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Can you please add a sub-menu function when we hover the menu ? If so, I’ll buy it.

Hi Squad-G,

will take a look at it.

Dear Author,

Are you able to add drop down menu functionality in current theme. I am planning to purchase this theme but drop down menu should be top priority for me.

Hi adnanext,

yep, already included in 1.2 update. Should be available in 2-3 days.

Ok Please confirm once you make this update available online so that I can purchase this template

How can I see the list of icons?

Hi callofktulu,

tab menu Wuxia > Goodies.

How to improve a CRM with this template? Do i need a php programmer?

Hi Matteofiocco,

it is just HTML template, you will need programer to implement it into your CRM .

Another awesome addition which would make the template even better is a sheet form layout (as opposed to the well layout) which I found in another bootstrap template.


This is a fantastic theme. The best in the bootstrap admin themes. BUT … documentation is extremely poor unless you’re a seasoned bootstrap developer.

The documentation PDF barely has anything about the custom code, specific css or tips and tricks. This really needs to be improved.

Otherwise fantastic work guys, this is definitely one of my favorite themes on themeforest.

Hi agilecorp,

thanks a lot! We are working on the way more complex documentation, especially in terms of template optimization. But to be honest, its not a number one on our todo list.

I’ve already implemented the 1.0 version to my site and it is good, the 1.3 version is looking awesome, JGrowl is looking awesome, what should i do to upgrade? Will Just updating css files be enough?

Hi callofktulu,

since 1.3 changelog is available in download package. It depends on modifications you have made. Probably you will have to lightly touch HTML too. It’s upgrade from Bootstrap 2.0.4 to 2.1.1.

I’ve downoaded the 1.3 version, JGrowl in “without LESS ” version doesn’t seem to work in chrome, and appears only with black background in firefox. LESS version seems to be OK. Is it necessary to use the LESS version in order to use JGrowl?

Hi callofktulu,

nope, you are good to go with CSS version too. Just stupid bug, reorder CSS styles, Wuxia CSS have to be the last. Uploading fixed package.

Just wanted to let people know that the PSD file included with this theme is rubbish…. And basically consists of the background and the menu bar…

If your a designer and you need to mock up the design before passing it on to a developer, you may as well start from scratch.


Hi azisbak,

sorry to hear that. What would you like to see included in PSD ? Since almost all visual effects are achieved with pure CSS , there is no point in making detailed PSD .

Hi, I would like to add an autocomplete function to some forms. jQuery autocomplete can be fine, but how to edit the CSS in order to make it appear the same style of the theme?

Hi afi9dare,

thanks for purchasing our template. Support for all our templates is handled with the WalkingPixels support forums. Feel free to create a new ticket. support.walkingpixels.com

So far I’ve found a couple issues where elements are not responding to touch on mobile devices.

- Nav sub menu, when not condensed - Button drop-down

Any suggestions on a workaround or fix?

Hi benarledge,

thanks for purchasing our template. Support for all our templates is handled with the WalkingPixels support forums. Feel free to create a new ticket. support.walkingpixels.com

There’s a temporary fix until the twitter bootstrap library is updated for this theme.

At the bottom of the bootstrap-dropdown.js file, replace:

.on(‘click.dropdown touchstart.dropdown.data-api’, ’.dropdown form’, function (e) { e.stopPropagation() })


.on(‘click.dropdown’, ’.dropdown form’, function (e) { e.stopPropagation() }) .on(‘touchstart.dropdown.data-api’, ’.dropdown’, function (e) { e.stopPropagation() })

Thanks Ben! We are already working on update with Bootstrap 2.2.1

Could you add an parallax to dashboard in a short time?

Hi ots,

what do you mean by parallax?

I meant jQuery parallax slider

We don’t plan to add this.

Hi!! i want to buy this templare, but i can’t see the login page on the templare.. Where is that? let me know please. thanks


you can change pages on the top, dropdown in the preview frame. Or here is the direct link

I tried to view the theme in IE9 , doens’t even load from the demo site. It’s also broken in my local machine when I view it in IE9 . Please provide a fix as soon as possible.

Hi ernic,

just tried Win 7 / IE9 and Win Vista / IE9 , but loads and works fine. Can you provide us with more details? Which template version are you using? Which OS? What exactly is broken or does not work? Are you using it via http protocol, right?

I saw in the CSS there is a class named “login”

However, it does not seem to be an example for this class in the demo.

So how is it used?

Hi greggrant87,

that are styles for login page, see login.html.

I really love the color and structure of the theme! Its amazing! Themeforest is lacking this kind of simple but strong color scheme theme.

However, its really a pity that the handling of the theme in mobile device is not really cool. Will you improve the mobile support issues so we can consider to purchase a regular/extended license? I hope the template will be get nicer! It has good potential :)

Some issues we found in the demo site… (http://template.walkingpixels.com/wuxia/charts.html)

1. Changing from Landscape to Portrait, Portrait to Landscape – the size of the chart/calendar/table are NOT resized to fit the new dimension of the screen…

2. Some chart are even overshot in pure portrait mode in the demo site. Looks its not quire designed for optimize for mobile device

issues found… https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5832918/tmp-web/WuxiaThemeIssues.html

(*copy and paste to your browser in case you cannot open it directly)

Hi samcwy,

we are constantly improving and updating our templates. Thanks for report, we will take a look at it.

Hi, purchased, and dropped. Why ? because some of our users have old PC on IE8, and the theme is very, very… slow. To have the focus in an input can take several seconds, the same when typing. We had to buy another theme :crying:

Hi jlaurens,

I’m sorry to hear that and I am a bit confused because we use this template on IE8 machines as well and don’t have any speed issues. Did you try to inspect what is causing the problems? Did you use compiled CSS for a live website, not on fly compilation with LESS.js? Because yes, that’s a huge performance killer and you should not compile CSS on client side.

Hi, Thanks for the theme. I wanted to know if the Wuxia theme has a Wizard function similar to Chromatron theme?


Hi karlfalconer,

there will be 1.5 update next week with Bootstrap 2.2.2 support and few more changes including wizard plugin.

That is great news. Will there be some notification sent out when the update is available to download?

If you are following us on ThemeForest you will be updated about every update as far I know.


File selector and Image selector with previews doesn’t work in Internet Explorer 10. A quick fix would be great.

Hi callofktulu,

working on it. Will be included in 1.5 update.

Still working on solution, issue is related to Bootstrap Fileupload plugin. Will make a patch as soon as we fix it.