Discussion on WPVoyager - Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Discussion on WPVoyager - Travel Blog WordPress Theme

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purethemes does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hello I bought this theme a few years ago but I can’t update my php version because my theme version is too old. Where can I download the last version please ? Thank you

The support is close I can’t contact you there.


PJL1520 Purchased

I was building a custom map and once I hit about 100 markers the map would no longer display the map at all. Once I deleted the markers above 100 it starting working again. Is 100 an upper limit for markers on a custom map? https://www.theinsidecabin.com/tp_maps/2023-grand-world-voyage/

Solved via email

Hi, where in the “all files and documentation” zip is the demo xml file? I can’t seem to locate the “extras/import.xml” referenced in the overview document. Thanks in advance!


you go to Appearance -> Setup Wizard to import demo content, there’s no xml file anymore.


The Purethemes.net Shortcode plugin is STILL causing a conflict with my membership software and the theme is now too.

Please advise…



What conflict exactly? what is the error?

Just a note to others who may read this that the problem was resolved and that the author is responding to requests for support.


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I have a problem with custom maps. New added maps I can see on the site, but not in the settings or in the post editor.

What I already did:

- deleting cache local and in WP - creating a new map - restricted my api key from google to domain with * - Updated to version 1.1.4

Does anyone have similar problems and maybe even a solution?

is there an issue with google maps? It shows me the map on the site, but not in the settings or in the post editor

Hi no, there’s no issue with maps, make sure that you’ve restricted your api key to domain with * at the end in Google settings. So it’s not just your domain.com but domain.com/*

Hi there, I need to insert the Google API key in this theme, can’t find where/how. It is NOT in Settings->TravellerPress->General.

I have version 1.1.5, purchased the theme 6 years ago. Please help, by boss is pissed!


it is there https://www.dropbox.com/s/h7z5pwt4u7wbgos/Screenshot%202021-11-08%20at%2013.24.08.png?dl=0

make sure you’ve installed all plugins. If you need help please renew your support and contact us via Support Tab


The Purethemes.net Shortcode plugin is causing a conflict with my membership software and likely needs to be updated.



Hello, should this work on 4K monitors? Mine has a resolution of 3840×2160 but the featured images on the homepage slider don’t fill the box – it’s also the same for the demo theme. If you could suggest a way in which the featured photos could fill the box that would be great as my photos are big enough.

Hello, I’m considering buying this theme. Does it include any sort of visual page builder, e.g. WP Bakery? Thanks!

Hi, no, it does not, it’s a blog theme. But you can use page builders with it

Hi, how can I edit the global map that has all of the markers on? I can’t find it listed under the map tab. Thanks


check Settings -> TravellerPress -> Global Map Settings


Are you planning to release any update of WPVoyager or Travelmatic or even create a new Theme with maps ?



Unfortunately as much as I loved working on those themes and they are definitely my favourites, current sales numbers of those themes are not justifying spending more time on them while we have much better selling themes that require our attention


It’s a pitty. From my point of view they are the best themes to show travel routes, in fact I’ve found no other in Themeforest. Maybe making a plugin from them could be an option.


Hello, the marker infobox content pulled the first few words from the post. This is great but I think there should be an ellipses at the end of the last word. Right now it looks like there was a mistake by the content author without those ellipses. Could this be an update in the next release?

I would think what I found here is a bug, no?

I’m considering purchasing this theme but wonder if it is possible to center the location popup windows within the browser window, particularly in mobile - like the location popups in this theme: https://themeforest.net/item/travelmatic-travel-blog-wordpress-theme/21273225 As it is, the popups often fall outside with browser window and the map must be scrolled to view them.


it’s the same plugin that is used in both this themes, the same code that displays the popups. It can be adjusted in a simple way and I can help with that.

Thanks for the prompt response!


Is there any update for new Wordpress versions?


When I edit theme options, I get following error when I try to save it:

Notice: ot_validate_setting was called incorrectly. All stored data must be filtered through ot_validate_setting_input_safe, the on_off option type is not using this filter. This is required since version 2.7.0

Is there a problem with my installation?



This still should save the settings correctly so you can ignore it, but I’ll push the update that fixes that problem, sorry about that

Sirs, javascript API shows error RetiredVersion. Is there a solution for WPVoyager?

Latest update is applied. Thanks in advance!


it doesn’t really matter, if it shows RetiredVersion it still loads latest stable release.

Can users login and add the post locations to their wishlist?

No, we don’t have such funtionality

Can I get a test access before buying the theme?

No, we don’t have admin access for demo

Hi. Can you please update the changelog in the support tab. I still shows version 1.1.3 as the latest. Thanks.

Update was only for “option tree” library


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