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I keep getting this error

Operation timed out after 5001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homepages/31/d20092672/htdocs/musicalkaufhaus/wordpress/wp-content/themes/xinity/backend/lib/envato-wordpress-toolkit-library/class-envato-wordpress-theme-upgrader.php on line 199

hey mate are you constantly getting that error ?

yes :-(

ok no worries, contact through profile I will send you a file without envato auto update .. it will fix it :)

Hi Arillegence

As you can see on my new agency website http://www.architettureweb.it

in single post section post title will go over breadcrumb. It’s a little weird. Can you please help to fix this? I need breadcrumb, but I think that the only solution to have the post title in that bar is’t not that great…


hey mate , contact through mail.. I have a fix that for it . We will also be loading it in coming update.

ok I’ve sent you an email. Thanks

Hello Artillegence,

First of all, congrulations for the awesome theme you have developed. It has solved almost every detail we wanted to achieve in the building of my company website.

I just would like to tell you a couple of issues I have found:

- A page or post built with your page builder is not compatible with shareaholic and Google Analytics Dashboard for WP plugins. - I think the theme doesn’t allowed to change the template for the default blog list (at least, I can’t found how). I mean, I can create a new page and set its template as Blog List or Blog Grid. However, whan I click in the archive or in a category, I always receive the default page (I guess archive.php). How can I set a different one?

hey thanks for the nice words, to answer your questions

1. Can you please contact through profile with wp admin details, I will need to take a look at it first :) .
2. By default misc pages like archives, category , tags have blog default page only . Let me know which version you need I will send you the files for that blog format

Every time I create a page, it says in safari failed to open the page.

I can’t access the page but i can edit it in WP.

What should I do?

can you please contact through profile with wp admin details , we need to see the issue to resolve it .

I notice that the pages work when I change the permalink settings back to default. I had them at postvalue.

oh okay then its good now ?

Hi Can you help me with Font Deck? I have a project on the font deck website and a project ID.

Do I need to insert any code? What font name do I call in the Font Deck options. I have included this, but my font is not showing. Note I have no other plugins running

goto visual styler, font deck tab. Enter the project ID and in font name add same name as you have in project. Then you will need to set fonts, For that please goto typography tab , set font type to font deck and it will show :)

Hello…I see that in order to add a button you use it as a Widget but I do not see any alignment options for a button. Am I missing that somewhere?

hey you are right, actually we need to add one more option in text editor shortcodes for that. Can you please contact through profile , I will send you a modified script that will add a button shortcode in text editor :)

Can I ask how to reduce the depth of the hover boxes ? the standard is too large for my project. Thanks

hey we are making the update soon to support button in wp text editor, you can use toggle shortcodes where you can add option collapse=”true” and it will be open by default.

hi what control changes the color of the open toggle?

primary alt color field changes the active toggle icon color.


I have 2 questions concerning the licence limitations for Xinity:

- I have installed WordPress locally (for testing purposes)

- Then when my tests are OK, I update my wordpress site hosted by a web provider.

In the licence agreement, it is explained that “You are licensed to use the Item to create one single End Product for yourself or for one client” : as in this case this is the same end product, I suppose I could use the same licence key ?

Second question : I plan to build a WP site for a start-up, in addition to the previous site. Do I have to purchase 2 licences for Xinity ?

Many thanks for your help,


hey to answer your questions -
1. you will need 1 licension when you are developing for same site.
2. For this you will need 2 licenses.

Thank you for your answer ! After looking at several wordpress templates, I will chose yours, which seems to be really complete and flexible.


Another question. How do I use my fontdeck font in the Slider Revolution? I have a particular need for a font>

thank you :)

hey once you have added the font deck font, goto visual styler , in custom css textarea add your revolution selector class or id and for the font deck font . Something like this
#rev_id { font-family:"FontDeckFont"; }

hi this does not work? Is there something I have to do to the revolution slider? thanks mate

hey actually you will need to wrap your content with #rev_id , in order font deck settings to work, contact through profile with admin dtails I will set it up for you :)

Hi – can I suggest that you allow more than 1 fontdeck font? I need various version of the font “Museo”. Or is there a way to include?


Excellent work, excellent theme! :)

2 things:

1) Please could you try and make the theme conform to WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards.

2) It would be great if users could customise the Search results page a little better, e.g. choose what kind of layout to use, whether to include post images etc.

Best wishes, @Scholary

hey there, thanks for the nice words

1. we will look into this and definitely add compatiblity

2. We are going add option to select layout in coming updates. First priority is launching bbpress support very soon :)

I’m very frustrated. A month ago I experienced a bug out of the blue. I attempted to reach author and never received a response. Envato, after two weeks, only wanted to cancel my license and offered no help. I found a work around but today it’s worse. But, the light at the end of the tunnel, I see that sometime after my initial problem someone wrote on here with the same issue and the fix was to run an update. Well I know I saw a notice somewhere to update but now I can’t find it anywhere. My license is still intact. Someone please tell me where the updates are!!! I am supposed to go live tomorrow!!!!!

Never mind I figured it out …

hey first of all we had replied you that day only , this is really sad that you rated us 1 star without asking once in comments or tickets again.. if you look at comments and ratings , there are no issues. Our buyers are really happy with it , from the date I am seeing , that error was due to wp 3.9 update, we had loaded a fix on that day only regarding this .. it is not our fault that wordpress changed api, all major plugins where affected with this .

You could have asked us again if you didnt got any response , we would have gladly helped you out , I would appreciate if you could raise the rating because this is not fair since if there are bugs first it doesnt gets approved in the first place.

I never ONCE got a reply from you and used the channels for getting help that Envato has on your theme. Not ONCE. Had I received a response I wouldn’t be here now. And after no response from you I tried them. That took TWO WEEKS. And no one offered assistance to help fix it. Had anyone contacted me and said ‘oh hey, this is the issue, run this update’ you would have a five star rating as, up to that point, I was very happy with everything. When the problem happened again today, I looked everywhere. finally frustrated I left a review because it is an HONEST review of my experience. It was after this that I found the fix on my own. It is not my fault you didn’t reply and it is not my fault that Envato gave me the customer service equivalent of the middle finger. And this response, in your comments, doesn’t give me one single reason to desire to change that rating. If you THINK you replied to ME, you are mistaken. Guess there were others with the same issue. But I received NO response EXCEPT an auto response after I submitted my query to you directly that said that it was the weekend and that you don’t work on the weekend and I should expect a reply the following week. It never came.

This is your mail https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12806539/2.png and I replied in 4 hours on that day only , so I am not mistaking anything and not thinking anything. We have no automated response system.

The weekend response showed up on my screen when I submitted. The ONLY email I got from you is the below referenced AUTOMATED MESSAGE: There were no other emails. I archive all communications. So if you responded, it is very simple; I DID NOT GET IT. That is not my fault. Yet what I read on that link is that you really didn’t do anything except say you would look into it. Obviously I am here now because the situation persisted even after my own work around. Unless the blow off from Envato which stated that there ‘team’ couldn’t duplicate the error and therefore they were refunding my money AND pulling my license without so much as a conversation from either of you was a result of what you claim is a communication to me? So, obviously you really didn’t make any efforts to assist. While you may usually be on the ball with helping users, I was one who apparently fell through the cracks because clearly here I am a month later still trying to get answers which I then found on my own. And obviously after reading comments here, I found that I was in fact, not the only one having the issue. Those people received your help while I remained in the dark until I discovered the fix on my own.

My review is a result of that. In the future a response to a legitimate customer complaint might go a little bit like this: “I am sorry you had this experience. It was not my intent to not help you resolve your issue. Are you still having this issue, can I assist you in any way”. A response like that might have actually gotten you a change in the star rating. This little thread really isn’t helping to change my mind at all. Pointing fingers at me like it is my fault the theme broke and I didn’t get the needed response from you isn’t it.

From: support=artillegence.reamaze.com@reamaze.com [mailto:support=artillegence.reamaze.com@reamaze.com] On Behalf Of Support Sent: Friday, April 11, 2014 8:56 PM To: design@eclipsedesignconcepts.com Subject: Re: [ThemeForest] Message sent via your marketplace profile from eclipsedesignconcepts

Hi There, Thank you for contacting us. This is an automated response, just to let you know we have got your mail. We will get back to you as soon as possible. In the mean time you can visit the following links for more help - 1. Our Knowledge base – http://support.artillegence.com/ 2. Online Videos – https://vimeo.com/user20022089 Thanks again, Artillegence Support Team Support on Steroids !

hey I dont want to debate with you , first there is no issue , please check what I am writing, wordpress had an update 3.9 with lot of front end changes and as soon as it was out we loaded it and if you tried to run old version on it , it will break. Anyways there is no point in debating, have a nice day

How can use an image instead of using an icon?

I’m using the construction layout and I want to use an image above the title.

Thanks so much and sorry for the inconvenience.

Awesome thank you.

Basically I want to link http://i61.tinypic.com/1zn91jk.png and make it view the selections in http://i61.tinypic.com/1z2d7wh.png

http://i60.tinypic.com/2pqt3pd.png – Do you see the text? Is it possible to bring that higher to the image? I am using the Intro Titile widget.

Let me know if thats possible

How can I remove the heart in the single portfolio?

hey linking wont be possible as it requires good amount of customization , Can you please show me the link of intro title widget so I can give you exact steps.

To remove heart icon, goto templates folder, open single-portfolio-meta.php , at line 35 remove this
 <div class="like-icon-wrap">
                     <i class="like-icon ioa-front-icon heart-2icon-" data-id="<?php echo get_the_ID() ?>" ></i>
                     <span class="p-counter"><?php echo get_post_meta(get_the_ID(),'_ioa_likes',true) ?></span>

Love the theme, not the support i’ve been getting when i do have issues (and there have been a few). At least 4 requests for support from author with no reply. Its been weeks now.

Now having issues with fallback images working on video headers and other responsiveness related issues

hey mate we have replied instantly to all your queries, I think it may have ended in your spam, can you please contact again with the issues, I will reply them again. Also there will be a delay in reply now because we have a huge storm here and no lights :S

HI mate. It seems to me that the font size for the main menu with the gradient header, is larger than that for flat. Is there a control that I am missing?

hey I just checked , font size is same can you please show me the link

Hello, please can you help with including the Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter buttons on the website? thanks!

hey mate, you can please tell me where you want to add .. I will help you out :)

Thanks! I’d like them to be in the footer is possible. Otherwise in the home page, at the bottom of it.

hey if you want to add social icons for footer, drag the custom IOAIconSet widget to a footer column in widgets page , from there you can add icons of your choice with links.


Would you have best practices to optimise SEO ?

I thought that changing the permalinks to “http:/mysitename/ postname /” would have improved the SEO for search engines.

Indeed, I have installed the Wordpress SEO from Yoast, and it gives the following advice : “You do not have your postname in the URL of your posts and pages, it is highly recommended that you do. Consider setting your permalink structure to / postname /. ” But when I am following their recommandations and changing the permalink settings, all the links are broken -> So I had to roll-back to the default value.

What is your advice about Permalink settings ? Would you have recommandations to improve the SEO ? (a recommended pluggin, specific settings to configure, etc.)

Many thanks for your help, Capucine PS : as a start, I have followed all your videos through the user guide, and it really give relevant explanations on how to use Xinity. They are really usefull! Thanks for that!

hey Capucine, your htacess settings are not getting flushed. Try this , switch to default settings.. keep it up for 2 – 3 days then change permalinks to posname/ . It will do the trick.

Hi! Just to notify that the TEXT widget in page builder is not working since today. I can drag the text, but it is not possible to edit anymore. Please can you help? Thanks.

hey which version are you using , if it is less than 1.1 please update it , 3.9 had lot of changes in code and added a fix for it that day only. If you are using latest version contact through profile with wp admin details I will look into it ;)

Thanks. sorry for the silly question, but where should i go to update it? on updates/theme Xinity does not come up for updates, but I think I have version 1.1.

Also, this problem with the TEXT widget started since I updated Wordpress 3.9.1.

Thanks for your help.

hey mate replied your mail , do not update pages until you upgrade.. wp 3.9 has lot of api changes.