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Nice design! Good luck!

Thank you! :)

hello ) nice !! but how to custominse googlemap ??

Hi rv2k6, thanks for your purchase. We will update the documentation with a guide on how to customize the googlemap. I’ll inform you when it’s ready. :)

ok – first issue… all of the icons at the very bottom are cutting off. I am on a droid galaxy note and the icons are cut off at rss btn hard right of screen when holding it in either position horiz or vert.

This is an excellent file. Fix that and I am in! Cheers.

Thank you for your feedback. Fixed. ;)

nice tks )

You can now download the updated version. In the documentation you will find the instructions to configure the googlemap. :)

mb u can tell in what file to search ??

more quick ))) tks in advance

its ok … found it

Hi there. Great file. Where and how exactly do i replace the images for the gallery and the roll over image. I got the 300×469 and the larger rollover/click images ready to go… I just need to know where to drop it in to replace the guys dressed up. Please advise.

As well… On my galaxy note… The slider is cutting off the buy now button. It does not show up on my phone horiz or vertical. ??? What can this be!

Also… I rated this a 5. Super clean design. Would love to have you do a custom piece after i get this done. Cheers.

Hi drmedia1, thanks for your purchase!

To edit the gallery you have to slighty edit the html: open “index.htm” with a good text editor like “notepad++” and search for the comment labeled <!-- GALLERY -->.

There you will see the 5 “blocks” that build the gallery. Each of them has an anchor tag “<a></a>” and an image tag “<img />”.

The “href” parameter of the anchor contains the larger rollover image and the “src” parameter of the image tag contains the “300×469” image url. You just have to change the placeholder filenames with yours.

Make sure to also change the title/alt parameters to improve the indexability of the page for search engines. ;)

The “Buy now!” button on the slider is hidden when the page is displayed on lower resolutions because it would cover too much of the images.

Thanks mate. Where do i place the modified 300×469 images on the server? What file am i looking for to put them in. Both sets… Meaning the roll over image as well 700×719. Please advise. Thanks

I suggest you to create a new folder on the same path where the index.htm is stored, along with the folders called “css”, “js”, “layout”, etc.

After that, copy your images in this folder you just created and then edit the “index.htm” code as described in the previous comment.

Example: href="placeholder/gallery-placeholder.jpg" will become href="your-folder-name/your-filename.jpg".

Great Template! Is the contact form working? Thanks!

As this item is a pure html template, the form needs some programming to work.

I was wondering where the editable section for the contact form to make it work. I didnt see a php file so im not sure if you hid the code somewhere else.

I deleted and inserted a contact form and it breaks the site. You offer on line 9 news letter form. if this is incorrect i will be requesting a refund on the template.

Hi. This product is just a html template. The forms need to be programmed in order to work. On the item description are listed the elements that are present in the template.

Welcome. Bought your template. I will update?