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Hi, before buying your theme I’m wondering if it will fit to my requirements. I’m a mountain guide and I need to show clearly all my hikes to my customers at the home page. They should be linked to an event calendar. Could it be possible with your theme? Thank you very much for your support!!! You’ve done a huge and amazing work!!

Thank-you for the kind words, my friend! It’s definitely possible, however this would require some customization on your part as there is not an event calendar built into the theme. Let us know if you need anything further.

WoW, this template it is more than an simple template, it is a web factory! Faved! :bigwink:

Thank-you, dynante! We’re just getting started :)

pre sale question: the was build with this template? thanks

A slightly modified version of X, but yes (we modified the menu a bit for our needs). The Integrity 1 demo is very close to this and can help you achieve the same look/feel with a slightly different navigation.

Hi Themeco

Great theme – STill trying to get my head around the concepts, but I really like some of the demo sites.

Quick pre-sales questions? 1. Do you have a “Client” plug in – i.e. rotating content client logos? 2. Is Twitter feeds on the platform or does a separate plug in need to be purchased 3. COuld slider be placed anywhere and in any format.



Hi Jay,

Thanks a lot! I’d be happy to answer your questions…

1) No.

2) Twitter changed some of their ways data is pulled through a while back, so we do not have a integrated Twitter widget. There are several solutions available though to do this.

3) Revolution Slider is integrated into X as well as our own Slider that you can see here. These can be placed anywhere using the Revolution Slider shortcode or our own Slider shortcode.

Our pleasure, Jay!

Hey guys, first off this theme rocks. I seem to be having a responsive issue when the browser is NOT maximized. Instead of the navigation responding “in line” – it drops to below the logo and adjust all weird. You can see the site I built here—>

Please let me know how I can fix this

Its the page after the one where I enter my envato sn and purchase code that I can’t see the font

BTW – I changed the header to be a static left navigation and it responds MUCH better

Send us an email through our contact page, and we’ll get everything sorted out. Thanks!


Awesome job! :)

Please, can you guys clear me one doubt?

Can I customize to do one site just like this:

With the buttons and insert mail fields like these on this website?

Thanks for your attention!

Hi There,

Thank-you very much, my friend!

You can see all options for our buttons here. I’m not sure what you mean by insert mail fields. Can you explain that a little further?

Great theme!

I just bought this theme, how do I get it to look like Intergrity01, do you guys have a video that would give me instruction? I notice you have some content but it’s not clear!!

One of the links above is incorrect as we just moved some things around. To access the video tutorials, you can visit this page. Our apologies for any confusion.

I followed the video tutorials and I up loaded the Demo Content and when I got to the customizer or to the website nothing is showing. Do I have to upload the Intergrity01 file into the homepage?

You have to import the Customizer import file then the homepage demo content for Integrity 01 to a blank page in your WordPress install. You will download the homepage demo content for Integrity 01 then just copy/past the HTML into your page. If you need anything else, please head over to the forum where theme support is handled, and a member of our development team will be happy to help. Thank-you!

hi, is there a testimonial feature.

Hi There,

There is not a built in testimonial feature, however you could use some of our Shortcodes like Promo or Callout to create some engaging testimonials. Thanks for stopping by and checking out X!

X is an amazing concept. I was considering purchasing but the mobile menu convinced me otherwise. It is just such an unimpressive solution. And to say in the comments about it that “most sites dont have such big menus” as a way of explaining why so little thought went into it just didnt do it for me. I will wait for a more flexible and elegant solution before buying. My 2 cents.

Hey there,

Thanks for writing in and for sharing your thoughts! We appreciate the feedback of all of our users and potential users in an effort to continually improve upon the foundation we have already put forth with this theme. If you have any specific comments you’d like to share regarding how you think the menu of the theme can be improved, we welcome them via our contact form as we try to keep the comments here on ThemeForest related to pre-sales inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you if you feel like reaching out to us, thanks!

Pre-sales question.

Am I able to use Visual Composer to create the home page layouts or just the interior pages?


Hi Ron,

We actually provide some Visual Composer specific homepage files in our member area for those wanting to recreate any of our demos using VC. Once purchased, you can register for the member area here: for access to them.

Let us know if you need anything else, my friend!

To clarify does that mean I can use VC to create custom home page layouts on all of your different theme variations or just select ones? If it just select ones can I see which ones support VC for the home page layouts. Thanks.

We provide VC specific home page files for every demo except for Integrity 4 (which is a photography one and to recreate that look you set images so there is no content we can provide) and Integrity 10 (which again is a creative, photography centered demo so there is no content to provide).

Hi! I was wondering if you can have videos as a background image for certain sections. For example, after my main header with navigation. I will have a content slider, and my next section below would have a background video playing with 4 content blurbs on top of them.

Thanks Chris

Hi Chris,

Not at this time. You can however have a video background above the header as seen in the Integrity 1 demo. Let us know if you need anything else, my friend.

Sigh, I really want to use this theme for a upcoming project. But I will be forced to use Divi, because of the non Video backgrounds throughout. :( Bummer! Maybe a future update!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey there,

Thanks for writing in and sorry for any confusion on this as I believe there was a miscommunication. You can certainly can utilize background videos for different sections of your site, however you can only use one per page (this is for numerous developmental reasons, but mostly for performance). We are certainly always looking for better ways to do things and hope that this new information will work for your situation. Thanks!

I been looking at your theme for a few days now. Very impressed with the speed of reply to the questions and I like your theme. I was about to purchase but prior to doing so I wanted to give it a try on my iPhone 5s. Upon loading you have to scroll for a while before getting to any content. The menu doesn’t work right and then it crashes the iPhone browser. Darn… I was hoping to find that it would work on my Apple mobile device.

Hey there,

Not at all! We keep a very busy schedule, and while we try to get to things as soon as possible, there are times when we are not always able to address questions here as quickly as we’d like. We’re sorry if we made you wait a little longer than you expected.

If you review the response given above, you will see why we chose to do things this way with the main theme (not the sales page). That being said, if you would prefer for things to function more like the sales page, we can assist you with how to do this as it is a very minor CSS tweak.


Thank you… You had me spoiled with the fast responses in the past. Awesome… you guys get the award for quick and detailed help. Best of luck in being #1

Thank-you, my friend :)

Pre-sales question on this nice theme. I need to display latest posts by category on the home page in multiple categories, Such as latest 6 posts in cat1, then below that cat2, etc.

1) Can this be done? With thumbnails and content_limit? 2) Would the posts display across or down, single column or 2?

Thanks so much! Bob

Hey Bob,

Thanks for writing in! You can definitely use our [recent_posts] shortcode to display posts anywhere on your site by category. At this time, there is a maximum of four posts that can be shown and no excerpt can be shown, but we are certainly aware that users would like some more layout options and we have this on our development timeline to look into for a future release of the theme. You can see in the examples that you can display these with or without images, and you can have them oriented horizontally or vertically.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you need anything else! :)


Really interested in buying your theme, looks amazing. 3 questions before deciding

- is it possible to add a search area with advanced search details ? (so for example a search bar in the slider or just below it?)

- is there a login/signup tool, with a profile page?

- are there forms (ordering, contact etc)

THanks , loooking forward to your reply


Hi There,

1) You would have to customize this yourself once purchased.

2) Not sure what you mean by this. Can you explain? There are all standard WordPress login/signup pages if that is what you are asking.

3) We provide integrated styling support for Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7.

Let us know if you need anything further, my friend!

1. ok, will do 2. well i did not see it in one of your demos so i was wondering if there was a styling /design for a profile page 3. great

There is basic styling for all WordPress elements/pages.

Hi, Some questions before buying the theme.

1. Can I place the logo above the menu? And make it the size I want?

2. Can I add a custom cart above the menu?

3.Can I choose the width of the website layout like ex. 900px or 1200px?

ps. Im Impressed about your comment respons time!

thanks for your great work!

1) No (you could with some custom code but not out of the box).

2) Again, not out of the box. Anything that has to do with “custom” will be something you would have to do on your end with the theme once purchased.

3) Yes, very easily in the Customizer.

Thanks for your kind words. Let us know if you need anything further, my friend!

Brilliant theme.

I am so close to pulling the trigger on this one. I can see how it can used amazingly well with many of my upcoming site builds.

One major issue for me is megamenu implementation.

I use the excellent ubermenu. Have you tested to see if the theme is compatible? Or are you considering adding ubermenu compatibility in the near future?

Thanks. Great work :-)

Hi There,

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words! We are investigating megamenu options and have looked at UberMenu but have not tested it extensively. We do not have a timeframe for megamenu support at this time, but it has and will be on our development timeline. Let us know if we can answer anything else for you, my friend!

Thanks for the quick response. I bought it anyway :-)

Our pleasure :)

Hi, nobody replied to me in the forma where the theme support. how do I get the video to work, I did all the instruction you provided for the new update but it still not working! do you have a link to the video that you used for the demo? if I pest it into the Option Background Video, it supposes and publish, it supposed to work without any other setting?

Hi There,

All questions are definitely answered in the forum, and the stated response time is up to 24 hours. Feel free to contact us with a link to your thread and we’ll be happy to look into it. You can find your topics by clicking on MY TOPICS on the forum index page. Cheers, my friend!

Hi, Presale question : can we add a banner (static image) above the top horizontal menu? This should look like :


small blank space


small blank space


Thanks, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Kind of like with the video in our Integrity 1 demo you could have a video or image up there followed by your menu followed by your page body. The extra spacing you mention could be added with a band of simply some margin. Let us know if you need anything else, my friend!

Thanks for your answer. Here I’d like to add a simple image, maybe 1200×160. I don’t need a slider. How could I do this?

Hi Thomas,

Welcome! Glad to have you on board :)

Just so you know all theme support is handled in the forums. If you have not registered yet, you can do so here:

After searching through the knowledge base and forum, should you still need help setting this up, feel free to open a new thread, and a member of our support staff will be happy to help. All our best!


I have a very basic question:

Can I change color of text from light grey to black by tweaking CSS easily? Do you have a place to edit CSS in the backend?

In most cases I want to use black text on white background. I’d like to know if I can do this easily in most of your design.



Are you asking if you can have a video in a band with a parallax effect behind it? If so, yes you can do that.

Simply just a video, nothing else. Now I know. Thanks.

Our pleasure.

Hi, I put this in the support forum, but still haven’t received an answer, and it looks like a lot of queries posted after mine have already been answered. Perhaps it got overlooked. But I really need to know how to fix this.

Not all images are responsive. My logo is not responsive (uploaded through the logo uploader). And on certain pages when I just add in images using your shortcode to float left or right—those are not responsive either.

I really need to get these issues fixed. Please help.


We just searched the forum, and your oldest thread was responded to and we are awaiting a response from you.

Your 2 newest threads were posted 4 and 6 hours ago respectively. Please wait patiently as all questions are answered in the order they are received.

Hi, ok, well someone responded to the thread you’re referring to (who wasn’t a support person), and I responded to their response, and maybe that’s the timeline you’re referring to. But my original query about these elements was posted well over 24 hours ago.

Anyway, I just needed to fix this issue. It appears someone has responded now, so thanks.

My oldest thread that you’re referring to, btw, I attempted to edit that to say that I had figured it out, but I guess the editing aspect did not work. I never got an email that you had replied about it, so I did not realize your reply was there. Sorry about that. I’m not sure if adding a delete feature to the forum threads might be helpful (maybe it’s there & missed it?), as I would’ve just deleted that one. :)

Anyway, thanks for your help.

Not a problem, we look forward to continuing to serve you in the member area. :)

Love the theme. Quick question, for the recent posts shortcode, is there a way to have a preview of the post similar to if you were to look at a category archive? It displays really nicely, but I’d love to be able to have an excerpt of the post on the actual page, and not just the title.

Thanks, Tim

Thanks Tim!

That would be a question for our developers, and they’d be happy to help in the forum. If you have not registered yet, you can do so here:

God Bless, my friend!