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Hi, I bought the theme, but my website is really slow since I put the theme. You can see my website : Do you know how I can fix it ? And how we can put the last version of the theme, because I can’t do it.

Thank you really well, and congratulations for your work !


So, I comment my own post, I make update and the website are always really slow to show the gallery. I’m photographer and each page are an gallery (not portfolio). I reduce the size of each photography (approximately 200ko), install SuperCache and there is no improvement…

Somebody can help me ? Please ?

Hi Swani, I wrote you personal message few days ago and no answer. I see you been active in this comment page so decided to write you here. I bought WYNN template from you few months ago… Can you please help me with check out page? once it comes to checkout.. paypal and card options appears for a few seconds and then disappears.. I;ve send you screenshots as well.. Already trying to fix this for few days but no results… I am not a developer so finding this not that easy…

Looking forward to your answer.

Hi Swami.

Is there any easy way to update the theme ?

Is there any possible way into making the long featured image somewhat smaller other than cropping the image?

hi! this is the place for a support theme? thanks

best regards




Quick question on the auto scroll down on the next page when you click the top menu items, how can I turn this off please? I am a bit puzzled by it as for the masonary blog it hides the green options menu when it is on and when I turn off the Sticky Menu my navigation gets hidden from users.

Also when I click back to the homepage which is my portfolio it cuts the top of the slider images off.

Many thanks for your help resolving this on the site that I am building out.

Dave :)

I worked out how to replace the stretched blog image with a standard one in the content in single.php

See what this make it look like:

Add the featured image display code in this section…
<div class="clearfix be-wrap <?php echo ($blog_type == 'blog-traditional') ? 'be-row be-wrap' : 'no-sidebar-page'; ?>">
               <div id="content-wrap" class="clearfix <?php echo ($blog_type == 'blog-traditional') ? 'two-third column-block' : ''; ?>">
                    <section id="page-content">
                         <div clearfix=""> 

to make it....

         <div class="clearfix be-wrap <?php echo ($blog_type == 'blog-traditional') ? 'be-row be-wrap' : 'no-sidebar-page'; ?>">
               <div id="content-wrap" class="clearfix <?php echo ($blog_type == 'blog-traditional') ? 'two-third column-block' : ''; ?>">
                    <section id="page-content">
<?php the_post_thumbnail( $size, $attr ); ?><br /><br />
                         <div clearfix="">

Top navigation wrapping width increase to fix that is in the stylesheet (650px was enough for me, you might use a different value):

.top-header #navigation {
        width: 650px;

Correction to the blog image code above to make it responsive, use this instead:

          <div class="clearfix be-wrap <?php echo ($blog_type == 'blog-traditional') ? 'be-row be-wrap' : 'no-sidebar-page'; ?>">

                    if($be_themes_data['blog_layout'] == 'traditional' && (get_post_format() != 'quote')) {
                         echo '<div class="clearfix">';
                              get_template_part( 'loop-traditional' );
                         echo '</div>';

          <div class="clearfix be-wrap <?php echo ($blog_type == 'blog-traditional') ? 'be-row be-wrap' : 'no-sidebar-page'; ?>">
               <div id="content-wrap" class="clearfix <?php echo ($blog_type == 'blog-traditional') ? 'two-third column-block' : ''; ?>">
                    <section id="page-content">

                         <div clearfix="">
<?php if(has_post_thumbnail()) { $image_src = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id(),'thumbname' ); echo '<img src="' . $image_src[0] . '" width="100%" />'; } ?><br /><br /></div></div></div>

HI Swami

This HTML issue has still not been resolved and this is a major issue to myself and quite a few others, been coming up a month now if not more, when will this be sorted so our html does not vanish upon saving?

P.s i know you have said in the next update but that is far to vague when we are using your template top build a clients site, and we have already waited this long for a feature that should be working in the theme already ( i would not have purchased if it wasn't) and am left with the only option being to pay for outside help...


This issue is fixed in the latest version of the theme Wynn 1.8. Can you please ensure you have the latest copy of the theme installed?

Thanks, Swami

Hey Swami, I’m running Wordpress 3.9.1 and (using Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades) updated Wynn to version 1.7 but I still get the bug that when I click on edit, the entire page greys out and it won’t let me do anything.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Niels.

24 hours later, it magically works. :-)

I have been using this theme on my website and recently went back to make some additions and changes to the site and discovered that I am getting the same error as neilspnsgen mentioned above. When I click the ”+” in page builder to add content to that row I just added, the entire screen grays out except the left wordpress dashboard navigation buttons. I’ve tried deactivating plugins incase it was a weird bug in one of those and that was not it, I also had tried reinstalling the wp-admin and wp-includes incase it had something to do with that. I have Wordpress 3.9.1 and everything is updated according to my dashboard.

Do you know what I can do to fix it?


neilspngsen said his suddenly started working again—mine still does not work…

The theme version that is running is 1.4.2 and several people are saying they have version 1.7, but my updates say my theme is up to date .. how do I update the theme to the latest version?—Maybe that is why it’s not working

Hello! I would like to create flex slider or lightbox images within a tab, is it possible?

Hi, we’ve just bought the theme but we need to change the thumbnail proportion in the portfolio, we need square thumbnails, is it possible? Thank you!

Im having issues downloading the Rev Slider plugin…says its inactive and cant find the URL to download it.

Hello, on the portfolio page on my website, the categories doesn’t change the portfolios appear.. check here:

Thank you,.

I mean the filters do not work.

Solved. The problem was that the short names were with Greek characters.


How do I add a hyperlink via a standard Text Block? The WYSIWYG editor is different from the standard Wordpress one and doesn’t appear to have anywhere to manage hyperlinks?



Having one small issue with the theme. If a user scrolls down on a page to access a link that leads to another page within the site… and then clicks that link… then that other page will load scrolled down to the same place as the initial page. I want the second page to load at the top… not scrolled. Help please?

Hi! I’m having problems with the modules. Whenever I click on the (+) button the screen goes dark and it won’t let me select anything. I tried with the module settings button and it also turns into a dark screen with all menus and selection not available. Can anyone help me with this problem?

Hello, Great Theme! I am having some issues portfolio and how to create the portfolio.

Ok first I imported the data and now I am trying to view the portfolio item (Pintrest Mobile App) You have a couple of images inside the page builder. But when I click the portfolio item to view it. The items in the portfolio dont show up.

Instead the title of the portfolio shows up (Pintrest Mobile App) at the top. But other portfolio items show up instead really, really weird and confusing as to how the portfolio system works.

Here is a screen shot of the portfolio (Pintrest Mobile App) –

Here is a screen shot of how it shows up when click (View Portfolio). ->

I figured it out thank you lol. I think the single most important thing that the documentation was missing was that you


ANY portfolio that’s on a page.

Hello. How can i make the gutter size between portfolio items a little bit smaller? i mean the spacing between the items in this template:

Thanks a lot

Hello, I’m really enjoying you theme, but I’ve got a problem: 1) when i try to import your sample contents, wordpress says that it can’t import all the images and some pages, but it’s not a big trouble 2) the main problem is that when i try to set up a full width portfolio like this the page doesn’t work, i already saw the video tutorial, i setted the page with default template, i used the page builder to add a portfolio, i even tried to re-install the theme, i don’t know if i missed something, this is how my page looks like, terrifying:

Ok my fault, i didn’t enable the page builder in the general settings :) Now everything works fine!