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i have upgraded to the latest version of wordpress and the wizpanel is not working, how can i fix it ?

I need help, and have not had any success. I cannot create the One Column look in the Projects section of the site, and your WizyPanel does not work in disabling the Left Navigation side. Please help.

Hi, sorry to bother but i was wondering, when will the “Xero Portfolio & Business WordPress Theme” will be updated for WP 3 .2??

I love the theme, but i also love WP 3 .2, thank you for your time… :)

Will try to update it ASAP . We are working on new themes as well as updates for out current ones. Stay tuned :)

It’s pretty odd that the slider automatically opens things in a new window. For anyone needing to change it, it’s in the template-tags.php file under includes>framework>extensions.

I think most people would like it off by default, or have a checkbox in the slider settings area to enable it.

Other than that, awesome theme! :)

Hey Wizylabs,

Wanted to say this is a great theme! Loving all the options and how well documented everything is! I just had a couple of questions:

Where do I find the layout for the “Projects” page template?

I want to duplicate it for another custom post type so I can display custom postings with the same styling as Projects.

Besides that, great theme!

Are there any updates that will make the theme compatible with the latest version of wordpress ? I’m stuck with version 3.05 bacause wizpanel doesn’t work

It is updated and should work :)

You said “It is updated and should work “

Updated to which version? does it already work with WP 3 .3.1?

GREAT ! i’ll download now, you should put it in the VERSION HISTORY in the Item Details, since it appears that is out of date.

Anyway, thank you, again i say, great theme!

Will do, thanks :)

I am having problems with my sub-menus once I activate a plugin (Jquery incompatibility). How can i fix it?

What exactly is the problem? Any live site I can look at?

Hi. I’m not able to find the /child-2 page, the tmeplate page qhere I can find all the typography and html elements… can you help me / send me something please? I’m in trouble…

(obviously I’m not so confortable with WP and maybe my question can appear… not so cool :)

Email me through my profile page and I will assist you with this :)

Hey Wizy, I have been using the theme for a while now (Over a Year!) I love it to death. One thing that would be cool is the ability to switch which side the sidebar is on. (Left or Right) Another cool feature would be an arbitrary html/text spot under the black bar you can switch on and off. This would lead to more front page construction and general awesomeness.

One last thing. I noticed in the newest versions of WP the menu is not as, well, responsive. By responsive I mean, if I click one of my menu items, it will not load the page. I have to click it a second time. Think of it as having to double click every menu item to navigate around the site.

Other than that the theme is solid and definitely the best purchase I have made on Theme Forest!


I have the same problem that many of the users, after I have upgraded to the latest version of wordpress the wizypanel is not working, how can i fix it?

I’m running 3.4.2 and this theme is not working for me at all. Lots of problems with the wizipanel and the pages don’t even give me any of the options shown in the video, like turning off coments. there are no options below the main text box. can you please contact me at h@agentofboom.com so i can send you screenshots of the issues? when will this be updated to work with the current wordpress version? i’ve also had the problems with sub-menus not working once any plugin is activated. also, there are settings in the wizipanel for a contact page, but no actual option for one. seems like i have a completely borked download.

Hi, can you please email me through my profile page? Im sorry for the inconvenience caused.