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Hi Swami,

For some reason, portfolios are no longer properly loading on my website ( On the homepage where they were tiled as a grid they no longer appear (though I can in fact click on them if I remember where they were), and when I open a portfolio, in the best of cases only the first image loads. In all cases the revolving bubbles indicating that it’s loading keep on working without anything happening.

My wordpress was recently upgraded to 4.5.3, could it be related? All my plugins are up to date. Where should I start looking for a solution?

Many thanks,


Hi Mike,

Upon inspection from the front end I can see a javascript console error, which is probably happening because of the latest woocommerce version. We will be releasing an update soon to resolve it, but in your case since you are not using a shop, you can simply deactivate the woocommerce plugin to resolve your problem.

Thanks, Swami

F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C ! Thank you so much, it worked perfectly indeed! All the best, Mike

Hi Swami,

I have a problem, my menu is at the top, was previously on the left side, but modified from nowhere, search options wordpress and part of Header layout check “Left Side”, but I’m still keeping the menu at the top, this is the right option that defines this parameter or is there another option that can help me?

I sent a picture to mostrate the option that I’ve changed.

Thank you


The left header becomes a top header in screen sizes less than 1280px. So if you are viewing in a small computer then you will get a top header instead of left header. Also in your options panel, kindly ensure that the WEBSITE STATUS setting in the General Settings section is set to “DEVELOP”. This will ensure that your options panel is not cached. Setting it to DEPLOY will cache your options panel, preventing your changes from taking effect.

Thanks, Swami

Hey Swami,

Working on updating my site but it does not scroll on mobile devices in the chrome browser. I read the comments and disabled the smooth scroll as well as toggled the ‘Develop’ ‘Deploy’ to clear the cache and save the changes but I still can’t get it to work on my mobile phone, nor does it work on other people’s that have tried it. If you could help I would greatly appreciate it.

personal email is: Thanks,


Never mind, it fixed. Thanks

Hi, in my contact page, map isnt showing. How can i fix this? thanks

Can you give me a link to the contact page, so I can check what the issue is?

Thanks, Swami here is contact page. But problem is in all plugins. Sliders, other map plugins isnt showing. But when i change the template, everything is visible. Nothing change in template. this is last version of this theme and zip uploaded.

will you check this? because i must complete this web site soon.