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Hi. This theme looks amazing but I have some presale questions:

- Is it possible to make a mega menu? - Is there a styled sidebar submenu widget?

Thanks in advance!

hey thanks for your interest , yes theme supports mega menu and if you hover on shop menu you can see it in action, 1st two columns are menu items and rest are sidebars areas with woo widgets :)

Hi there, Great theme, but seem to be having many problems with the slider in firefox. No matter which slider I upload, the slider either does not show up on the home page or it shows up as a sliver starting after the logo… I have several computers with various firefox versions. The older one don’t show it at all and the the latest ones show the sliver only. I have tried the slider option, the revolution slider option, etc… but with no luck. Any ideas how to make the slider on the home page work in Firefox?

Thank you

hey mate, can you please contact through profile with wp admin details, we will look into this asap .. we will make sure everything is running smoothly :)

Hi there,

Pre-Purchase questions: 1) Can I remove the grad tint in the header? 2) Does the theme remove the Video Controls for the background video or do I have to do it by tweaking API? Is it Youtube and Vimeo? 3) Can I remove the rounded corners on buttons 4) Is it possible to add Video links to the gallery navigator. All your demos show thumbs that click to display just stills. Would be great if it could as it would effectively make it a Video Player 5) You mention in a video tut that background videos have to be uploaded… Ive heard that this method can put undue bandwidth stress on a local server so streaming from Vimeo or Youtube is better. Is this correct? and can I use youtube or Vimeo to stream a background video? Will they appear without controls which is what I want?

Cheers and regards Andy

hey Andy, to answer your questions

1. yes we have flat head also you can view it in demo in styler panel

2. you will need to tweak the api to show options for background video, we have disabled them by default. The videos are self hosted videos , youtube or vimeo are not supported .. mainly because controls always show and we can scale them to fit proportionally

3. No possible for now :)

4. Yes you can add video links in thumbnails

5. No we are using html5 videos they only buffer when video has been started which begins when user scrolls to a specified point and mostly video backgrounds are not that big, so not a big issue.


This is an excellent theme and excellent documentation. I just had a quick question. What is the theme’s default font?


hey mate thanks for the kind words, the font is lato. I see you have rated us 4 stars can you tell us where we lacked.. usually if you like our theme and documentation .. 5 stars would be nice :)

Lol. Actually I think that was an error. 5 stars it is.

One more question, is there a way to reduce the transition time of the testimonials? It’s a little too fast for my purpose.


thanks mate, yeah we were confused also :D .. ok to answer your question .. goto sprites / js / custom.js file in xinity folder . Open it and at line 1550 add pause:9000 to
        mode : 'fade',
        adaptiveHeight : true,

           pager : true, auto : true , controls:false
where 9000 is the time

How can I remove the shadow from the boxed page/post layout? Thanks.

please goto visual styler (from theme admin menu), in custom css tab add this code
.ioa-boxed-layout { box-shadow:none; }

this theme looks great..is xinity getting the same major 2.0 update..as limitless as in new live editor and page builder…same eta..this week? thanks

Oh I forgot..

1]is there a live demo of xinity rad builder or just the videos on vimeo. 2]Is this current xinity rad builder different from the current limitless rad builder.3]will new version of rad builder have <iframe> element


There are a few developers on here that just do not get their props as it relates to the product and support they deliver.. I will add you to the list.

hey mate
1. For now we dont have a live preview of the new edit. We soon going to add a generic live preview for our products :)

2. Limited for now has older builder, the one from xinity has been added to it along with new live editor. It is ready we are making the demo now then we will load it up.

hey whats happened with the limiltess theme ,arent going to upgarde anymore ? i think that was a great theme , and for works fine.

thanks !!!

hey mate no worries, there is a confusion with review team regarding editor and videos , we are sorting it out just now… it will be back very soon :)

great glad to hear that, keep the good work , regards!!

interested in your theme.. can the menu be put under the header? / slideshow? thanks!

hey mate thanks for the interest, you can place the menu anywhere in head area but not below it like slideshow.

Thanks for the help before, last two newbie questions.

How can I change the title? Like it’s only Home | Then what I want. I want to change the home part.

Also about Revolution Slider, how do I activate it? Is it is possible to dismiss the notification it gives me in WP if I don’t need it?


hey mate to answer your questions
1. Sorry mate I dont understand, do you want to change title or hide it like home page ?
2. No need to activate revolution slider, that is for buyers only who buyers who buy revolution slider.. when it comes with theme it is already activated.

Hi there, a pre-buy question.. Can i make the footer Unfold


sorry mate not possible :)

Hello, first I’d like to say that this theme is amazing! The custom post type part is great! I have one slight problem: I run a WPML site and there is no option to change the language on mobile as the top bar is hidden. Any quick fix?

Thanks !!

thanks for the nice words mate, can you contact through profile I will send you a modified file that will show wpml selector on mobile devices :)

Hi there,

First of all.. this is one of the best themes i bought so far!

I would like to add a video header, but when I select “Featured Media” > “Video” > “(add video url)” save the page and then refresh my website in the browser it says: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function fixwmode_omembed() in /home/visionize.nl/public_html/thecreativelab.net/wp-content/themes/xinity/templates/content-featured-media.php on line 202”

How can I fix this?


hey mate, thanks for the nice words. Apologies for the error, we had removed a function due to themeforest new rules and forgot to remove it from there. Please goto templates / content-featured-media.php , open it and replace all code with this one https://gist.github.com/artillegence/10517500 . It will do the trick :)

Hi there. LOVE the theme so far. Is there a way to turn off the box that shows around the active menu item? Thanks!

hey mate please goto theme admin -> visual styler page, click on custom css tab and add this code
.theme-header div.menu-bar  .menu>li.current_page_item>a,
.theme-header div.menu-bar  .menu>li.current-menu-ancestor>a,
.theme-header div.menu-bar  .menu>li.menu-active>a,
.theme-header  div.menu-bar .menu>li.current-menu-item>a { background:none!important; color:#333!important; } 
Set color to your needs :)

You’re awesome! Thanks, man!

Hi,I’m rather confused about “Pagination Dropdown”, what’s the function it’s display?

hey in blog and portfolio templates you will see a dropdown page selector on the right of pagination , it is used to hide that :)

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/content/41/11199741/html/xinity/wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor-imagick.php on line 327

Error in theme installer please help me

hey there, you will need to increase the max_execution_time to 120 in php.ini since this is a big theme import you will need more time to import all material ;)


After running installer when i am adding new pages from page builder pages are imported successfully , but after publishing the page it shows no content on this page .. Why it is happening ?

I have also tried by importing from rad file code but still the same problem?

hey mate, can you please contact through with wp admin details and site link.. I need to see the issue so I can help you out :)

Same problem with no content after saving a page since WP 3.9 update.

hey there, we have loaded 3.9 compatibility update few hours back only use it and it will work fine. Avoid updating it advanced to major versions as soon as it is lives since we need time to load update as well.

Same problem too. No saving of edited pages. Using latest version of xinity and WP 3.9.

yup , in future whenever major version is out please ask us before updating :) .. wp 3.9 had a lot of code related changes.

Did I ever mention how GREAT this theme is? The best investment I ever did on THEMEFOREST! Support is awesome too!

thanks mate, means a lot .. we will monitor 3.9 updates for our buyers for a few days then start to roll out the new features :)

Hi, Love the theme. Question though, after updating to Wordpress 3.9, and after saving a page, all of the RAD page builder content vanishes. I have seen other people commenting on this and your reply that we should have waited for the theme update. However, how do I update the theme? There is no update available in my theme menu. Thanks

If think you not have added your username and api key in admin panel -> auto update tab, else it would have showed a message. For now if you have access to ftp details either you can upload the theme files again to server -> xinity folder or contact us with ftp and wp admin details we will be happy to do it for you :) .

Thanks. That worked.

Another question,

I enabled the contact form button, but now I want to disable it and I can’t figure out where I found the menu for it so I can disable it.

hey to disable the contact form, please goto theme admin -> contact tab -> in sticky contact tab you can switch it off :)

Again here same problem with updating to Wordpress 3.9.

Page are messed up, if you edit them there is no content in RAD page builder. :( If you add some section and then save the page is the same, it loose everything.

I’ve seen that the only section that it doesn’t work is the text widget. If you click edit nothing appear and you can’t change it’s content.

I’ve JUST UPDATED the theme and the bug is still there. :( Please advice, I don’t want to start from scratch with another theme.

Site is http://www.staging2.architettureweb.it/ wrong session is “Chi Siamo” but I’ve checked also with others and it’s the same with text widget. I’ve also made a new page but it’s the same, it doesn’t save and you can’t edit text widget.


hey mate, can you please refresh your cache and check I think you have the old js files, many buyers updated the theme and it is working fine for theme.. if you are still having some issue , contact us with wp admin details we will fix it for you :) ..