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Very nice theme!
Good luck with the sales :)

Amazingly Nice Theme! GLWS :)

Nice. Can the menu be put on the top? I looked through the demo, but didn’t see the option to do so. I looks like in the picture shown of the site I see one with the menu on top?

Also, didn’t see thumbnails under main picture when on shop screen, is it possible to have them?


Hi Cherndon,

Currently that option is not available, but we are releasing an update today with that option and several others like masonry and lightbox, so stay tuned. The menu goes to the top as a part of the responsiveness. On smaller screens it didn’t make sense to have the header restricting the sized of the content.

kind regards, Swami

The Top header is ready, Check it out in our playground site here

We should be able to upload the update to Themeforest in the next couple of hours and then wait for them to approve it.

- Swami

Cool theme, possibly one for html?

May be one if sales are good , fingers crossed :)

Great theme guys! Good luck :)

Thanks Rohith :)

Creativity always pay in themeforest, you have done a nice creative work, good luck with sales.

Thank you so much, your kind words offer a lot of encouragement to keep doing better.

you said you are uploading NEW update today..I’m ready for purchase

Hi Patel

Yes we would like to add masonry styles to the existing portfolios and lightbox gallery and some color controls in the backend for more customizability. This is will be the first update. We will finish the update today and then it needs to be approved by themeforest so it might take a day to be available. If you have any clarifications with regards to the theme, please let me know.

kind regards Swami

Hi Patel,

Theme Update has been submitted to themeforest. Waiting for approval.

- Swami

cool work !GLWS :)

Thanks Metro Themes :)

Wonderful work, congrats, good luck with sales.

Thank you Bedros :)

Namaste !

Very nice, the best for you ! Bookmarked.

Hi Netineti,

Thanks for your kind words,

1. You mean image as a background of a page ?

2. No collapsing header sidebar is currently not built in, but I will make a note of it and will include it in a second update. I am working on the first set of updates now.

- Swami

1. Yes, I want to know if each page can have a different background image OR if it is 1 image background for all site. I’m not a photograph, I utilise Theme in another way…

Currently it is one background image for the whole site, while with the page builder you can set backgrounds (even videos) for individual sections.

Great Theme man!GLWS :)

Thanks ThemeRox

Quite impressive! Congrats and good luck with your sales!

Thanks a ton Theme Rex :)

Hi there, It’s a great theme, like some i’m waiting for the top menu update :D

I just have a minor visual bug but i dont know if it’s because of my imac or your side, this is a screenshot of the scroll bar on the right

Again it is an awesome theme !


Thanks, I am happy you like the theme. Sure once the update is made I will notify you here via comments.

Which version of Safari are you using ? Because I just tested in my iMac running Safari 6.05 and its just fine.

Check this:

- Swami


The Top header is ready, Check it out in our playground site here

We should be able to upload the update to Themeforest in the next couple of hours and then wait for them to approve it.

kind regards, Swami

Bookmarked ! Great job. Did you plan to share some administration screenshots ?

Hi Erik

Yes I can email the screenshots to you, I basically wanted to keep the demo clean as this is a portfolio theme, but there are a lot of options to customize the theme the way you want including a custom visual page builder. But the theme works out of the box, without you having to configure any options.

- Swami

Purchased, downloaded, installed. Admin page “Wynn Options” is blank. Could you help me?

The help-ticket is open, i will inform you about the end of the procedure

Now it works… 128M php memory_limit recommended

Glad your problem is resolved now. :)

i am facing the same problem with the top menu. It will work fine if you move around slowly but when you hover your mouse on the top menu and let the submenu fall, try moving it faster and you can see the sub menu is available but there is no “white” background for the sub menu. It is not good for my company i guess. I am planning to buy this template. Please make more options available including colours and shortcodes for videos, voting and many more.


We are working on a fix for the issue you mentioned. And with regards to features like color customization, you can control the colors and typography of every section from the backend options panel and page builder. Shortcodes for Vimeo and Youtube videos are already available. Check the shortcodes page in the demo. Voting is a feature we will bring in our third update, as far as the first update which will be available in a day, we are working on Top Header Layout and Masonry Portfolios and some bug fixes.

kind regards, Swami


The issue you mentioned about the fast hover over the widgets and missing white background has been fixed in our first update.

- Swami

Feels great to hear that coming from an Elite author like you. Thank you so much :)