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Amazing theme, GLWS :)

Thanks for the comment ;)

Good Job, I Like it, ;)

Thank you ThemeCafe!

Oh My holy WOW!!$ ahhhgg if only I knew html (WP, Image guy) Truly Amazing and ha what html theme peeps get for the price SO INCREDIBLE!! #sadface AVATHEMES ROCK$!!

Thank you William so much ;) We really appreciate it!

Very nice xmas pages, congratulations! :sunglasses:

Thanks Kontramax!

Amazing. Happy Holydays.

Thank you am_themes. Happy Holidays to you too!

Awesome design! ;)


Hey there. What font is used in the logo? I’d like to make my own similar one. Thank you.

It’s awesome! I have a question, can I use this on my wp?

I’m gonna buy just for those great graphics!

Thank you :)

O yeah! Got ‘em!

What’s the fastest way to change home section background?

What version do you use? Coming soon, landing or promo page template?

Promo Page

That images is set through the vegas plugin. Just open your index.html file and replace the link for your image on the bottom:
// Vegas
$(function() {
   $.vegas('overlay', {


URGENT!!! I purchased the Flowerbomb wordpress theme last week and sold a website based on this theme, now I cannot develop the site because the theme settings page does not work. I have installed a brand new instance of wordpress and it still does not work, I even tried an older version with now results. I have asked for help for many days now and have received no help yet. I have purchased many themes on the site and never had an issue with basic help like I am asking. How can I get this resolved?


How can I get a refund for flowerbomb theme. I cannot wait any longer for support, it is unheard of that I cannot get support in 5 days. I have purchased dozens of themes from many developers and this is the worst support and buggy theme I have purchased. I cannot believe that this theme received 4 stars by any means, there are code errors, theme settings do not work, spelling and other errors galore. I really wish I would have read all the comments before I purchased this because it is obvious that there is no support and many problems with themes

I see where perkiecat got the images from you. Can I get them as well? thanks!

The images are not included in the theme and they can be purchased from depositphotos

Good day . How to set up twitter. How to configure the sending of messages . For iphone 5c does not work text on the home page. Thank you

Very good template, easy to customize and looks great. The gallery part is fully responsive and very elegant. Good support too… (got a very prompt response to my inquiry re. CSS related question).

Good morning, when I use this theme on the mobile, the content of the first block (text and images) disappear. It remains only the logo. I need people to read that content also on the mobile. Especially on the mobile. How can I do?

Can you please send us an email at support@avathemes.com and we will help you display all of your info even on mobile.


We want to change the height of the “Suscribe” slide in index-03.html, what do we have to do?

You can do that by changing the min-height on that parent div.

.subscribeRow {
    min-height: 2103px;

2103px is the default value.


Thank you!! It works pretty well

You’re welcome.


We also would like to integrate the gallery into the index-02.html but when we copy the code it doesn’t work.

We have answered your ticket. Please check your inbox.


How to configure sending the email from the form?

Can you send us an email at support@avathemes.com and we’ll help you out.