Wyzi - Business Finder and Service Provider Booking WordPress Social Look Directory Listing Theme

Wyzi - Business Finder and Service Provider Booking WordPress Social Look Directory Listing Theme

Wyzi Service Business Finder WordPress Theme is an advanced Social Business & Service Multi-Store Directory Theme, which targets to build a website that overcomes the gap between Businesses and Customers. You can have Listing Owner ( Service or Business Owner ) and Clients. Listing Owners have Dashboard to manage their Listings from. Admin can also create unlimitted number of Listings and manage them all from Backend. Business Owner can be a Company or a Manual Worker or a Doctor, and Clients can buy Products or book a Service from Business Owner.

Each Business / Service Owner can have a Business Wall and post Business Statuses, share their News, Updates, Images & Videos, manage Booking Calendar, manage Appointments, plus sell Products & Post Job Vacancies. Business Owners have their own frontend profile. Customers can Like & Comment on Business Owners Statuses for direct interactivity between Businesses & Clients.

Booking is a powerful feature in Wyzi, where each Listing owner can have his own Calendar for each of his Listings, setting time spans, appointments spaces, custom fields, prodcuts linking for customers to pay and much more. Appointments requests can be accepted or rejected from owner Dashboard. Customers can also view their upcoming booking appointments from their User Dashboard.

No Paid Plugin Required to Get All This Booking Feature New in Version 1.5 Commission Service Finder Business Guide Listing Business Finder happy customers

Extraordinary Features

Wyzi Listings Features

Unlimited Businesses / Services Listing Pages

Unlimited Business Walls
Admin can create unlimited number of Businesses Listings and assign each Business to a Business Owner or a Business Owner can create a Business Listing using Frontend Submission.

Control your Map Directory Icons

Social Media Post Ability for Business Owners
You can specify you Map Points Color and Icon for each Category to help your customers find what they are looking for quicker and easier. Changing Pointer Color and Icon can be done by Admin with no code at all.

Creating Social Media Like Statuses

Map Icons Control social media statuses updates posts
Each Business Owner can create his own Statuses and Posts, with or without an image or Video to be shown on your website general wall, which will increase interactivity on your website.

Like and Comment

Business Posts Like Comment Social Finder Directory social media statuses updates posts
Clients and Business Owners can Like, Comment & Share Statuses created.

Multi-Vendor WooCommerce Stores

multi store commission stores for each Business Owner Multi-Store Products Commission

Opening Closing Times Submission

open close time listing
Each Business or Service Provider can specify his opening or availability times while creating his submission or updated later.

Front End Business / Service Provider Listing Submission

Frontend Business Registration and offers Registration

Advanced Listing Ratings

Advanced rating for listing rating listing
Clients can rate Businesses in a specific category and leave a comment describing their rate.

Earn Money with Wyzi

Commission Subscription Packages Claim Business Booking

Customers Reviews

Customer Review 3 Customer Review 4 Customer Review 1 Customer Review 2

One Click Install and Amazing Demos

One Click Install and amazing Demo Two Available Homepages

Wyzi Business Finder Social Directory is a Responsive WordPress Theme Wyzi Business Finder Social Directory is PayPal Integrated and let Business owners Post their own Posts

Earn Money Details

1) Businesses can Sell Products and Admin gets commission in multi-WooCommerce Stores. All payments will go to Admin and then he can pay Businesses through PayPal or Bank Accounts Transfers. Products are submitted to Admin for Approval. Commission can be Global or on a Product Basis.

2) Subscription Packages can be created by Admin for Business / Services Owners to choose from, using Paid Memberships Pro plugin. You will be able to choose one of the following Payment Gateways : Pay By Check, Stripe, Paypal, Authorize.net, Braintree, 2checkout or Cybersource.

3) Businesses will pay Admin on Business Creation or on publishing Offers (Ads) through points that can be bought from Shop. Fully Compatible with WooCommerce to receive payments through PayPal, Stripe or any desired payment gateway.

4) Admin can create unlimited Businesses and when Business owner wants to control his business, he can Claim business and pay Admin.

5) Admin can choose to hide any page from Non-Subscribers to a specific plan of his choice.

6) Booking can be related to WooCommerce Products for Customers to pay and Admin can set his Commission percentage on a Vendor or Product basis.

See all Features Details on Online Documentation. Wyzi Business Finder Like us and rate us five WYZI is an advanced multi-store directory theme that aims to connect service providers with customers and clients. Service provider can be a company , a freelancer , a doctor or any one . Each service provider will have its own dashboard to manage his listings and they can enlist their products , news , updates images & videos . Through the dashboard they can manage the booking calendar , appointments , sell products and many other features . Service providers will have his own front-end profile and can interact directly with his customers and clients . WYZI ’s powerful feature is Booking !!! Each service provider will have his own calendar for his listings , appointments , custom fields & product linking for customers to pay and much more inside . Appointments can be either accepted or rejected by the dashboard owners , and customers will also view their upcoming booked appointments from their user dashboards . Hurry up !! Get your Website online today !!

Wyzi Change Log

Visit this Page to see NEW FEATURES Documentation

Version - 11 Feb 2018

– Fix – Google Fonts API key Added for Google Fonts
– Fix – Remove two Errors upon TGMPA Auto Plugins Installer

Version - 7 Feb 2018

- Fix – Compatibility Bug fix with Firefox and Safari

Version 2.1.7 - 7 Feb 2018

– New Feature – Business owner can update their products from front end
– New Feature – Specify Number of Businesses being pulled in maps per request
– New Feature – New option in membership level to limit amount of images to upload for a business owner
– New – New Design Style for Business Categories Slider in Template 1
– New – Admin can delete claim applications from WordPress Dashboard
– New – In case Vendor applies, he cannot apply another time while the application is pending
– New – Custom Search Builder Radius Default value option added
– New – Added x for Categories Dropdown when selected for ease of use
– New – New Option for Categories Slider to specify the number of sub categories to show before view all link
– New – Great Enhancements for searching Keywords to get tags with two keywords
– New – Custom Search Builder enhanced Dropdown, Checkbox and Radio searches for practical reasons
– Fix – Custom Search Builder bug fixes
– Fix – Menu Font being overriden by Wyzi Typography
– Fix – Points Categories can be deleted in case Hide Points option is ON
– Fix – Fixed some pagination problems
– Fix – All Business Shortcode when specifying location only show featured businesses from that location
– Fix – Custom Listing Fields fixed some fields not having the visible option
– Fix – Many CSS fixes
– Fix – in Listings Backend, added category name beside category icon
– Fix – Remove Cart icon on Cart page
– Fix – In case client sign up hide subscription tab
– Fix – Added Custom Fields Tab icon
– Fix – Hide Points from My Account Menu when the option is ON
– Fix – Show Products Icons in Cart that were not showing previosuly
– Fix – Ability to Add HTML to Offers and show in front end
– Fix – In case Cart is set to show only if filled, show it automatically when a product is added
– Fix – In offers creation, image is not required anymore
– Fix – When clicking on Products in Shop Settings, redirect to Products Tab in case Wyzi Front end Product Submitter is used
– Fix – Mobile User Dashboard navigation problem fixed

Version 2.1.6 - 15 Jan 2018

– New Feature – New Option to turn On or Off the Offer submissions
– New Feature – New Option to specify Background Color of Single Business Pages
– New Feature – New Option to specify Business Category Slug Name
– New Feature – New Option to remove POIs from maps in Single Business Maps and Archives Maps
– New Feature – New Option to limit the number of Offers in Offer Slider
– New Feature – Auto Fit Option to Archives Map by setting zoom level to -1
– New – Many Design Enhancements in Template 1
– New – Listings in Archives pages are shown all on map and not only the listed listings underneath
– New – Visiting website.com/user-account/ and not logged in redirects user to sign up page
– New – In template one, each listing category appears on he grid view
– New – Offers Slider stop rotating on mouse hover over in case set to rotate
– New – Single Business Page Icons are now set to Font Awesome Icons for loading speeds
– New – Adding a product to cart updates the Cart Number of products instantly without loading the page
– New – Adding My Account Dropdown for easy navigation in template 1
– New – In case of Subscription, a new user is directly redirected to Subscription Tab
– Fix – Default Radius is working now even for custom location and not only for GeoLocation users
– Fix –  Search Zoom Levels is fixed for small location raduis search
– Fix – Advanced Custom Search Builder Location Google Autocomplete did not locate cities correctly now fixed
– Fix – Offers echo HTML now and not only text in all offer places except sliders
– Fix – Default tab bug in Single Business page is fixed now
– Fix – Warning appears in Sign Up form in case user or email already exists in database
– Fix – Added Title for Offer Slider
– Fix – Added more functions to overridable functions
– Fix – Default Image for Location affects now the dropdown location and not only Location Slider as used to be
– Fix – Page Loader fix running late 1 or 2 seconds, now it runs instantly
– Fix – Is Vendor option is fixed to make user vendors

Version 2.1.5 - 15 Dec 2017

- Fix - Bug fix on Demo Imports (For each Error )
- Fix - Pagination Bug in template 2
- Fix - Essential Grid Resize event on Sidebar of Listings

Version 2.1.4 - 7 Dec 2017

– Fix – Color Picker Hexadecimal input in Admin Dashboard did not appear due to latest WordPress Update, now fixed

Version 2.1.3 - 4 Dec 2017

– New Feature – Custom Sign Up Builder so you can ask your user to enter any information you need
– New Feature –  Custom Search Builder for Custom Search on Custom Fields ( VERY POWERFUL )
– New Feature – Open Close Times can be Set now to Closed All Day or Open All Day
– New Feature – reCAPTCHA included in Sign Up Builder to get rid of Spammy registartions
– New Feature – Email Reminder to Booker Customer asking him to rate the Business that he booked an Appointment from
– New Feature – Overlapping Businesses in location on map will be separated on click
– New Feature – New Gallery Business field that allows Business owner to upload his Gallery while submitting his Business or Listing
– New Feature – Admin can now specify single Business Category Icon from the backend
– New Feature – Added Number of Columns to Wyzi Sliders in Template 1
– New Feature – Offer Wyzi Slider show Offer Category now
– New Feature – On Logout, clear Cart and return the Cart on Customer Login
– Fix – You can now put Shortcode in About of a Listing
– Fix – You can now put Shortcode in About of a Offers
– Fix – Some Messages were not reaching Business Owners sent from their Listings is fixed now
– Fix – 3 Plugins Notification showing plugins needed update when no plugin needs update is fixed
– Fix – In case of Subscription submitting a job subtracts points from a business owner
– Fix – After a Business Owner deletes his Listing he is redirected to Dashboard instead of White page
– Fix – Nice Scroll caused jumping page on Booking Calendar in single listing pages is fixed now
– Fix – Contact us page map JS error fixed now
– Fix – Map Zoom Level specified for Single Listing Page from backend affects front end map is fixed now
– Fix – Adding Appointment to Calendars like Google Calendar JS error fixed in User Dashboard
– Fix – Creating a Businesses used to create a draft business, now fixed
– Fix – Removed Appointments install Add-ons to remove confusion as add-ons are already included
– Fix – In Template 1 Cart icon appeared 2 times sometimes fixed now
– Fix – User can now login using his username or email, previously only username
– Fix – Subscription Level Listing URL appear in Archives pages only if specified in Membership level
– Fix – Wyzi Location Slider setting number of rows to 2 did not update on front end, now fixed
– Fix – in Template 2, Sidebar used to disappear sometimes when Job Tab is added fixed now
– Fix – WooCommerce Edit Password used to give 404 now fixed
– Fix – In template 2 Open Sans font used to load 2 times now fixed to load only once
– Fix – Changing Ownership of a Listing used to keep a copy of Business previous owner, now fixed
– Fix – Template 2 Offers Images used to blur on resize fixed now
– Fix – Removed useless options for Wyzi Sliders
– Fix – User Role can now be set to “No Role to this Site”
– Fix – Breadcrumbs bug in All Businesses page
– Fix – Fixed some Design Issues
– Fix – Some Translation fixes for word used not to translate
– Update – Updated All Premium plugins to latest version and made sure wyzi works great with them

InfoGraphics Credits: Designed by Freepik