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I’ve purchased this theme on may, it looked like Realestate theme but later i continued with another theme, I paid 45$ for this theme and it is pulling me like i waste money on this , May be i’m wrong in installing this theme, can some one please guide me in a proper way how this theme looks or in installing this theme x

Hi there,

You can learn more about X and all the options available on our docs site: https://theme.co/docs

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our support anytime: https://theme.co/support

When can you fix the live preview? I want to view different demo but not available. There’s an error saying connection refused.

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. We’ve fixed the live preview. Let us know if you have any questions about X!

this must be my 4th or 5th comments an dnot once received an answer or even at loeast an acknowledgment that my comment exists , anyway try again i guess, i installed this theme on a test server while i built a site, now im transferring it to a test server and of course its asking for the licence key which is fair enough however its saying that its already in use which it is and to manage the licence by looggin into my theme co account ands transferring it, however i cannot recall ever signing up to themco so when i try to reset password of course nothing happens ,can anyone tell me if your automatically signed up and if so what credentials do you use, please please can someone tell me and answer this post thank you

Hi There,

The last comment we have from you here at ThemeForest was 7 years ago, and we don’t have any outstanding tickets so where either not receiving your messages or they are being sent to the wrong place. Please contact us directly through out contact page with your purchase code so we can further assist.


We’re as excited as you are in publishing your own community! But, before you start customizing your BuddyBoss Theme, it’s important to know the difference between Legacy and Nouveau template packs.

we have noticed that XTHEME is using the old legacy packet from buddypress .. is there anyway i can get the patch or the Nouveau template pack for x .. because legacy is 10 years old and isent looking like they will be updating anytime soon ..

please help me because i love xtheme but need yall to update to the Nouveau

Hi there,

I’m sorry, regretfully at this time we don’t have any integrations with the nouveau BuddyPress templates.

I know that.. what I’m asking is how much and how long.. this is long overdue.. I’ll just pay for the development to an xtheme developer vs someone who isent familliar with your code to save time.

Then you can have it updated on your actual theme which is a winwin for you

How much?

Hi again,

It’s an open feature request to support the changes from BuddyPress 3.0+ but it hasn’t been something we’ve wanted to prioritize over other features just yet. I can’t offer an ETA on when it would be available, but I do know it won’t be in the next major update.

We don’t do commissions for feature work, but you might be able to work with a third party developer to help you get BuddyPress Nouveau working in X for your own projects.

I recently installed woocomerce plugin on my website and it says my theme woocomerce template is outdated!!!...they said I should contact my theme support to help rectify the problem… What should I do

Hi there,

Those notices are helpful reminders to theme developers to check compatibility after WooCommerce makes changes to templates overridden by the theme. In this case, there is no conflict. The warnings will go away in the next version of X but until then there won’t be any adverse side effects or problems with WooCommerce. The current templates are still fully compatible even though the version numbers don’t match.

Hi there,

where can I download the newest versions of the bundled plugins? For example ACF Pro 5.9.3:


Thank you!

Hi there,

If you validate X, when you install plugins from your dashboard they will be at the latest version. We include all the extensions in the ThemeForest download, but those are typically only updated to the latest version when we upload a new version of X.

How can I make such a site? https://www.similarcams.com

Hi there,

I think it would go something like this.
  • Create a page and set the page template to “No Container | No Header, No Footer”
  • Assign that page as your home page
  • Edit the page with Cornerstone and add some elements. That site simply looks like a few headline and text elements and an image

If you have any questions along the way or need support you can reach out anytime here: https://theme.co/forum/


iEx0n Purchased

Hi, may i know this theme able to create unlimited horizontal scroll webpage?

Hi there,

X doesn’t have any built in options for horizontal scrolling, so it would take some custom development to achieve this.

I installed the theme but Superfly wont install, keeps saying error. Please help

Hi there,

We’d be happy to help you out with this issue. If you open a new request in our support forum one of our developers can take a look for you and advise a solution: http://theme.co/forum

Thanks, But my support ran out. I just installed it the first time now. I hope you can support this issue with your product.

I am designing something like this https://www.sarahealthcare.com/ with a better slider, does this theme comes with any slider plugin, will i be able to make something like this with this theme? which demo should i import?

Hi there,

Yes, X includes Slider Revolution and LayerSlider. You can see some examples by browsing our demos here: https://theme.co/designcloud


I was wondering about the customization options that bakery has. in your theme it’s possible to add classes to elements that already are in the pages? for example add some class to a button or a textbox.

I’m asking this because I bought a theme with the “bakery” plugin but this option to add classes wasn’t. the customization was so hard to complete and the unnecessary elements were a lot! I know that bakery adds this kind of elements as well, but not a hundred divs to a simple label…

Well, I would like to know this part of customization. I read that your theme has the compatibility with WPBakery, so this description will be possible?

thanks a lot for your time, I’ll waiting your reply. (https://pasteboard.co/JBQn7FK.png)

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. If you use our page builder (Cornerstone) you can add a custom CSS class to any element. There are some things that can not be given classes without a child theme. This would include parts of the header, footer, and blog which are not managed by page builders like Cornerstone or WP Bakery.


Some approximate date for the next update? ... 8 months is many months.

Thank you

Hi betisimo76,

We’ve been hard at work on one of our largest updates to date, and you can keep track of progress on Facebook or Twitter. Release candidate is going out this week for the next cycle.