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Hi, I’m trying to get the MailChimp Subscribe form working. I can see the API call logged in MailChimp (log shown below), however the email address is not getting added to the list. I’ve verified the list id is correct. Any ideas?

Date/Time Result Throttled? Source IP Method Format Exec Time User Agent Ver Response 2017-10-28 12:44:54 GMT nope 198.xxx.xxx.xxx lists/subscribe json 2.589s MailChimp-PHP/2.0.5 2.0 n/a

Hello I have the landing page and it is working great. The only issue is the contact section. When I fill the form out the conformation message or contact.php shows up under the footer on the index.html page. Is there a way to make it go to a separate confirmation page when the submit button is clicked? Thank you!

Hi, dcb-design, I’m the author of the HTML version. Are you sure you have the question to the HTML version? I think you have to ask your question here: https://themeforest.net/item/xlander-startup-landing-page-bootstrap-wp-theme/10254806?WT.ac=search_list&WT.oss_phrase=&WT.oss_rank=11&WT.trending=trending&WT.z_author=whoathemes. Regards

Yes I have the HTML version… We may have an issue with a custom script so we are having he developer check. I’ll get back to you.

Are you sure? But your profile doesn’t have the badge purchased

The web page load time is too long. Plz contact me i am in trouble. Contact 9022114389

Amigo, acabe de comprar su versión, html quisiera saber como hacer para colocare seguridad, de tal manera que alguien no pueda robarsela, alguien que solo espera que yo las compre para el guardarla y editarla.

Friend, just buy your version, html would like to know how to do security, so that someone can not steal it, someone who only expects me to buy them to steal and edit it.

Hi wllmcast11, thanks for purchasing my template. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to help you. Usually, my templates steal in two days after I post them on the themeforest. Regards

Trying to install the backup & demo content via the Unyson Extensions, it advises that “You need to update Unyson to 2.6.16”. I currently have version 4.9.1 installed. Do I need to roll back to 2.6.16?

Hi, baronvonlego, I’m the author of the HTML version and I think you may ask your question here : https://themeforest.net/item/xlander-startup-landing-page-bootstrap-wp-theme/10254806?s_rank=2. Regards

Hi, our xLander landing page is not showing the Google Map:


It was showing it a few days ago and then stopped—it just spins and spins, which both looks terrible and may slow down the site..

Can I have the link to see?? Thanks