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Great theme so far…quick question…can you change the background color of the nav bar? And on custom backgrounds for columns…when inserting an image…it did not appear to work.

hey mate, these are the selectors for top bars, please goto visual styler -> custom css tab and add these

#top_bar_area { /* background: css3 gradient */ }
#main_menu_area { background: #fff; /* Flat Bar */  }
#bottom_bar_area { /* background: css3 gradient */ /*Translucent bar */  }

Also can you please tell which columns you are referring too , the columns from builder ?

Thanks for a great theme! I’d like to use my own vector icons for the ‘Hover Color Box’ but can’t seem to see where that can be done. Appreciate your help!

hey mate, thanks for the nice words. Can the icons be converted into fontello icons from here http://fontello.com/, if yes convert them and contact through profile, I will send you the next update which has icons importer. From that you can use your vector icons :)


i am a french user of the theme.I have a problem when i try to install xinity in wordpress the answer is : style.css misses to the the template. What could i do to fix the problem? Thank you

hey mate, please do not upload the zip file you get from themeforest directly as it contains documentation , psd and the theme zip. You will file the xinity theme zip inside that unzipped folder, should that to install and it will work like a charm :)


i am a french user of the theme.I have a problem when i try to install xinity in wordpress the answer is : style.css misses to the the template. What could i do to fix the problem? Thank you

This theme is amazing and the functionality is beyond anything else I have found. But this pales in comparison to the awesome near instant support you get from the developer. I had a certain function I couldn’t figure out and they took care of me in hours. Don’t hesitate to buy and use this theme. Thanks again for the awesome product and support.

thanks mate :) appreciate your purchase , I will be glad to help you out any other things :)

I noticed in Firefox, that this page http://demo1.artillegence.com/xinity/home/home-video/ does not show videos in slideshow. Is this a bug?

hey mate it works fine here on firefox version 28 , can you please tell me which version if html5 video is not supported it fallbacks to image

I used both version 28 and 29 of firefox. Neither of them works. They only show the placeholder image instead of the movie.

strange, are you on iOS or Windows . Thanks for the feedback :)

Sample Data?

hey have a installer in xinity ,please check this pic https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12806539/installer.png :)

How can I remove the grey bar? I believe it’s stating the Page’s name.

I would like to have it like the Corporate Page on the Demo.


hey mate please goto edit page of the page, on the right of the title text field , click on settings icon. once settings lightbox opens ,select show title area to no :)

In your rad editor where it allows you to set posts list, when I choose post-thumbs-big format it doesn’t display an excerpt, however post-thumbs does.

Would be really nice if it would display the excerpt

hey please goto templates folder , open post-blog-column.php and replace the contents with this https://gist.github.com/artillegence/9732391 , you will have excerpts on big image formats as well :) .. I will push this in next update also

Hi there!

Trying to make a menu by using appearance > menus and it is showing odd and presenting this error – Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/content/28/9701128/html/prowebadls/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 525

Anyway you could help me with this?

Thank you!

yeah I had feeling the page wont show , it happens very rarely , no worries can you contact through with wp admin and ftp details.. I will catch that error and remove that item. Site will be good to go in no time :)

Thank you! Just messed it to you. If you could get this to look like your demo, I will be very thankful. Thanks again for your quick responses!


done and done :)

Hi, I was wondering Is it possible to have more than one colour option for the menus and the tabs in Xinity theme like you have multi-colour tabs sections in limitless template?

hey mate thanks for your interest, sorry we kept single color option for this theme :) .. though the colors can be changed for tabs and menus through custom css with little effort ;)

Very nice template and the support is awesome!

thanks mate , really appreciate it :)

Hi guys!

This is the best page builder out there (Rad builder). Very advanced yet easy to use!

The theme is very flexible

  • Features and customizability
  • Woocommerce integration
  • Responsiv

etc, etc

And an amazing support!!!

Best luck!


thanks a lot for the kind words mate.. you made my day :D .. we are working hard to add more value and our RAD Live editor coming soon to Xinity stay tuned ;)

Great design! A chartsjs shortcode available from page builder?

hey if you can wait for an update, we will try to push it in coming update, for now it is not possible .. soo many features out there.. we eventually miss some :)

thanks, I’ll wait for update. Nice cf7 styling

thanks mate :)

Hi, great theme! Can you let me know please if it is possible to move the logo in the middle of the menu (so half menu on the left and half on the right)? also, can the menu bar be higher? my logo is round and rather big. Thanks!

Great. When will the next update be available? I would need it by end of April… is it possible? thanks.

we are more planning it by next week.. hopefully that will fit your deadline nicely :)

oh good! so I’ll wait for next week then. Thanks.

Hi i was just aboout to buy and saw no mailchimp subscription widget? Any plans—as in soon?

hey there, sorry no mailchimp widget .. there are many free plugins available for it :) .. I think this is the one you are looking for http://connect.mailchimp.com/integrations/mailchimp-widget

Why is there so much css injected inline? Especially the “concave-area-styles” Please explain.

hey there , this is a multipurpose theme like any other themes to give visual flexibility the stylings are generated at run time. This neither affects SEO or speed so there is nothing to worry about :) . Also we have option to give styles in case you want to edit using css only.

Hello – Do I only install the xinity.zip and nothing else???

Also, how can I get rid of the gradient effect on the title bar flowing into the nav section?

hey mate yes you need to install the zip that is available inside the zip file you have downloaded from themeforest, do not you that zip directly as it contains psd, docs etc.

very nice and sleek design .. great job

thanks mate :)

Hey Guys! I am considering buying the theme but I have some questions: 1. Can I add a favicon? 2. Can I add a widget in the header section or, better on the actual slider? I am trying to build my real estate site and would like to add a search widget on the slider. 3. Can I add a call to action widget on the head section?


hey mate thanks for your interest, to answer your

1. Yes you can add a favicon

2. widgets can only be added on sidebars, there are different widgets for header sections which you can use.

3. Sorry you cannot add cta to head section, there is no place to add in head :)

Thanks. I guess a CTA can be added to any page correct? Also, does the theme support multiple content areas including a separate slider for the main page?

hey yes cta can be added to pages and you can multiple items to a page.