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I’m looking for a theme with a good one page portfolio. Can I use it for case studies? I mean I need to add a lot of descriptions, images AND video to each. Is it possible?


Hi there, I think that the theme will fit you right if you want to show your portfolio but there is a few better themes in case of case studies. Xiara don’t have too many options in case studies so you will find better themes for that :)

Hi there, I’ve tried emailing a couple of times about this issue but haven’t received a response back. I’m running the Xiara theme on my website http://www.fullyalive.ca and can’t get the menu to work. I’ve gone through the comments here but haven’t found a fix.

The links appear in the menu bar, but nothing happens when they’re clicked. The links all contain a #. I’ve tried creating a WP menu and also using the menu that appears when pages are created without using the menu = “hide” custom field. Neither works.

Please let me know what I can do to fix this issue. Thanks for your help, Jessica

This problem only happens on Chrome, starting somewhere around version 61.0.3163. If I use Chrome Inspector to add a copy of the menu the second menu links work but none of the smooth scrolling or proper menu active page highlighting works so it seems to be a menu Javascript issue.

Hi Jess, sorry for the late reply, it seems that everything is working fine now right?

I hired a developer to fix it since I didn’t hear back.

I am interested in this theme but I see that it is very old, the question is does it work with the latest version of wordpress? on the other hand, I’m scared since not even in his demo the menu works … I’ve read that many claim this and I really wish I had the security that works correctly …

Hola, si, cuando pruebes el demo saca la barrita de envato. Te deberia funcionar bien el menu.

No lamentablemente no funciona… tambien veo que es demasiado el tiempo que este tema ha estado sin actualizaciones… y la verdad tengo miedo que no sea totalmente compatible o me ocurra la mismo del menu al implementarselo al cliente..

Es una lastima porque es realmente muy funcional a lo que estaba buscando pero realmente no funciona.

The menu is not working in Chrome

I recently noticed that my theme has completely stopped working even thou I have made no changes to the posts or settings. Perhaps it occurred during a recent Wordpress Core Version update?


Please advise and let me know if you require anything for your evaluation.

Appreciate your time.

Cheers, -Trevor

menu doesn’t work on any browser. And now I can’t even remove it.


hekero Purchased

Looks like this theme is really broken as 05/2020. Was a great design tho.