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Hey. Great theme!

I’m having a little trouble adding a main tiled background image to the theme. The wordpress backend tool does not work for me. It seems the problem is in the style.css #main-content styling.

Any tips would be appreciated :) Thanks in advance

Hello, thank you mate :), as for your problem – you could still try to upload .png file for background through FTP and set it via CSS tool in WordPress

#main-content { background: url(yourfile.png); }


Hello, there is no footer so you can’t actually place widgets in nowhere. Only acceptable widget area is in main left sidebar.


also can i make the name and the navigation like this .. http://derriuspierre.wordpress.com/

ok. one more thing? is there anyway to add a footer. I really would like a footer for the theme to add as many widgets.

I really like the theme. It’s somewhat what i used to have on wordpress

Hello, if you think about it it’s rather impossible to have any footer with infinite scrolling, that just doesn’t make sense, it will loads more posts on and on and you will never reach the footer :). If you have to get rid of this infinite scrolling it requires to have some wordpress and jQuery knowledge to re-code it right.


Sigh… How can i make it so on the HOMEPAGE, there is a thumbnail for the image, and it NOT show an excerpt of the post? Just the thumbnail. As a “Standard” in the post format. Let me know if you don’t understand.

Content = “playhttp://instaflix.nl/, look at my website. You’ll see “play”, I don’t want it to show any post content, just the thumbnail. And when you view a post; http://instaflix.nl/?p=5 You see the VERY LARGE thumbnail? How can i make it not show a thumbnail in the post; however show a thumbnail on the index ( http://instaflix.nl/ )

Everything you need is in the post above. Like I said, use the WordPress function it will do its work. You will probably have to find someone to adjust this code right for you if you can’t do PHP yourself.


Guess these issues would be common sense, however forgot how saturated the dev community was.

Hi, are you planning to include custom icons on the menu?

Is there a way that menu stay always visible?


Hello, you can download and replace icons via FTP. There are in images/icons folder.

Yes it is, look into CSS and find class for menu. Then copy menu’s ”.moved” values into regular menu class.


Hi there. Excellent theme :) Two quick questions, if you’d be so kind:

1. How do you add in the zilla-like/share post footer; where is this option? 2. Is there a way remove the page headings from the pages (but not from posts), ie, just have the content start at the top of the page and remove the “contact” (or whatever) heading from the page?

Many thanks in advance

hey, how can i change the articles (post) list that show me in the center one article under one.. ?

hey there, try to use

display: block;
for each article box via CSS.


Great theme. Before purchase I would like to know if it is possible to set first page to open slug, for example ”/deals”? Many themes search for static page inside pages which do not find content I need to open on first page.

A question about the use of mobile themes.

When buying your theme my wordpress site would use 2 themes? .. One for normal browsing and another theme for when someone access to a cell phone?

Hi, great theme. 2 quick questions.

1) I’ve noticed that some of my widgets are getting cut off on the left menu bar. Even if the page is long enough the Featured Post widget from Jetpack (amongst others) is cut about 1/3 of the way down. What can I do to fix this?

2) Is there a way to add static elements, like an embedded video, at the top of my posts page and category pages?

Thank you!

I’ve figured out the second question, but please still need help with the first! Why are elements in my menu sidebar being cut off?!

How do you place the image over the post title and text? Basic question but complete newbie here!


Using post formats when making a new post. Upload the image using add featured image.

Thanks…...another simple question, Is there a setting for making sub pages in the menu…been trying the conventional way and nothing changes, navigation menu does not change.

Very frustrating, please help



The sub categories and sub pages do not locate correctly they just show up in list on nav bar and not in the parent as they should. Please advise as this is useless to me…I will be using many sub cats. I have emailed but no response yet Thanks

Hello, unfortunately this theme doesn’t support subcategories.

Are the HTML version files included with this theme?

This is only WordPress theme.


Infinite scroll support the blog details?

Hello, this theme does support infinite scroll.