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This is great! Thank you!!

Thanks !!

Just a little question, how can I modify de font? I Tried many ways and it doesn’t work. I uploaded a ttf and eot…

Hi Sylvanilla,

You need to customize the style.css file. I need to see what have you done to understand what is wrong. Can you share your url.

Thank you.


Hello, Awesome Template. I set the video option but cant seem to find where to set the background image for the mobile, can you show me exactly where in the index file i should add my image. Can you also recommend the size and format as well. Thanks

Hi there, You can replace the file background.jpg in the assets/img folder or you can moidify the background-image url for the id “bg-image”.

bg-image {

background-image: url(../../img/background.jpg); }

1920×1080 is a good size,

Thank you.


Hello, Whenever I attempt to replace the file background. jpg in the assests/img folder it reverts back to the old image when I preview it. Do you know how to premaritally delete the old background image.

Please empty cache. Cau you share with us your url?

Thank you.


The email does not work and I added my email address to the “writeus.php”. I keep getting the “oops something went wrong”

Hi, Could you please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you.

Thank you.



I have acquired this template, however, the responsive mobile version is not working, even in your live preview. What can I do? Maybe there is a code missing? Please, help, I have to deliver this asap.

Regards, Pedro.

Hi Pedro, I don’t see what his wrong on the live preview. Can you please share a screenshot?

Thank you, Alexandre

Hello Alexandre, I have submitted a ticket with further details in your Support System. Could you please refer to ticket #5659

Thank you!

Video not working for internet explorer. Submitted a ticket, no answer, ticket was updated by you, I did not get any notification. Update was, waiting for my response, there was not question nor anything from you. Ticket was updated by you for no reason and I still can’t publish it like this with no video on Internet Explorer. This is really bad support. Ticket #6532

Hi there,

Ticket was updated to escalate the issue to our senior engineer. We will update you as soon as possible.



Created a ticket but no response.

Subscription form is sending email address to Newsletter Table but not sending an email notification & indicates “Oops something went wrong” message.

Write Us form is sending email but landing in the spam folder and also gives error message “Oops something went wrong” even though it does send the email.

Both are confusing to the user filling out either form since it gives the error message. PDO is enabled on server & haven’t seen a fix in the comments.

Please respond promptly to your buyers. Thank you

Hi there,

What is your ticket number ?

Hello, I have problem: I set video.css, then I put data-videoid=”ROjM0bIYu0o&t” and video not playing. I’m doing everything according to the instructions and no action :(


Make sure you are using a live server and not local. Youtube video will not play locally.

Tell me if it works.


Hi, I would like to know how to disable only the twitter feed?

Hi there,

In the index.html, please remove line: 108.

Thank you,


KEEP getting “Oups, something went wrong!” I put the email in the file “writeus.php” This there away to do SMTP?

What is your Url?

My server does not allow “PHP mail” function. This there away to do SMTP?

Hi there,

PHP mail function is required. Sorry.


The email does not work and I added my email address to the “writeus.php”. I keep getting the “oops something went wrong”

Hi Jean,

Unfortunately, on mobile devices, auto-play videos feature is disabled by default on all mobile phone (its not even in our control). The mobile device disable this feature because videos usually takes too much data for the users to download so they disable the video background. It’s how it works with every background are always disabled so we use an image fallback on mobile.



Ok. So why the image fallback don’t appear anymore ? And is it possible to make appear video without autoplay ? Like on my other site :

Because it doesnt exist:

Hi! Installed the page and the computer blocks the webpage saying unsafe website”unauthorized scripts”> Please help

Ticket has been opened. thank you

Thank you so much for the fix!

You are welcome!

Hi guys! Page looks really amazing! Is it possible to make it play not just a single video, but a youtube playlist? How do you think would it be difficult to make that kind of changes?

Hi there,

Thanks for your comment,

The template has no function to have youtube playlist…I never tried to embed a youtube playlist instead of a single video. We use Tubular JS for the library that plays the video and I dont think playlist is supported by Tubular. See official script here:

Thanks, Maxime

It will be nice if you have wordpress version. Love it, want it but I can’t use it

I’m not sure where to put the code in between!

// MODIFY THESE CONFIGS define(‘CONSUMER_KEY’, ’’); define(‘CONSUMER_SECRET’, ’’); define(‘ACCESS_TOKEN’, ’’); define(‘ACCESS_SECRET’, ’’);

The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please migrate to API v1.1.


Hi there,

We are really sorry about our Silence. Could you please open a support ticket so we can send you the fix as soon we have done.


Hi there, can you advise how and if we can add more pages/slides (i.e. “our website is coming” ) ?


Hi there,

You cant add page or slide. This template his a onepager.

Alexandre Dubois


Just wondering if it is easy to change the height of the video?

Hi there,

No it is not so easy to customize it. You will need CSS knowledge.

For custom works, we strongly recommend these guys: WP Kraken.

It’s cheap! And the cool thing is that if you are not satisfied with their service or they don’t meet your guidelines, you will get your money back ! It’s 100% guaranteed.


Support ticket doesn’t have the option to pick Xenon.

I’m getting the Oups when entering an email address in subscription section and writeus section.

Also, the color of the subscription section is mostly grey when I needed it white—it was white in the example.

Hi there,

May I have your url?


Hi there, Please edit the assets/css/style.css And add this code: body{ color: #ffffff; }

Here our documentation about newsletter setting: The newsletter subscription form requires MySQL and PHP with PDO support. You will need the /scripts/subscription.php file. You can configure the script’s access to your MySQL database on line 7 of the /scripts/subscription.php file. To view stored subscribers, you can use a database administration application like phpMyAdmin. If you have a MailChimp account, you can easily integrate this service using the /scripts/mailchimp/subscription.php file. Don’t forget to add your account info on lines 7 and 11 and then move the 2 files from /scripts/mailchimp/ to /scripts/. This will replace the regular subscription.php file.

If you still need help please send me your /scripts/subscription.php to

Thank you