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Why is the logo getting shrunk so small? I need it to be the actual size of my logo…

I’ve tried registering to your support forum but it doesn’t work, telling me wrong purchase code. I bought this theme in a bundle package.

Can you please send the link to your website?

Hi, I got your theme through corporate bundle, so I guess I cannot register at your support forum.

My issue: The title of home page is not proper, shows a url instead of page title, for rest of the pages it’s good, but not working for home page.

Also, can you please add feature to have custom page title to improve SEO of the site.

Ans thank you very much for your great theme.



thanks for your comment, will note that and try to include this ASAP.

Hi, I just solved the title issue. If anyone else is also facing title issue of homepage, here is how to fix it.

In header.php change <title><?php wp_title(””,true); ?></title>

TO: <title><?php is_front_page() ? bloginfo(‘description’) : wp_title(’’); ?> | <?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?></title>


Thanks for sharing this, will also place at wunder.

Just a heads up to SEO aware buyers: this theme uses H3 a lot of places where an H1 should be used.


Will check those, but if some of them are messing with styles we will keep like they are as style came first.

Why not show the homepage meta title?, Your demo homepage meta title is “home”, But homepage meta tile of me is empty.

How set homepage meta title?


For the best experience and a great reponse, can you please move this to our support forum at


Two things…

1) The tag is incomplete, see

2) The “Find Us” widget displays blank fields


A screenshot could explain us lot of things.

the HTML tag. The commend system keeps hiding my tag.

A screenshot could explain those things as i can’t image where is the problem this way.

Hello Can you please email me the demo content? Thank you. I purchased this through the corporate bundle.


You can find the demo content within the package, there is a .xml file packed with Wunder.

Hi there,

When was the last update made to the theme? I forgot to enable email updates.

Not sure if this has been fixed yet but unordered and ordered lists are missing styles.


You can check the theme changelog to see if those problems are fixed or not.

Also continuing on the above, missing styles also apply to h1-6 and strong tags.

On a separate note: How would I go about adding additional filters for the Portfolio sections? Want to use the Brief meta to add an extra couple filter options.

Thanks in advance, and great theme overall!


Thanks a lot for that kind comment.

The best way to proceed with support is by opening a ticket at

Confirmed my email but it’s still asking me for confirmation to open a new ticket. Tried resending and confirming again but still no change.

Can you try re-registering with another e-mail as we never had some problem like this.

interested in buying this theme, got a few questions

on the demo i noticed the slider (home blog slider and home work slider) is not auto, i.e the pictures do not slide automatically, rather you have to click the arrows to make it slide

is it possible that they slide automatically?

for the portfolios is it possible to have multiple portfolio pages that would link from the menu. i.e say i have photography and music on a drop-down menu each would link to show work from their respective categories

The auto-slider feature is optional, you can chose if you want to enable or not.

As for portfolio you can create portfolio category pages and assign those at the menu, they will list project same as project page but they will show only posts on the chosen category.

Plus this theme has a page builder which can help you create any way you need, you can control each element which you can see on this theme and place them or order them anyway you need.

Kind Regards

When moving the site from a local server to a live server the twitter feed stopped working, any ideas why?


How would I check if I’ve reached the 150 hourly requests?

I can’t see any line breaks in the twitter widget so not sure what the cause of the issue is.

Getting the following errors:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input jquery.twitterfeed.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘twitterfeed’

Had to copy the code from the theme package twitterfeed.js into the live file as it had been messed up on upload. Works fine now.

Glad to hear that.

It would be pretty awesome if you could rate the theme.

Hey is there any way of having the navigation bar at the top flat? not stacked? Cheers, Rob

He removed the width and max-width of the list and the list items, but this will only work if the responsive layout is disabled

And this can be done how…?

Those are three separate ul (menu lists), you can write code to dynamically separate theme in header.php

I ‘ve translated language file with poedit. what format name must have the file for the theme recognize it? The original is um_lang. Thanks

Just keep the file name the same and change WP_LANG constant at wp_config.php at “um_lang”

Hi, I bought the wunder theme on the bundle but cannot find the xml file to upload the demo. Thanks


The demo xml file is located on Wunder : wunder.wordpress.2013-02-20.xml

i want to change the background to my own custom background. where in the css or whatever file do i modify it? I purchased with that group package during the sale themeforest had.

how do i do it if i want custom image url?

Than go to images/patterns and replace any of the images with Yours by keeping the file-name the same.And chose that file instead of other from the drop-down.

The header Tag line just says the address rather then the name of the website. how do i fix?


The header Tag line on home show the title + content of the page if you are talking about Home Page

I’m setting the Wunder theme up for a client on Go Daddy hosting (ugh!) and have found that for some strange reason, clicking on any of the service links (for now I have left the default ones that are on the demo – Researching, Consultings, etc.) does not take you anywhere. Any idea what could be wrong? They are showing up as links that can be clicked on. But clicking essentially just reloads the home page.

Here’s a link if you want to see what I mean:

Thanks for any tips to resolve. I was hoping to have the site up by this weekend so I’m on a bit of a time crunch.


On each page which is assigned as home (4 variations) you can find a custom field “Services Page” where you need to define where is the Services Page, and by choosing it you can tell each service where to navigate on click.

PS : Just upgrading Wunder where you can choose also individual URL for each service which is displayed on home.

Disregard the question above. I changed the “Services” page reference on the home page and that makes them go to a new page.

However, is there a way to make each of those link to their own individual pages rather than just one page for all? That’s what I had been hoping it could do.


Not yet, but i will add a feature like this right now.

there is no option for autoplay if you choose portfolio slider in dynamic template. how to fix?

you sent me a sourcecode fix a while ago, but can’t locate the email. can you send it again?

If you can re-send us your e-mail we will send you that.

I just want to find out if the demo file is included with this theme


Yes the demo .xml file is included on the package with that theme.