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Is there anywhere I can demo the shortcode builder/editor? For actually editing page content, is it purely shortcode based, or is there actually a visual content editor?

Ok great. Thanks for the response. Do you know if the Visual Composer plugin works with this? Maybe I can have the best of both worlds.

We’ve built X to be compatible with hopefully all well written plugins, so you should not have any issues with using the native Visual Composer elements with our theme and we’re always a forum post away if you run into any issues with the theme!

Hi bfkouba,

Just wanted to let you know that we have integrated Visual Composer into X. I know this was a feature you were interested in, so I just wanted to let you know it is now live!

Good Job!Good luck :)

Thank you!

Can one put a static video in slider area on homepage?


Integrity 1 is using a full width video as an example. You also can do that without using the full width options, so the short answer is yes you can use videos in the homepage slider area.

Feel free to ask us anything else you would like to know!

I decided to use the X theme on a brand new site I’m developing for travel photography. I’ve been running my photography business online for over 5 years now and have used more themes for my sites than I can count. I can say with absolute confidence that X is by far the most impressive and versatile theme I’ve used to date. It’s clean, it’s modern, it’s incredibly easy to set up and get going, and the support is always speedy and helpful. Couldn’t recommend this theme more.

Speechless, James. Very thankful for your kind words! Cheers!

This is a monster! Congrats!

I have some questions and wishlist items:

1. Could we see screenshots of the theme admin so we can see what settings are available?

2. Have you integrated styling for Gravity Forms?

3. Can we create a new stack and save/export it like saving a skin?

4. The issue I have with shortcodes is that to make a change you have to create a new shortcode and reinput all the settings again. If you could make editable shortcodes, that would be really good.

5. Have you integrated Uber menu or another mega menu?

6. Is the sidebar nav menu just 1 level or could it drop down to reveal sublinks within it?

7. Is there a general content slider? (Something that could rotate portfolio carousel items, testimonials, general html content etc.)

8. Is the main menu on a specific page able to be turned into a one page microsite?


Hey, we always love feedback and questions so keep them coming!

1. We use the Live Preview feature of WordPress as theme option panel so when you customize colors, text or any options you can live preview all the changes at any given time. We have hundreds of theme options and you can customize literally anything of the theme from the font size and family up to the sidebar width and color or what elements you want to show or hide.

2. We currently support Contact Form 7 but we will try to add gravity forms in a future update.

3. Yes you can import/export the theme options/stack options at any time and load them at a new/fresh WordPress installation if you need to.

4. You can change/edit the shortcodes without having to recreate it. They are visible as text and can be edited in any way you like.

5. We will put Mega Menu support on our todo list so expect it soon!

6. The sidebar is supporting drop down levels even when it’s on the side you can see that live at some of the demos of Renew.

7. We use Revolution Slider and you can add videos, text and images to that slider and rotate it. We have a dedicated shortcodes for testimonials.

8. Absolutely if you check out you can see how we use X as a one page site to promote all the features of our great theme.

Thanks for your answers.

Adding more slider options will enable this theme to compete with others well. (there is another new theme with 15 different slider options!)

I particularly would like to see the Showbiz slider which allows great post or portfolio carousels (by the slider revolution people) and a woocommerce products slider.

Hello, and congratulations with this exciting theme
I have several pre-purchase questions (excuse my poor English)
1.Does the theme support international google font subsets out from the box? I’m specially interested in support of Cyrillic subset.
2.What is the maximum width of content container of the theme 980px 1200px etc. And is it possible to change the width from admin panel?
3. Does the theme have custom css box in admin panel?
4.Is it possible to use custom images for theme elements backgrounds and upload them directly from admin panel? (I mean backgrounds for header, content, etc.)
5.I can’t understand why the theme is positioned as a new item on TF, when you wrote in changelog that it was created on October 24?
The theme is bookmarked and I wish you good sales.

No, we have had people testing and using X over the past couple months so we wanted our changelog here to represent the actual changelog of the theme. With regards to Themeforest, it was approved for the first time yesterday (actually just a few hours ago)! It took them a bit longer to approve due to some complication on their end (why you see the creation date in November). It was never live and then removed. This is the first time live.

Thank you for your fast response.

My pleasure! Looking forward to having you as a customer soon.

Wonderful work , congrats!

You’re welcome!

Nice theme! like it Good luck :)


Brilliant! Best theme i’ve seen to date.

Thank you so much!

This is just Wow! Buying in a few hours!

Thanks a lot! We look forward to having you as a customer soon!

This is a Super theme :) GLWS!

Thanks Themewaves! Much appreciated!

Good Job, I like it, GLWS ;)

Many thanks, ThemeCafe!

Truly amazing Theme though not too sure about the Logo as it looks like a headstone.

Pre purchase question: can you give an indication of the themes compatibility with the major plugins. Specifically I require Events (something like EventOn) and a plugin to cater for Reviews.

Thanks in advance.

Always appreciate the feedback, Marina. That logo has special personal meaning, but perhaps we could find some creative ways to liven it up a bit :)

Really appreciate your kind words, and we look forward to having you in the Themeco family soon!

Hey no worries. Just a quick last question I would like a Masonry or Grid affect within the blog is that possible? As you don’t use an admin panel would that mean Plugins would be the way to go for any extra functionality without issue since the theme would not suffer from ‘code bloat’ or conflicts?

We don’t have a masonry or grid affect currently built into any of our Stacks or Customizer options, however if there is enough demand for a feature like that, it can absolutely put on the development list. One of the great things about this theme is that it has worked beautifully with virtually all well-coded and popular 3rd party plugins, and should you run into any issues, we’re always a forum post away!

I like the Parallax effects you have on … Is that easy to implement for a page using theme X? Beautiful work, team! I’m really looking forward to purchasing this theme if I can incorporate those parallax effects easily! Thanks!

Thanks! Done. Going to give it a shot!

Welcome! Looking very forward to having you as a customer!

Oh, and don’t forget to register here for access to our support forum:

Amazing work themeco :) Bookmarked it ;)

Sounds good, Mydien! We’ll see you soon…


really interesting theme.

In your demo there are 30 models of home.

1. Do you provide all these demos? 2. If yes, can I choose what to install? or you provide a single mega file that forces you to install everything 3. If I have an existing website, installing all the demo contents, the old site would be canceled


Hi Maucast!

1) Yes, we actually do provide both demo content and then specific demo content for all 30 home pages!

2) Absolutely. You can install the base demo content which starts you off with some basic posts, pages, and portfolio items. Then you pick the respective homepage file you want to install and upload that separately.

3) If done correctly, I don’t believe it would erase all of your existing site data, but a way you could easily test this is to create a WordPress install, add a couple pages/posts, then import the demo content and confirm. Most people are starting with a site when importing demo content, so to be safe I would try that first, but my suspicion is that it should work. I would definitely test first though (and make sure you have a backup just in case).

Looking forward to having you as a member!

Good luck with this totally awesome looking theme.

Thank-you, my friend!

Is it possible to use Vimeo videos as background?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly who we’re using to host the video in our Integrity 1 Demo:

Wow – this one is really amazing! Wish you lots of sales!

Just a few questions:

1) Do you support a Megamenu with Images? Would be great for shopsites.

2) Can I customize the woocomerce sidebars for products, categories and the main shop site seperately?

3) I didn’t saw a drop down cart or cart Icon in the main menu. Is this included or will you add one?

4) can I add custom text and images to the category pages?

Thanks a lot!


There are several ways you can add a search button or bar to your header. We provide you to add a topbar to the header section or a header widget area that gets displayed when clicked on the plus icon. A good example for this is Integrity 1. You can add in the text field or widget area a search field or use our [search] shortcode which lets you place a search field anywhere you want.

Sorry, to bother you again ;-) Do you already have an ETA for the Ajax Cart?


not yet but it’s on our list. We will update you once we know a date.

Greetings, Nice looking theme. I have a few pre-purchase questions.

1. I’m an artist/painter and looking for an option for a thumbnail gallery with lightbox capabilities. Does this theme have that?

2.Also, is there a slider I could use that would showcase a gallery of work and allow my images to ‘fit’ and not cropped?



1. Hey we currently do not have that option although you can show galleries and videos on the single page we will put that on our todo list.

2. Yes you can create as many slideshow as you want. We use revolution slider you can create and place as many image slides/galleries on any page you want.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any additional questions. Thank you for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback. Just had a follow-up question.

1. Can the revolution slider could be used to show a gallery of images and not have them cropped? So they would all ‘fit’ with the size of the slider for galleries with landscape and portrait style layouts? Also, does it come with navigation or the option to show thumbnails?


it depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to simply show a gallery of images on a single page you can set them to be not cropped but then they still would get sized down proportional to fit the visitors screen. Or you create a custom slide with revolution slider where you can set a width and height on your own but when going responsive/resizing the screen it also gets resized but nothing gets cuts of either way. The proportions stay the same. A good example is: although its not a gallery it’s using the same mechanics.