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for Customizability

To customize Navigation bars/Menus you have to pay additional $39. Really. You have to buy a Pro license if you want to do this. By the way, if you are new to this like me, you are being fooled about plugins inside the theme. You do not get the full value from them, because you get only a part of plugins, their free part.
Go to Revolution Slider website and look at premium demos, for example. You don't get that. You can do this to every plugin that they say is included.
This is not entirely true, they say this to fool newcomers, who don't know how all this works.


Author response

Hi There,

That is incorrect. If you have purchased X there is not anything additional you have to purchase. You are talking about certain 3rd party plugins which are explained on our listing how they work. We provide a full version of the product, however if you want direct support from the developer or extra bonus files they may provide you will need to purchase a license directly. This is OPTIONAL and NOT required as we have explained to you several times since we provide updates as they are made available plus support.


for Customer Support

Best theme on the market. I run a computer training company in Belfast, Ireland. When our clients ask which theme there is only one we recommend xTHEME. We love it so much we have built our entire wordpress curriculum around it

Well done guys and keep it up
Peter Meehan

for Design Quality

With very few and very minor functional gaps, this theme is very close to perfection!

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