update. Don’t worry.

interested to purchase, but your demo doesn’t load. something wrong?

I still view demo normally. http://kopatheme.com/demo/wp-magazine-wordpress-theme/ I don’t know why you cannot.

Hi, I recently purchased your theme and it is great. I want to change the size of the text under each post heading with the author name, post date, tags and categories. Is there a straightforward method or should I have to modify the CSS file. If so which attribute of the file should I modify?


With this theme, you need to modify CSS file, please search for .entry-meta, .entry-meta a then change the font-size


It dos’t work with WordPress version 3.6

OK, please wait, we will update the theme as soon as possible.

I have checked and it work properly with WP 3.6. Can you please describe in more details your problem and post to our support forum, our supporter will help you http://kopatheme.com/forums/forum/wp-magazine-wordpress-theme/

I just noticed the comment above about the theme not working with 3.6…. I have a large news site built on this running 3.5.2 with no problems whatsoever.

I see that you have said above the theme works fine with 3.6…. I just want to confirm that fact before upgrading, because it is a large site with thousands of posts and I’m paranoid!

Safe to update to 3.6??

Please wait for 2 days, I will update the theme

It looks like you updated…. great, thanks

Yes, please update

Hi… me again….

is the theme working OK with Wordpress 3.8 ??

I have tested with WP3.8 and it works

OK great…. thank you very much

hi, i buy your wp-magazine theme.. it’s all ok but when i go to change the “Kopa_Widget_Article.php” the website disappears. how can i change it? tk

OK, our coder will contact you soon.

Hi…. I am getting ready to update Wordpress from 3.8.1 to 3.9.1….. is the theme OK with the new version of Wordpress??


Yes, it can work with WP3.9.1

Ok thank you…

Hi, can I use this theme with a wordpress.com site?

No, I think WordPress.com does not allow to upload the theme.

Hello, I need some help… I have bought this theme but i am new to wp., would you be kind to me to install this them to my website with the samples found on the documentation..

Hi, is this theme working ok with wordpress 4.6.X?

Hi okroscsaba,

Thank you for contacting us. Yes, this theme working fine with WP 4.6.*

Thank you. Kind Regards, Kopatheme Support Team.

Hi! Thank you for reply!

I bought the theme, but now I need some help, because during installation something went wrong.

I downloaded and installed theme, it is ok, I followed the manual of the tutorial video, but the demo datas import failed. Some files are OK, mainly posts, but for example just 3 pages files get down, most of files is failed.

I tried it with WP 4.5. and 4.6.1. and it went same failed results.

Could You help me someway?

Hi okroscsaba,

Please go to http://kopasoft.zendesk.com and create a ticket, I will send you a new demo data file.

Thank you. Kind Regards, Kopatheme Support Team.

Hi, I have bought this theme for Wordpress 4.7.3. In General Setting, when I try to upload a custom logo, nothing happens. From javascript console of my browser I had see this error: “Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: a[rel=]”. How can I solve the problem?

Thanks in advance

Hi Mlazzerini, Please go to http://kopasoft.zendesk.com and create a ticket so our support team can help you in the best way. Thanks.