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A small question for the very beautiful theme.

Are there any validation controls implemented in it? (especially thinking of the visuals for validations).

Regards, Dennis

Hi Dennis, default Bootstrap validation styling is included. Javascript validation has been added in update 1.7 all together with Bootstrap 2.3.1 (not available yet).

Thanks for the quick response

Hello, I am a proud owner of this theme and today I am upgrading from 1.3 to version 1.6.

One important issue though; In charts.html, bar lines doesn’t seem to function precisely. Look at the 5th bar chart:

- Mary’s food count is 190 however bar chart shows 205. - Mary’s auto count is 160 however bar chart shows more than 165. - Mary’s household count is 40 however bar chart shows 45. - Mary’s furniture count is 120 however bar chart shows more than 125. - Mary’s kitchen count is 30 however bar chart shows like 37.5 - Mary’s bath count is 70 however bar chart shows like 75.

I am making a stats page and fix of this critical. Waiting for your reply.

Hi, please contact our support at support.walkingpixels.com.

Sent the same issue as a ticket Waiting for your reply.