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I’ve tried 6 times to upload the new theme to my WP setup. Gets to 99% upload, but then asks ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ and then stops.

Just won’t work! What are the known issues I can work around please???

Hi There,

This is not an issue with the theme rather your internet connection or hosting server. If the timeout has occurred that many times, you should contact your host directly as this is something on their end. The theme should install almost instantaneously.

Should you need anything further, feel free to register for our forum and member are if you have not already done so:

Cheers, my friend!

Worked it out… Lots (and LOTS!) of data/documents bundled into the .zip file download. Unzip it all and there’s a second .zip file which is the actual theme upload. That’s the one to upload. Not clear from reading the ‘Installation’ section of the online manual…

There are two options presented when you click “Download” on your ThemeForest download page: one including all the documentation and other resources (with the theme files included as a zip inside that larger download) and one just the installable theme files. This is a ThemeForest setting and outside of our control. Glad you got it all worked out!

I uploaded the Theme update but it still says Version 1.7.4 Is it already available to download from themeforest or do I have to wait?

Is it now possible to translate the Login form for the Protect Shortcode with this Theme update?



Version 1.7.5 is available now on your ThemeForest downloads page. If you have any further questions, please post them in the forum as that is where our developers provide all theme support, and they’ll be happy to assist. If you have not done so yet, you can register here:


is there a german .mo file included?


Hi There,

We ship the default .po file, then it is the customer’s responsibility to translate the file into their language of choice. Cheers!

If I understand the benefits of your theme, a purchaser has access to training on SEO and Internet Marketing, correct?

Given the speed of SEO and Internet Marketing changes, how up to date are the Internet Marketing and SEO training videos?

Are they updated as Google changes search algorithms and new marketing ideas hit the market?

These are simply additional videos related to different Internet marketing topics. They should be seen as a bonus when purchasing X and not part of the product or what you are buying. They are evergreen in nature, dealing more with best practices and overviews rather then latest trends.

You can see an example here of how most of the videos are produced. Cheers!


You bet!

Another pre-sales question… I’m trying to figure out the blog page options. Are there widgets or something of the sorts to show featured post, categories etc. on different pages?

Can the blog layout be changed i.e. to single column, portfolio view, double column etc.

Can featured image size be changed i.e. to thumbnail, full width etc.

You can select a standard layout or masonry layout. Dependent upon the size of your content area (which you can set in the customizer) you can have a skinny Tumblr-esque look with no sidebar or a more standard blog layout with sidebar on left or right (or anything in between).

The featured image can not be changed to a thumbnail, however dependent upon how big your sidebar is as a percentage of the whole content area, that is how big or small your blog image/post content will be.

If you have not done so, you can check out this video about the Customizer to see some of the blog configurations changed around a bit.

Hi there,

How is your support for advertisements? Am I able to put ad banner on the top of the website, sidebar, footer of a blog layout if I choose to? I’m assuming if there is no option for it, that I can simply use a custom/text widget and input the code in there.

Thanks in advance!

Our pleasure!

Typically there is a little tweaking that has to happen with any image to make it fit in the constraint of your slider (especially when things are responsive as you need to make sure it is the right size to start). Since we integrate with Slider Revolution, you can check out more of their features here.

Just wanted to make sure that if I wanted to strictly use the blog feature if that would work as well? I do not need the portfolio or things like that as I may use this before you guys come out with a magazine/editorial stack.


You bet. You can absolutely just run a standard blog using X and many of our customers do just that :)

presale question:

I like the idea behind your system, however it is hard for me to imagine it’s customizer / admin.

Is there a demo area or fake site where I can play with it to see if this is the right application for us? I want to walk through it’s actual usage somehow before buying.


Hi Chris,

You can check out a video of the Customizer in action here. Let us know if you have any other questions, my friend!

that is a great help! although I wish it demonstrated the portfolio sections.

is there more info or video / demo on the content design structure – (grid layouts, paralax, animations, icons etc) ??

Hi Chris,

There are no other video tutorials, however our demo content is full of examples of pages built using X and our shortcodes. You can check out a full list of our shortcodes here. Don’t forget that each Stack has the shortcodes styled differently for added design versatility. You can also see a full list of the icons built into X here. Cheers!

How long until you release the version that supports magazine/newspapers?

btw I already purchased

We are working on a magazine Stack currently. There is no date set for release, but the design is well underway. Many thanks for your business, my friend!

When you will update to visual composer 4.0 and revolution slider 4.2?

Hi There,

we will add them in one of our next releases, but I can’t give you a specific date yet. If you need anything else let me know.

If say i buy visual composer´s newst version. Would it be possible to apply it to the website? Or do i have to wait for the update on your side?

The 4.0 update was a major update, and since we have integrated our own Shortcodes into Visual Composer, just using the latest stand alone version of VC would not work properly on your site. We will investigate the changes. If you have any other questions, feel free to open a thread in the forum as that is where we provide all theme support.

If you have not done so already, you can register here:

All our best, my friend!

Do I setup X Theme child themes the normal way or is there a solution you have integrated so the X Theme features work within the child theme, for example the customizer.

Disregard. I found the child themes in your support forum.

Fantastic! There is a specific knowledge base article and video on the topic as well. Cheers!

Hi there,

A friend of mine purchased this theme and the “customizer” tab does not work. It says “page not found”. This was uploaded onto her Yahoo Webhosting. To test it out she also uploaded this onto her Dreamhost and it works perfectly. Is there a problem with Yahoo? Why would it work on one hosting site and not on another. How do we know in advance if a theme template is compatible with all sites? Her php version is completely up to date.


You can have your friend contact our support department via the forum where all theme support is handled. They can register here:

Do you have a list of the Google fonts that can be used and how do I use them on my custom headers? I tried setting the class name on the custom header class, for example Lato, but it doesn’t render the font. Thanks. Great Theme BTW!

Hey there,

Thanks for writing in and for your very kind words! It always means a lot to hear such things from our customers. :)

All of the Google Fonts are listed out in the Customizer after selecting “Enable Custom Fonts.” Upon doing so, you will see a dropdown appear that lists out all the fonts, allowing you to select what you want for your navbar, logo, headings, body copy, and more. If you are wanting to apply an additional font on top of these fonts, you will need to do so manually and utilize your own classes and styling to implement this. We can help to walk you through this if you’d like in our member area. We provide all of our official support via the forum in our member area, so if you have not done so yet, please register for access to direct any future questions you might have to the forum where one of our staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about signing up!

Does the theme have Mailchimp, Aweber or another list manager integration built in?

Can I use my latest version of Slider Revolution?

No, that is something you would add on your own with the provided code from your autoresponder of choice. Cheers!

You would need to use our integrated version of Slider Revolution.

Couldn’t I use my Slider Revolution ver. 4.2 in a text editor with the shortcode? Or does the plugin fail on install?

4.2 has a lot of great features that 4.0 doesn’t have… I think that 4.0 is the version that comes with the theme, correct?

Hey there,

Sorry for any confusion, we provide Revolution Slider for free with the purchase of our theme. As new releases of the slider are made available, we work to incorporate those into the theme as quickly as possible. Since v4.2 was just recently released, we are currently going through the steps of reviewing the plugin to ensure everything is compatible with the theme and there are no errors. Once we have done this, we include the latest version with the theme, which users can then use to update. If you already have a license for the slider and want to use the latest version, you can do so by updating on your own, but we cannot support any issues that might arise because of this until we have released a version of the theme that fully supports the latest version of the plugin (this process usually does not take long and is usually implemented with the next release after the plugin is updated).

Hopefully this provides some clarification on the matter, thanks!

Hello friend.

I’m problems since the update.

Submenu not working.

See Menu >> PANEL

NOTICE. I tested the same site using another theme. Submenu works correctly.


One of our support staff will be happy to help, but make sure you are using the latest version of the Shortcode plugin as outlined in the forum. All our best!

Resolved! I update Shortcode plugin!! Grateful

Our pleasure, Daniel!

Dear Mr.themeco, I want to ask you some question? - I want to ask for your framework X, you are support free theme? - I can create new website on framework X with multi theme and edit it ? - I can create new themes on framework?

Please relpy me. Thank You. Have nice day.

Hi There,

You would not be able to use X to create a free theme. The license is for a single application on one domain. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

Will the Front End Composer be available in X?

Hey there,

Thanks for writing in! We have to first take time to test out the new capabilities available in Visual Composer, but once we have done so and have made any updates if necessary, we will include this updated version with the theme.


The theme is not working on the checkout page of woocommerce it just has Endless loading/spinner on the checkout page. I uploaded a different them and it works fine switch it back to “X” theme and it doesn’t work.

Hey there,

Thanks for writing in! Just to let you know, we provide all of our official support via the forum in our member area. If you have not done so yet, please register for access and direct your question to the forum where one of our staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about signing up!

A pre sales query: I want to use this theme for a single product website which will use woocommerce plugin, can you show me any good examples for it?

Hi There,

In our demo section you can see example WooCommerce-powered stores for each Stack. Cheers!