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Hey theme looks awesome! Just one pre purchase question. Is it possible to arrange the header so the logo is in the middle of the links? So link | link | LOGO | link| link|

Thanks for your help!

- M

hey mate, that wont be possible for now , you can do it through head builder by adding components in line but since we are not supporting centered menu version and it wont look nice and I wont recommend it .

Really like this theme. Great work! Is anybody having issues updating the sliders? I make an update, hit save, and the spinner spins endlessly. The slider never updates. Waited 10 minutes just now, with no update. Any ideas?

hey mate, I just checked here it works as usual, are you still having slider update problem ?

No. I created my own slider and it works like a champ. But when updating a slider that already exists, WP locks up. Thanks!

oh okay thanks for notifying we will look into this :)

I emailed support via contact form and still no response. My client needs updates and the RAD builder is broken with the new wordpress update. I can’t edit any widget areas… Help! :(

can you show me the link

http://fleetlineautoandfab.com/fleetline-portfolio/ when you go into the individual portfolios none of them are how they were before showing multiple photos..

you can place the file content-single-portfolio.php again on your server that will restore them again.. from looking I am not sure what you changed.. Can you replace the file ?

Great theme, working nicely

Just a quick question. Is there an easy way to disable the gradient from the menu to the custom title?

Thanks in advance and for all the good work with this theme

hey thanks for the nice works mate, yes please goto theme admin -> visual styler, in general and head area settings make primary color and primary alt color same, it will remove it :) ..


How to remove breadcrumbs from about page banner image?? there is any option in admin panel?


I’m having a problem.

I was using the construction page as my home page. Now all of sudden I get

No Content Yet If you are new to RAD Page Builder, adding content is really easy. Refer to points below to get started ! Builder works in Row - Column format. The Page Sections are full width rows, Columns are widget holders and you set width here. To add widgets drag widgets to this area. If section is not present it will be added automatically. To edit background / layout settings for section or columns click on edit button on the toolbar. Settings window will appear you can edit changes there. By default when a widget is added, it is wrapped with a column. This creates equally spaced content, always keep one widget in column. To add values to widget or change settings click on edit on the widget and it will show all available settings. Widget also have layouts settings also, when you need to add widgets in same level adjust width there. That's it, you can Import pages from library to start playing.

I’ve done so much to that page and now this happens. I’ve tried to import it again but then it doesn’t let me edit the text or anything.

What can I do? I’m sorry I nee a solution fast. :X

hey there you can contact us through profile it will get you registered in our support ticket, for the portfolio problem please make sure that portfolio template’s page slug( the end word of url ) is not portfolio else wordpress will give a 404 error.

I have tried to launch and now its giving me an error.

Safari is saying failed to open page. I have updated the theme and still problems.

My WP is 3.9.1.

Should I not update and keep another version instead?

Nevermind, I got it working.

It was a problem with WP-cache.

Ok, i got it that there is an solution for the wordpress 3.9 thing – but how do i fix it? Just update WP to 3.9 and download/upload the theme again?

I’m sorry for not unterstanding the other comments – i am german lol

hey mate, first download the theme again from themeforest and upload it again to your server. Then update your wordpress to 3.9 :)

Hi, I face a big trouble for this theme,could you tell me you email,so I can send the personal email to you.


I also want to sign up in your support website,but I don;t know where to sign up,could you give me the link?

hey there please contact through our profile , from the contact form at bottom right.


Pre purchase question:

Is it possible to have the portfolio layout as an homepage? If so, how can I do this?

Also if its so, is there a way to get the image links to flip into another image and remove the link and expand icon, so that its just an image that goes nowhere?

Look forward to buying this theme


hey it is possible to set portfolio layout as home page, either you can set the template for a page and set that as front page or use our RAD builder it has 2 grid layouts for it. Sorry last request wont be possible :) . Thanks

is possible change main menu appearence? i wish plain buttons no rounded corners…

yes it is possible we have done it for 2 – 3 of our buyers :)

Okay… beating my head against a wall. ha! I’ve updated to the latest version of Wordpress, and I’ve just replaced my old theme files with the latest download of Xinity and the Rad builder is still not working… I’ve cleared my cache as well. Every time i save the page it deletes everything… Any thoughts? The site is literally in the very beginning stages of being built so there’s nothing really to mess up yet… thank God! :)

strange can you contact us through profile with wp admin details, we will make sure everything is running fine :)

In the text boxes, there is a tab to add an icon, but is it possible to add custom icons or images like you can in other areas of the theme?

hey in the text option lightbox, you will see a column style option from that select top image and then you can set images also.

Is it possible to have a mouse over effect when using the top image setting on the text box that makes the image and text all clickable rather than having to have a small link below?

next week

Hi, Is this feature available yet?

hey we are just now working on forums as soon as it is done we will release with it.

I am using the Ninja Contact Form instead of the contact 7 form. The ninja contact form has an email sticky button similar to the contact 7 form. I am trying to find a way to make a button on the CTA to open the ninja contact sidebar form. From their documentation it says:

The Ninja Contact Form looks for exact class ncf_trigger_element on page. If element with this class exists click on it will expose form. You need manually add class to desired element like this:


My question is where would I add this code to a CTA button? I tried adding it to the button link area, but that just messed up the button.

I figured out the problem. When I upgraded to Xinity 1.2.2 it reset the menus to no menu. I just fixed it.

hey so both the issues are resolved ?

Yes. both issues are fixed. Thanks.

How do we update the Revolution Slider? I tried to add my envato userid and API for automatic updates like I did with the theme, but it keeps saying that the “The API key, the Purchase Code and the Username need to be set!” I am hoping that an update will fix my slider. it was working fine, but now is just shows a progress / status circle forever. www.alcoacustomhomes.com

hey automatic updates for revolution slider wont work since you havn’t purchased revolution slider and please ignore the message that shows as it is for the buyers who bought it exclusively only . We usually add the latest update in each updates and if you want latest I have your mail, I am sending it there :)

OK. Thanks.

Hi artillegence team,

I have two pre-sales questions… 1.) has this theme been Sucuri audited and certified? 2.) Does this theme use short code for setting up the page elements?



One more question, is this theme compatible with WordPress 3.9? I noticed that the product specifications on the right doesn’t list 3.9

hey Peter, thanks for your interest the theme has not be sucuri verified.

We use our page builder to create elements, infact you get lots of ready to use , styled elements from our library which can help you set up in no time.

Thanks for pointing that we forgot to update that :D

Is it possible to make the initial flat bar header smaller. Actually, having it be the same size as the sticky header bar would be perfect.

Thanks. That’s perfect.

Is there a way to edit the sticky header? I have a text box that has my phone number in the main header, but it disappears in the sticky header.

hey by default sticky header supports only logo and menu , but you can add text by editing templates / template-header.php , at line 55 in the div with class compact-bar

Hello! I have two questions regarding the menu area:

1. is it possible to place the logo in the middle of the menu (so that half of it is on the left of the logo, and half of it on the right)? I asked this before buying the template some time ago and you said that this would have been possible shortly. 2. Is it possible to widen the height of the area of the menu bar, to accomodate a round logo?

Thanks! ...and I Iove the template!

Thanks! please can you let me know when the new update will be available, so that I can place the logo in the middle of the menu? thanks.

I have another question: is it possible to place the text over a slider (on slider manager) only on one portion of the slider? e.g.: aligned on centre left, but covering only the left side portion and not going over the full width? Thanks!

hey it will be available next next, for the other question yes you can set the place of slider caption , when you edit a slide click in caption tab and from there you can select it to anywhere you like.

I’m in the same save boat. Brand new install so no choice not to upgrade. I’ve added updated theme files and cleared cache. Tried on Safari and Firefox. Help please!!

Updated Java Script fixed it.