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nice theme, good luck with sales ;)

thanks mate :)

Good job!Good luck :)

thanks mate :)

The best theme from the best guy !!!

thanks my friend, appreciate your support as always :)

Tons of features in theme, you can make any type of page even convert it in One Page, well done.

thanks a lot mate :)

Looks promising but there is an issue with online preview here:

http://demo1.artillegence.com/xinity/ ( can’t be displayed at this time )

Double post

its back again , .. too much traffic and server crashed :)

Great work! Congrats! :)

Hey, All the best for sales. You provide great support. Also, as a advice, add SEO thing on theme page :)

thanks bro ;)

Looks great, good luck!

thanks buddy :D

great job, GLWS :)

Great theme. Good luck :)

Great corporate my friend!!!! Awesome theme!!!! ;)

thanks a lot mate appreciate it

Really good looking one. Tons of luck.

thanks a lot mate :)

Hi there,

Great theme and I am very interested in buying the theme. Two questions for you please before I buy:

1. The titles of sidebars have a solid black line to the right of them. Anyway to make the line a bit less strong such as a grey color or a dotted/dashed line? 2. When viewing the website in mobile view, I noticed that the social icons as well as the phone and address in the top header are hidden. is there a way to show the top header in mobile viewing, since these are mostly what visitors would be looking for and clicking on.

Thank you

hey mate, thanks for your interest , to answer your questions

1. it can be easily changed to anything you like , not a big problem.

2. Actually our theme uses head builder and it is hidden on mobile devices, but it I can add option to show social icons on header and we will try to add this in coming update also :) .

Let me know if you have any more queries, we will be happy to answer :)

Hi, nice work! Does this theme have any shortcodes that I can use, if I need to for example place a button or a column somewhere on the site where the page builder is not available? Regards, Jakob

hey Jakob, thanks for your interest. We provide a basic set of shortcodes for wp editor you can view them here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12806539/1.png . If you need anything apart from these let me know I will see if those are possible to add :)

Hi, thanks for the fast reply. This is exactly what we need. I will buy this theme for one of our upcoming projects.

great to hear that mate :) .. we always here to help you at every step

Great looking theme! Nice job!

thanks buddy :D

Do you provide the files .PO and .MO to make translations?

I do not use the WPML plugin.

hey there yes we do provide po file :)

it is possible to add price filter on shop ?

hey there it is , I think we forgot to add it :D


Is that possible to customize the footer ? I want to add some icons & links (it will be used as company webstite)

(I’m french, i hope you understand what i’m trying to say ^^)

hey are you referring to bottom footer area or footer columns. In footer columns you can add anything you like and in bottom footer area you can add links and text only.


Is that possible to customize the footer ? I want to add some icons & links (it will be used as company webstite)

(I’m french, i hope you understand what i’m trying to say ^^)

Everything is possible with this theme :D. So a yes for this answer

Hi, really great theme. Quick question, is parallax feature available? Perhaps I overlooked but I cant seem to find it listed? I would like to know if its possible to add parallax video above menu instead of slider: http://demo1.artillegence.com/xinity/home/home-one-template/ Thanks.

Hi Yes, this is posssible.


And you can enable parallax mode on each page separately. Anything is possible with this theme ;)