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The mainpage now has one row with four colums. Is there an easy way to change that to 2 or 3 rows? Or do I need to change code?

Thanks in advance.


You can do that only by editing the code, which is located at home.php

Hello there, how come the logo is coming up small on the theme. i have tried to upload bigger sizes of the logo but it comes up small.

Can you please sen a link to your site?

Hello UmbrellaStudios,

I purchased this theme through the corporate package and I’m noticing several things which, after reading through comments, appears you’re going to be dealing with upon a new updates which is awesome.

Especially the ability for services to actually link to a full page, and not just be a custom post type!

Would you happen to have a timeline on these as I am willing to repurchase the theme to get updates and future changes?

Any chance that the portfolio hearts could tally total social interactions on the portfolio item (for example, the heart would show total amount of likes + shares + +1’s + etc..) ?


As for Service Items, we had some requests do have a Custom URL each one.

So in that case you can create a Default Page and place content any way you want using WYSIWUG Editor.

As for the hear, it show only Facebook Likes, but we will consider that as we don’t know yet if other Social Networks provide public access to those datas.

Hi First thing: This theme is really nice and i recommend my friend to buy it already. But there is a small question i want ask _. My Friend say to me how to remove the link from banner, just like the demo you show on your server, he don’t want the banner can be linked by the image. What should I do ? Thx~

Well without changing code there is impossible.

But you can fake that and choose the current Page URL, and all it will do is re-direct user to the same page each time it clicks it.

Hey. You have a problem with the logo query. To fix incorrect scaling of the logo (cropping), edit ‘responsive.css’ at line 55. Change ”.logo {width: 196px;}” to ”.logo {width: 270px;}”. That’ll do the trick. :-)


Thanks for sharing this, with other clients.

Hey UmbrellaStudios,

I purchased the theme, great update!

Is there a way to make the service entries on the Services page click into a full, single page view of that service custom post type?

I don’t want to make a service post type and then make a page type for each service I just made just to attach the URL to each service.

Why not just make the custom post type have a single-page view, and use an excerpt for the main Services page display and make the whole panel a link? Is this possible for a future update?

I feel like because of the style of the way Services is laid out, each Service really becomes its own large button to its expanded (single-page) view and is a clever CTA with the logo spin effect.

Just a thought, keep up the great work!


Well this kind of behavior and this lovely interaction pushed us making you a deal.

If you could provide us a PSD file how the Service Single page should look like, we will make this possible.

Kind Regards

Hey UmbrellaStudios,

Thank you very much! That is awesome.

I don’t require a special layout for the page.. is there a way to make that page’s layout dynamic so I can create it using the included dynamic page builder option system and assign it to the service custom post? As I love whats already inside the theme in terms of options for content layout creation.

If not that is okay, just the same method of how a blog post looks would work great. Having a sidebar as well that is for services template to go along with service “posts” does help but wouldn’t be required.. I can add that in on a later date.

It just all about having a “single-page” display of the content, with maybe optional sidebar display?

Regards, KingStreeDesigner


We just finished what you needed.

We will upload Wunder right now, and it should be ready by tomorrow.

Kind Regards

Hi, I have the theme from the corporate bundle, is very nice and has potential. Is there an option to let the people register to my website and then maybe they could have the possibility to add their works to a specific category? Thank you.


The only way to do so is to place a ling somewhere which re-directs users to /wp-admin with action register.

Hi Umbrella!

I love this theme. I found it when I purchased the corporate bundle recently but I’m having a hard time updating it to version 1.7. Do you know how I can do that? I want to make use of the recent updates but can’t seem to find them…


If you got that from bundle, than you can’t get further updates sorry.

The author where you got the bundle is another one, so you can’t find it on Downloads Tab.

Kind Regards

I would like to rename the Portfolio & Services sections. Is there an easy way to do this?

Well now you’re just making fun of me. Thanks for the support.

The only section I really need to change is Portfolio. You said I need to “change the label text,” but I don’t see any label text to change. I’m looking in the “Source text” column. In Poedit, where can I find the label for Portfolio?

I just want to change ONE WORD. Why is this so difficult?


I acquired this theme through the corporate bundle. I know that I don’t get support and updates because of this directly, but I was hoping you guys can send me the latest update! The update to the services would really complete the theme for me :) Thanks!


We would need permissions from Envato to do so.

Please contact them and we will send you that, if they allow us to do so because we are exclusive author and we can’t re-distribute anything without their permission.

Kind Regards


Purchased the Theme and it is very nice. However I am getting a number of errors and I kindly ask you to check that for me. I am usin easyrecipe for post and all works fine until I click on the actual post >> << getting the following message::

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/35/d385202165/htdocs/recipes/wp-content/themes/wunder/header.php:3) in /homepages/35/d385202165/htdocs/recipes/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 876

Your assistance is appreciated.

Regards Chris


This error is produced by another plugin, as on that line as you can see is only ”<?php language_attributes(); ?>” which is used for language purposes.

Kind regards

Hi Umbrella,

I too bought the Corp. Bundle and from what i am reading there is a new version that solves some issues. I am having some issues using services + work they tend to go to page not found even though the url is correct. That and the issue that linking from home page seems weird, and in services there is no possibility to link to view the service in detail.

What i would like to know is if the update fixes this issues, i guess i wouldnt mind getting a fresh copy of the theme as long as those issues are resolved. This, of course, means i like the theme very much! Please let me know.


We fixed that, but we cannot re-distribute Theme’s by our own (which in this case we want to) as we signed as exclusive author on Themeforest, and only them can re-distribute our themes.

So please contact Envato support and see if they allow that, and if yes than we will be glad to supply you with the latest Wunder version.

Kind Regards

Hey UmbrellaStudios,

Just curious if the services entry single page view update you mentioned has been approved by Envato yet? I hope so!

Additionally, I’ve noticed that if you’re using a slider on a page and scale or view the page on a mobile/tablet sized screen that the slider is responsive, but the image inside is not. Is this supposed to happen? Is there a way to make the slider image responsive as well?

I also can’t get the employee slider to show the hire application box on mobile and tablet.. only on the large desktop version. When I click next box it resets back to to start without displaying the Hire/ Download Application for Employee. Is there a way to get this feature during mobile/tablet?




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Hi there! Great theme, just a few questions.

Does this theme support multipe portfolio’s; as in 1.graphic design 2.illustration 3.product design (I want these seperated on individual pages ideally)

Q2: Can I add a blog to the homepage layout?

Cheers, good luck with the sales.


Technically, you can create the effect you’re looking for by following a couple of steps.

1) Create your portfolio content, make sure to properly categorize each entry under the correct section you need while making the entries (graphic design, illustration, product design).

2) For each category you want, create a page and set the page’s template to: Dynamic Layout. You will need to make a page for each portfolio category you want to do this for and set them to dynamic.

3) Add the Portfolio Dynamic Layout Item to your new dynamic layout page. Just make sure to exclude all the other portfolio categories except the one you wish to display for that page in the Portfolio settings inside the dynamic layout creator. Copy the process for each “dynamic page” you just created, just excluding the correct categories needed.

Thats it! Now you’re able to display portfolio items only from a specific category on a single page.

4) Don’t forget to add those pages to your menu (as a drop down under a main portfolio entry maybe?)

Q2 - To add the blog to the homepage layout you’re again going to make a new dynamic page and make that you’re new homepage from the Reading Settings once you’re done adding the several dynamic layout items to that page to get the same effect as the current home page but just add the Blog related ones to get different layout types.

Hi, I have a problem with all.js and few twitter related issues. I do not use any of built-in social features in the theme, but most of the .js etc. are still loaded and are causing slow downs and unecessary problems for me – how can I remove everything related to social media share buttons from the theme?


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And another problem I was writing about is, that I cannot create a simple “blog” page using “blog+sidebar” template, because I never shows the sidebar on “blog” page. The sidebar is always visible and working on invidigual pages, but my “blog” page is without sidebar – no matter which template I use for that page. How to fix it?

Also there are some errors with twitterfeed also and the twitter feed sidebar widget is not working too.


For the best experience and a great reponse, can you please move this to our support forum at


hi, How to change

url name


You can change that if you go to includes/posttype.php and on register_post work_item you can change it to any value you want.

Just be careful to edit only the slug parameter.

Hi, great theme, but:

I have a problem with paging on home page (template-portfolio used). I cannot sign up for your support help desk because it does not accept Envato bundle purchase codes. How can I contact with you in order to share with you a link to my site?



Unfortunately we have a team which works only at our support forum, the only way is to share information’s here on comments.

how do i make the header height smaller for the slider?