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Wunderkind - One Page Parallax WordPress Theme

Wunderkind - One Page Parallax WordPress Theme


31.10.2016 – Updated New Version 1.3.9 – Fixed some small issues.

- Fix error general-template.php on line 146
- Updated Visual Composer newest version
- Fix CSS Issues: Website displays incorrectly on browsers.

VERSION – 1.2.3

15.12.2014 – Updated New Version 1.2.3 – Fixed some small issues.

- [Update] Fixed error: Time between slider  
- [Update] Fixed error: Time between text in slider 
- [Update] Fixed error: Social can't show in footer style 2
- [Update] Documentation

+File edited: 
         a. js/custom.js  
         b. home-slider.php 
                 c. footer/footer2.php


25.11.2014 – Updated New Version 1.2.2 – Fixed some small issues And Update 2 New style for Portfolio:

- [NEW] Add new 2 style for Portfolio 
- [NEW] Add new style for section Shop on the Home page

- [Update] Fixed error: Can not Uncheck in “All categories” checkbox of ST List Portfolio and Blog
- [Update] Fixed Translate.

+   File edited: 
a. inc/st.setup.php
b. Add new : inc/st.customvc.php
c. inc/st.vcelement.php 
d. js/custom.js
e. inc/st.shortcodev2.php    

19.11.2014 – Updated New Version 1.2.1 – Fixed some small issues

1. [Fixed] Banner Background video/image parallax
2. [Fixed] Smooth Scroll

27.09.2014 – Updated New Version 1.2.0 – ONECLICK FOR INSTALL READY

1. [Update] About Box. More options and more flexible.
                * Able to use Fontawesome Icon and Ionicon

2. [Update] Member Item, fix image ratio

3. [New] New Element Called Liquid Slider. Now included Testimonial and Qoute.

4. [Update] Update Parallax effect

5. [Update] Portfolio Grid, Add more config able fields, Fix Load more

6. [Update] Google Map. Add more config

7. [New] New Footer Style with Footer's menu and Social Icon

8 [Update] Update VC elements, more intructions text

9. [Update] Increate perfomance of javascript code

10. [Update] Update banner text position(Left, Center, Right)

11. [New] One-click install ready. It will import all demo content for you, including Content, theme-options, Menu item, widgets (Not install required plugins, You must do it first)

12. [New] New Element called "Post Grid", Allow you to show Posts on Home page

13. [New] Improve theme options. Make the Wunderkind more flexible

14. [Other Update] Fix Blog Template and Shop Template.

09.09.2014 – We are updated our product:

1. [Updated] VC-Element fix image height;
    + a. inc/shortcodev2.php

2. [New] Now able to change speed of Liquid Slider (Testimonial section or Quote section)
    +File edited: 
             a. functions.php
             b. Add new : inc/st.customvc.php
             c. vc_templates/vc_column.php
             d. js/scripts.js
             e. inc/st.shortcodev2.php      

3. [Updated] Fix load more portfolio order by
    + File edited: a.ins/st.ajax.php

4. [Updated] Fix error: call to none static functions
    + File edited: a. inc/set.setup.php

5. [Updated] Fix parallax effect better
    + File edited: a. css/custom-woo.css

6. [Updated] Fixed portfolio on Mobile
     + File edited: a. js/toucheffect.js

7. [Updated] Possible to add icons to menus in mobiles and desktop

04.09.2014 – We are updated our product:

- Add new Smooth Scroll effect: Able to turn it On/Off
      + File Edited:   
         a. inc/st.setup.php
         b. inc/st.themeoptions.php
- Add New introductions for get Icon code
     + File edited: vc-shortcodes.php
- Add new function able to change text align of banner
      + File edited: inc/shortcodev2.php
- Add new style for Button in the banner
      + File Edited:      
         a. functions.php
         b. css/color.php
         c. css/custom-woo.css
         d. style/css
- Fixed header disable pre-load feature
     + File edited :header.php
- Fixed parallax effect
     + File edited:
        a. css/custom-woo.css
        b. home-slider.php
- Updated Hover action for Team section and Portfolio section
      + File Edited:   
         a. css/style.css
- Updated Font Awesome version up to 4.2.0
- Updated Ionicons version up to 1.5.2

26.08.2014 – We are updated our product:

- Add new: Now, able to change font and menu background.
- Increase performance load on IPAD.
- Fixed Custom css don't work.
- Add new: Now can turnon/ turnoff fixed menu

22.08.2014 – We are updated our product:

- Fixed some small errors
- Optimize theme option look better
- Updated and fixed for childtheme issues.
- Change to New Youtube Video Background Player and fixed all old player's bugs

20.08.2014 – We are updated our product:

- Add new fields support for SEO better.
- Fixed some small errors.
- Fixed for video don't play issue.

16.08.2014 – We are updated our product:

- Add new Logo Retina to theme options
- Add new Turn Off some effect on Mobile
- Fixed banner speed
- Add new feature disable slider text.
- Updated Video Background on mobile, Use Image Slider instead
- Add new Preload to vector graphic: Able to remove loading text and change loader image;
- Add new Style of logo and menu on iPad. Now, The menu and Logo will go to center on iPad or Table Devices    
- Fixed grid column bug.

12.08.2014 – Updated

- Add new Shop Banner Feature
- Add new documentation for content
- New Import Demo Content
- Fixed theme color.
- Fixed Cart Layout.
- Fixed some Javascript bugs.

Wunderkind, a truly one page parallax WordPress theme with more than one face. No matter if you use it as a photographer, travel / web design agency, nonprofit / environmental organization or even as a music / video producer. You can easily turn it into your personal website.

  • WP 4.0+ Ready
  • Fully Responsive
  • Retina Ready
  • Extremely Customizable
  • Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress ( Save $28)
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Demo Files Included (XML)
  • 8 Header-Title Styles
  • Fullscreen Slider
  • Parallax Support
  • Fullscreen YouTube Video (Desktop only)
  • Parallax Background Section
  • Video Background Section (YouTube Desktop only)
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Portfolio Management
  • Font Awesome Icon Integration
  • Smooth Scroll
  • Multiple Sidebars
  • Blog Sidebar Left, Right and Without Sidebar
  • Child Theme Ready
  • Child Theme Included
  • WPML Ready
  • Translation Ready
  • Perfect Code
  • Custom Widgets (Twitter, Video, Flickr)
  • Twitter Plugin
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Crossbrowser Compatible
  • Support here
  • and much more…

OUR NEWEST VERSION – 1.3.6 – 25/04/2016

- [Update] Plugin Visual Composer to version 

OUR NEWEST VERSION – 1.3.4 – Date 08.10.2015

- [Fixed]  Updated Visual Composer newest version 4.7.4

OUR NEWEST VERSION – 1.3.3 – Date 11.09.2015

- [Fixed]  Updated Visual Composer newest version 4.7

OUR NEWEST VERSION – 1.3.2 – Date 24.07.2015

- [Fixed]  Updated Visual Composer newest version 4.6.1

OUR NEWEST VERSION – 1.3.1 – Date 08.07.2015

- [Fixed]  Updated Visual Composer newest version 4.6

OUR NEWEST VERSION – 1.3.0 – Date 19.06.2015

- [Fixed]  Updated Visual Composer newest version for fixed prettyPhoto XSS issue.

OUR NEWEST VERSION – 1.2.9 – Date 28.05.2015

- [Fixed]  call_user_func_array()

OUR NEWEST VERSION – 1.2.8 – Date 22.05.2015

- [Update] VC version 4.5.2 
- [Update] Blog Detail Issue.

OUR NEWEST VERSION – 1.2.7 – Date 13.05.2015

- [Update] WooCommerce (the newest version)
- [Update] Visual Composer Version 4.5
- [Update] font-awesome 

OUR NEWEST VERSION – 1.2.6 – Date 25.04.2015

1. Visual Composer version 4.4.4
2. Update Element Testimonial
3. Footer icon
4. Fix Responsive  
5. Portfolio responsive
6. Checkout page
7. Product Detail Page 
8. Rich snippet
9. Woocommerce 

Hello Friends,

Nice to see you here! Let me intro about myself!

My name is Rentate, I’m a Real Estate WordPress Theme. I had been created by ShineTheme Team who had 6 years of experience to make products in this industry.

I had been successfully built by the hard-working of the 5 Best Developers, 2 Designers, 2 Testers during 6 months.

Let’s see! I can make a lot of people happy as the following:

If you are a Properties Agency: And you want to remake your website to more friendly, with powerfull booking system and communication between your staff and clients better. I’m right for you.

If you are a Technical Company: And looking for the best theme for Real Estate for your clients. I’m the right one for you because can build any real estate website for a client from creating a Marketplace to a single agency website.

If you are an Agent: If you are selling your estate and want to make a website for your digital marketing strategy with the best trending layout, high conversion rate, Rentate can build this for you with Payment online, Inquiry Form, Message and you can manage in your own Dashboard.

If you are a Developer: And you want to build for yourself or for your client website for any kind of real estate Rentate is for you. Our mind is to keep the best coding optimize that help you easily understand and make any customization.

If you are a Designer: I’m surely that you will impress with our designs because of our best Designers team, our team’s member always following design trending in this industry, and we will continue to provide more new layouts in future for Rentate.

If you are a Businessman: If you want to make a startup, and the first step is test business model, Rentate can help you to make a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) product that helps you save times, save a lot of money to build a technical team to make a product like this.

If you owned Apartments, Hotel, Homestayor any kind of Accommodation in the world and you don’t have any skill to build a website for your business, Rentate is for you. We are using Elementor the best page builder for now with Live editor for you can build your site base on 18 elements developed by us. You no need any skill to make your business starting.

At ShineTheme team they always thinking about how to make easier for clients when using the product. Caused that they decided to move all management from Back-end to the Front-end for the owner of the site (admin user account) because it will have more space and more intuitive for you can manager and enjoin with it.

We build really strong Dashboard that uses for Administrator, Partner, Buyer/Visitor at Font-end and with separate URL that good for SEO and more friendly to all users.

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