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Theme looks amazing! Congrats guys! I think I’m going to buy it.

Very nice admin design.

How do you view demo? Whats the login!

Hi secrethq1,

just press the login button, you don’t need login and password.

Far too cheap!

Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks revaxarts!

In the charts section I need to add commas and dollar signs to my data. How do I do that?

Hi DaytonFlyer,

spent some time searching for answer, but it looks like there is not native support for currency symbols in both plugins. You can easily put currency symbol into label. If find something, will update preview.

I noticed a bug when using the date picker: if the field is empty, the default year is 1970. The fix is very simple, you just need to update the script to the latest version.

Hi cosminchiru,

thanks! We know about it, already in next update.

Hmm I purchased it and it won’t load locally on my laptop or PC :/ Weird sing Chrome. :s

Hi ChristopherJohnLeah,

just tested it and everything load properly except of Font Awesome in LESS version because of font path issue – update on the way. Can you please make a screenshot and mail it to support, and check paths in CSS with FireBug. No reason why CSS should not load localy. Thanks!

When is the next update scheduled to be released?

Bootstrap 2.1.0 will be officially released on Monday 20th, we would like to implement 2.1.0 in next update, so soon after release.

can you tell me how can i link this admin panel with templeate pleas answer me i need it

Hi series,

I am sorry, but I don’t understand your question. How would you like to link it?

i asked anather persone and he Said me : to Benefit from this admin panel

you must be development web and i I told him hhhhhhhh i cant ima just graphic designer . Anyway

Thank You M.WalkingPixels . and I’m sorry for the inconvenience

Great looking template.

Any plans to add a multistep wizard into the mix? I notice you have one on one of your other templates ;-)

Hi uberholden,

definitely yes, but I can not tell you when. Do you have any favorite script?

First off: This admin theme is f’ing beautiful. Makes me want to write a webapp just to use the theme. As it is, I’m just using it for an internal dashboard project of mine.

I see that you included separate .css files for different color variations, but not a corresponding .less file that somehow separates out just the variables that correspond to color changes.

Wondering if you could save me the time of hunting down the different changes where I need to change less variables to pick a new color theme…are these separated somewhere out in the .less files? Or do I really just need to change a few variables in variables.less, and I’m making this more complicated than it needs to be?


Hi citrusy,

You do not need separate LESS file for each color. Look /less/wuxia/pixel-wuxia-settings.less file. You have color variables at the begining. Use one of them or create you own. Colors are controlled with 3 variables. Just edit line 35 and compille your CSS . There will be new docs soon.

Hmm how do I reply to my own post? Doesn’t seem I can.

Anyway, sorry I think I figured it out. I need to edit this guy:


Looks like all color-specific variables are broken out in this less file, so I will play with it and see where I get!

Hi citrusy,

feel free to contact our support if you need help with LESS .

Is it possible to fix upper menu? It hides itself when I scroll down in demo. If it is possible, a definite purchase for me.

Hi callofktulu,

yes, you can remove effect at all or change behavior, make it transparent for example. Remove or modify js/navbar.js.


Just wondering if you have addressed that bug mentioned above with the datepicker yet? I got it working by changing my date formatting so it is no longer defaulting to the wrong day. However, for some reason when I first pick a date, even when it’s pre-populated, the current date in the calendar is not highlighted. After your select a date, it is then highlighted. But this doesn’t work when for pre-population.

However if you look at the homepage for that script, it highlights the entered date even on pre-population. I confirmed my code on the author’s site matches theres.

Also don’t know if you know this, but the date picker in the Wuxia forms page isn’t working at all. You click on it and nothing happens ;)


Hi citrusy,

as mentioned before, datepicker plugin is outdated (also on author’s homepage, you’ll need to take latest version from GitHub) and does not work properly with latest jQuery. So grab a new copy from GitHub or wait for update (in 1-2 days).

Purchased the theme, so far so good.

Is it possible to use plupload inside a form? I want to disable the “start upload” button and post the files along with other inputs within the form.

Hi callofktulu,

yes, but you will have to make some custom modifications. Not sure about uploading files with form post.

I am having difficulties in displaying the icons with classes such as icon-file, icon-picture etc, when I uploaded my project to web server. Could it be because:
 background-image: url("http://localhost/wuxia/less/../img/icons/glyphicons-halflings.png");
(wuxia-blue.css line 1485)

How wuxia displays icons?

Hi callofktulu,

yes, it was bug it version 1.0, fixed in version 1.1. You just need to update image path. Use absolute path based on where you have your images or realative path url("../img/icons/glyphicons-halflings.png").