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I like the theme very much. ...(but) I can’t understand how to enlarge to full width the vimeo videos in iframes: i’ve done it successfully with images posted as gallery but not able to post videos the same way. Thank you in advance. Regards, n

Hello nican,

First of all thank you fpr purchasing my theme!

Secondly here’s how to use the video post properly:

  • open your post or make a new one
  • select “video” under post formats
  • scroll down and enter a new custom field and name it “video”
  • enter the iframe code under value
  • press publish

You can reread this in the documentation of the theme aswell as an example of the value you need to enter!

Kind regards

i promise i’ll read docs. before asking for the future :-) thank you very much kind regards n

No problem! :)

Kind regards

Very nice theme, thanks! I have 1 small problems.

I want to attach an accordion menu.

What do I do?

Hello imals,

I’m afraid this isn’t possible unless you do some serious restructuring of the navigation css.

Kind regards

uhm… Will it be used? located in the sidebar.

I haven’t tried that but it could work i guess!


this is a wonderfull theme, but I got a problem with the gallery format.

Even if I already read the documentation, I still have problems adding more than one featured image to create the gallery (I can only change the current one).

Can you help me create a gallery?

Best regards

Could you please explain in more detail what yoy want exactly? Sorry and thanks for understanding :)

Kind regards

When I open the right menu, there is the title “Navigation” that seems to be fixed on the top. If I don’t link any menus in the Apparence->Customize->Navigation, the title is still here.

There is a way to remove it without editing the template’s code?

Thank you!

Well my thoughts were that the navigation was the most important part thus it is coded in there. You can just open “header.php” and delete the “navigation” header text if you want it gone!

Kind regards

Hi, i have another minor problems with theme.

On Webkit based borwser (Chrome, Opera 15 Next) text align justify not work.

Second issue on Webkit browsers – problem with the links in the parentheses or brackets.


I’m never gonna beat this.

When this 2 minor problems fix i activate this theme and make default.

Hmm i’ll try and find out what is causing this! Thanks for reporting the issue :)

I’m running the latest chrome and i don’t have the issue you mentioned but i’ll look it up!

Kind regards

I found the cause of the problem of justifying text and links in brackets. The problem is the font (I have no idea why). If I change the font to another (from Adobe Edge Web Font), the problem disappeared.

Thx for the theme is simply amazing!

Hmm weird!

Thanks for reporting this! :) and glad you are enjoying the theme :)

Kind regards

Hi! I’m interested in buying this theme, because I am searching for a clean and simple responsive theme for my blog. The one I’m using right now isn’t responsive, so I’m trying to find a new one. I have a few questions about the Textural theme though!

1. Is there space for a header? How large can the logo or header be?

2. Is it possible to have a white background? And the header in the demo version, with the word ‘Wryter’, can that be white aswell or another colour?

3. My blog has different categories. Will they be shown as a page? Like: page Categories and a drop down menu with the category names? Or how?

4. Does it work with most WP plugins (and Disqus)?

5. Is it easy to work with? I have absolutely no understanding of CMS and HTML and all these things.. I wouldn’t even know where to place some code or anything. Can this theme be used by leeks like me?

Sorry for all these questions, I just figured it’s best to know before I’m buying the theme so I’m sure it will fit my needs instead of finding out after buying it. :)

Hello Rosalinda,

1. The logo will automaticly fit

2. Yes all colors are changeable from within a customizer panel! (No coding needed)

3. Yes you can insert categories as menu items! Or you can use the archive page which shows the custom archive template

4. Jup!

5. Yes it is pretty easy and can be set up in minutes! If there is anything you need help with just let me know!

Kind regards

Hey, there. Beautifully designed theme. I searched everywhere (hundreds of themes) for a minimalist responsive blog theme that was both professional and attractive. Yours was the best of all. Thank you.

I’m having trouble with the logo image (added via the Customizer) when viewed on the iPhone. The logo briefly appears, then is suddenly replaced with a white box and the alt text of one of the earliest post. Same thing in the footer. This doesn’t happen on the Mac (Safari) (even if I reduce the screen width to iPhone size), nor does it happen on the iPad. I’ve tried four different sizes, and I’ve also tried removing the tagline. (BTW, is there a size restriction on the logo image?)

Any thoughts? My site is Thanks!

Hello jay,

Thanks for your kind words I really appreciate it!

Could you try this: go to “settings” -> “permalinks” and just press save without changing anything (unless your permalinks are still on the default setting, then you have to change it to something else!)

Kind regards

Hi, I love this theme.

I have a small problem, when I write a blog, the homepage displays the entire post. I want it to only show a snippet of the post making the reader click on “read now” to read the rest of the post. How do fix this?

Thank you

Hello Boji90,

You can just use the more tag in the wordpress post editor! :)

Kind regards

Hi there, Is there a chance I can add a full-screen background image on this theme?

Yes you can do this via “appearance” -> “background”

Kind regards

Hey there, Is there any way to add a logo where the blog titles appears? Also, how do you remove that fade in transition and rollover effect?


Hello matt,

Yes just go to “customizer” under “appearance” and you’ll be able to upload your logo image there.

To delete the fade in effect just search for “logo-text” and “logo-subtitle” and delete the animation lines there.

Kind regards

So, I have this menu with a few sublinks underneath. Basically this theme seems like it’s supporting no more than 3 sub links as adding more overlaps with the rest of the menu items.

Is that so? Can you please let me know if there’s a workaround for this?


Hello Matt,

Here you go! :)

Kind regards

Great man! this is much much better, great improvement.

Your support was very appreciated. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Great! No problem buddy :) Thanks for the kind words!

First of all, the theme is simply amazing! :)

I’m running into these 2 issues:

- Video post: I saw previous comments where you explained the video would resize automatically to fit the theme. This doesn’t work for me (I have to make the width of the iframe 900px). This becomes a problem for the mobile version where the video comes out so huge it defeats the slick design. Am I doing something wrong?

- in the the live preview you have this very nice triangle on top of the image or video: see here. I can’t get it on my site, any advice?

Thanks a lot!

Hello cville,

Fixed it for you! :) Now you can just keep using the theme as you were using it and it will show up correctly :)

Kind regards

You’re the man! Thanks a lot! Any fix I should know of?

It was the script that was depreciated! :) the newer version supports the new type of embedding of youtube! :)


WordPress 3.6 broke the shortcode plugin. Is there anyway to fix this problmen?


Hello Nick,

I’ll take a look at it Asap! What functions are not working?

Kind regards

Hello Nick,

Please send me an e-mail so I can send you the updated version! :)

Kind regards


I loved your theme at first sight. My only questions before I buy it is if I can change the feature image default state to be grey and hovering the mouse over it gives it colour. Is this possible in the theme customisation?

best Ali

Hello Ali,

Yes this is possible! :) i’ve just tried it!

Kind regards

thanks a lot for the support. I will take it today

Great. Just send me an e-mail when you do and i’ll explain how to change it!

Kind regards

Hello Playnethemes

I’ve just purchased the theme and i’m quite happy with it. Now I need to switch the default state of the feature image (or image gallery) to grayscale. Not sure if I can keep the colour image as default inside the post of not.

the other thing is the menu. when it is shown, there is a scroll bar in the browser to the right. it is inactive but still shows up. Can you please help eliminate it?

best Ali

Hello ali,

First of all thanks for purchasing my theme!

Simpelest thing to do would be to e-mail me an admin account (via the profile page here) to your website and i’ll arrange it for you immediatly! :)

Kind regards

I’ve got the theme on a test server. I’ll migrate to the main one and send you the credentials.

Thanks in advance


No problem :)

Hello Playnetheme

recently I have noticed that the menu x close button crashes the whole page when pressed in any browser other than Chrome. this is not the case in your demo. I’ve installed the theme on WP3.6 with no add-ons or plugins and no modifications. this is what the address bar shows javascript:jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {$.pageslide.close(); }); and the page shows the following only [object Object]

another thing is that on iphone the x button to close the menu is almost invisible. Can you please check this as well?

thanks in advance


Thanks for noticing this Ali! Recently when I updated Wryter I must have uploaded a faulty file! :)

Thanks again!

Thank you for your support as well. Do you mean now that the one available for download does not have this issue? I would download it for reference.

One more thing if you don’t mind, the extra scroll bar still shows (half of it) when the menu is activated on firefox. I’m quite aware of the compatibility issues with other browsers (Chrome is the best), but it would be great to have complete compatibility with two browsers at least (firefox & chrome). this shows clear with the hover effect (on firefox the image shrinks 1 pixel vertically on both sides which renders the effect awkward)

thanks again for your support and the kindest of regards Ali

Yes the new one doesn’t have that issue you mentioned! :)

You are right, I develop in Chrome :) I’ll take a look at it!

Kind regards


I really like this theme, but I need to translate date to format for Czech Republic.

For example: Today is “12th of Srpen, 2013” (Srpen meens August in Czech) and this date is under a headline of todays posts. But I need to display just “12. Srpen, 2013”. Can you help me please?

Thank you very much!

Ah thanks for the heads up! :) Sorry for the inconvenience!

Kind regards

No problem, translation is always a pain in the a** :-). Thank you, Wryter is really nice theme!

Haha you bet ;) Glad you like it! :)

Kind regards

Hello Playnetheme

I’ve got two issues related to the theme

1. when I add JetPack’s subscription check boxes, the label next to them doesn’t show, example on a test blog ( this is the case for all the other subscribe to comments plugins.

2. upon clikcing on a category link or a tag link the “read more” button loses its formatting and become a text link only)

Hello Ali,

1. Check what styling the checkbox has with chrome by right clicking on it and choosing “inspect element”. There should be a css somewhere that declares it hidden.

2. Go into “functions.php” and look for: “post-more-linkd” and change it into “post-more-link”.

Kind regards

thanks for the response, below is what happened

1. things are quite fine as I had to drop “position” from style.css

2. I should have described the issue better. Actually I’ve just come to know it better.

a. if the post has “more” tag, it shows as a button with no text + “read more” as a link below the button

b. if the post doesn’t have a “more” tag, only “read more” link shows

c. if the post has an excerpt, nothing shows to read more. example of all the above is below

d. I’ve changed linkd to link in the //Read more section in functions.php but to no avail

it works fine, but it shows two read more buttons for the posts with no excerpt

the result is below

Yes i’ve noticed that aswell.. Still looking into it! Sorry for the delay :)

Kind regards

no worries, mats. take your time. thanks again.

no worries, mats. take your time. thanks again.

I’ll check and update you on the results. thanks a lot

things seem to be working perfect. your help is much appreciated.

Thanks for all of your valuable input! It will definitly help improve my future releases! :)

Kind regards


I want to purchase your theme, because it is simply beautiful but I am not sure about the menu. Is it possible to put it in the top bar where it usually is? Thank you

Have a good one

Hello mirokalig,

Sure we can arrange that for you. Just send us an admin login and we’ll change it for you!

Kind regards

Wow, that would be great. One more thing I forgot to ask.. Can I also then add my own logo? Thanks

Yes you can always add your own logo via the customizer panel in our themes! :)

Kind regards