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Congrats another nice theme :)

Thanks for the kind feedback metro. Really appreciate it! :)

Thanks pez! You’re the best :)

great theme…nice for customizing..however, i cannot get the body wrapper to change from white to black! I really need this to be something I can change..please assist me in this

Hello raybenton,

First of all thank you very much for purchasing my theme! I’m not in the office right now! I’ll contact you within 3-4 hours with the solution!

Kind regards

thank you very much!

Hello raybenton,

To change the color of the body wrapper:

1. open up “style.css” 2. look for ”.post” on line 1744 and change “background:#FFF” to “background:#000” 3. look for ”#wrap” on line 1025 and change “background:#FFF” to “background:#000”

Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience!

Kind regards

Very nice theme!!

Thank you very much Bluxart :)

It looks a lot like a theme made by WpMinima, cold Reader, few months ago… But it is still very beautiful.

Couldn’t find that theme? Thanks for the compliment :)

It was deleted few weeks ago from TF. I’m actually using it here : You can find an article about it here :

Hello, is there a social media sharing plug-in you recommend that looks good with the theme? All I want a user to do is be able to share the blog post via Twitter, Facebook, or E-mail.

Hello ddhuynh,

Thanks for purchasing my theme! :)

You can take a look at this article. It shows 10 popular sharing plugins! :) socialize seems to be the most popular choice i’ve seen lately.

Kind regards

Great theme! I like it a lot. Just go ahead with making themes like this one, you have talent :)

Thanks for the kind words! Means a lot to me :)

Hi, and if I want insert the gategories? Thanks.


p.s. beautiful blog!!

Hello Marco,

Thank you for the compliment! However i’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean? You can display categories aswel! :)

Kind regards

Love it! Your designs are stunning, for me. But a question: why the width difference between Apley and this theme (and Playne)? I like the width of Apley. Better use of space. Second, i’d love to see you design a news site or magazine; so not a straight blog, or app page, but something more intricate, but with your stunning eye for aesthetics! :)

Thank you so much for your kind words! It really means a lot to me :) I made apley bigger due to it being a “showcase” theme. The other ones are blogs and I love the small feel for simple text content! :)

Maybe i’ll make a news theme soon I don’t know yet! Currently i’m working on a portfolio theme :)

Thanks again for the compliment man :)

Hi. Is the layered .psd file included in theme package?

Hello myeghyan.

No the PSD file is not included!

Kind regards

Very nice theme, thanks! I have 2 small problems. On Opera (newest 12.15) no have polish characters. On Chrome, Firefox and IE all is ok. Screnshots below. I have no idea why. Second problem concerns translating this theme. Edit *po file in PoEdit, save and change file on server but the translation is incomplete.





Hello szuri,

Yes I wanted to show you that I didn’t have the issue with the polish characters so i’m not quite sure why it does show up on your client.

Have you renamed your language files? they need to be named as follows (assuming you use the Polish language): pl_PL.po and (this way WordPress knows it is Polish). So rename the files I sent you to this name and upload them.

Then open up wp-config.php and add : define (‘WPLANG’, ‘pl_PL’);

Kind regards and thank you for your patience!

Thanks! Problem with translation is semi-solved (by renamed files). Semi-translate.

I can translate it manually (by editing all the files), it’s not a problem for me. I’m just wondering why editing .po and .mo files does not solve the problem (does not translating all text).

The real problem is the Polish characters in Opera on Windows. There seems to be a problem has just release for Windows, so this probably will not do anything.

Hello szuri,

Yes you are absolutely right! Everything should be translated! Seems like I did a few mistakes in the language files and thank you very much for pointing them out!

As said on my mac in Opera I do not have these issues so i’m not sure as to why this only happens on windows..

Kind regards


I am not able to make the slider work. I have followed the steps given in the Documentation and have tried using multiple featured images with the Gallery post type but nothing comes up in the post – not a single image. I am using WP 3.5. Pls help on priority.


Hello ashimdey,

After inspecting, there doesn’t appear to be any images uploaded to this post. Have you uploaded all your images you want to display in the slider and set the first one as featured image?

Kind regards

Ok, got it. Thanks. I thought instead of uploading pics to a post, I can chose to link them to the post from the media library.

Great that you solved it!

The images have to be uploaded to that exact post, even if they have been uploaded before.

Kind regards

Hey, great theme! I’d like to know how can I display the Page (not post) comments with this theme


Hello confusingboy,

Download this: and paste & replace the old index.php in your theme’s folder.

Now when you create a page you press “screen options” on the top right corner of your page editor, enable “discussion” and scroll down, you’ll be able to show or hide the comments on a page now.

Be aware though that it is on by default so be sure to uncheck the comments on the pages you don’t want them to show up!

Kind regards

I’m having a little problem om my homepage, I don’t wanna show there ‘the read more’ button, butt if i skip it over there the button is also deleted on the archivepages, how can I fix that?

Oh sorry! I’ll get it fixed in a moment! :)

Awesome, thanks maestro!

I tried to upload a WordPress album today and got the following message: Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in …/wp-content/themes/wryter/functions.php on line 417. Do you know what the issue is?

First of all thanks for purchasing my theme!

Secondly could you try pasting these files in your theme folder (and replacing the old ones) and check if that fixes the issue? It appears to be a fault in the breadcrumbs snippet so i tried and fix it, but couldn’t replicate the error you recieved.

Thanks for your patience!

Kind regards

I have looked at 50+ themes in the last days, and your theme clearly stands out. So bold & clean & beautiful. Great!

Question: Is it compatible with Wordpress 3.6?

Regards, Jan

Did you use the contact form here? :) Haven’t recieved anything yet!

No, I clicked on the eMail Link. Will do again with the contact form…

We only just now discovered an issue with our spam filter! :) Thanks for pointing it out! :)


Is there a way to disable logo animation?

I have a png in the header, and navigating to another page makes the logo ‘drift in’ every time.

It’s nice on initial page load, but not while navigating.

Again, fantastic, beautiful theme! And brilliant and quick support!

Hello Ghoogendam,

You can delete this effect by opening up “style.css” and searching for ”.logo-text” on line 610.

Delete “animation: fadeintext 2s;-webkit-animation: fadeintext 2s;-moz-animation: fadeintext 2s;” from that element and the animation won’t show up anymore!

Kind regards

Hi Playnethemes, thanks for this amazing theme! Just wondering if you might be able to help me with video posts? I’m following the documentation, but can’t seem to get videos to appear correctly. I’ve created a new custom field, selected video post, and inserted the URL of the video, but when I publish the post, I can only see the URL hovering above the post title. Am I doing something wrong? Many thanks!

Hello Stainsy,

First of all thank you for purchasing my theme! I really appreciate it.

Secondly we made an error in the documentation. You should insert an iframe code, not just the url! On vimeo and youtube this iframe code can be found under the dhare tabs.

Kind regards

Related to the video post error – should the iFrame code be inserted in the Custom Filed as indicated in the documentation or directly in the content field? Should the sizing be revised to conform to the theme?


Hello rascal,

Yes just enter it in the custom field as indicated. The sizing should not be changed it does that automaticly.

Kind regards

Hey there…great theme! Just curious, but I’ve downloaded both zip files and neither seems to include the ‘widget’ folder referenced in the readme. Am I missing something?

Hello Jcoleman,

Well it should be included! Did you download the full zip? It should contain the maps: preview, license, widgets

Kind regards

I believe I did download the full zip. I see Documentation, Licensing, Preview, Shortcodes, Wryter.

Screenshot of the unzipped file:

Hello jcoleman,

In the wryter theme we only used the shortcodes plugin located inside the “shortcodes” folder. I guess we forgot to change the folder’s name in the documentation!

Thanks for pointing this out to us, much appreciated!

Kind regards