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Hi Sir, I want to buy Wordpress theme I no need HTML theme i want wordpress them please refund it and give me wordpress theme link i buy wordpress theme.

Regards, MUHAMMAD Aziz

i buy xLander wordpress theme but when i download it i see it is html files no wordpress theme please refund my payment and give me wordpress xLander theme link.


I am reviewing and interested in buying your product “xLander – Premium Landing Page Template ”. However there are a few queries that I have which needs clarification before I make the purchase. Hope you can help clarify.

1. Can we remove unwanted sections from the page?

2. I need to add a form (PHP) with fields like date picker, timezone list, etc on a button like ‘Sign In’. Can I do that?

3. I don’t want the integration with MailChimp. Can I remove that and integrate with my own mailing setup?

4. The site says last updated Jun’15. Are the templates updated to be compatible with todays environment/setups?

5. Can the pricing template be changed to show 2 columns or more?

6. It shows blog link. Does the template have blog publisher/editor templates?

7. You have mentioned its SEO optimized. What optimizations are covered, can you share the list? Can we add additional SEO optimization as per our need?

Apologies; but these are all key items that we need to understand as we want to reduce our effort on site development and use pre-existing template which meets our need.

With Regards


How about responding to my queries now that i purhcased your prod.


Hi, Archer1974, thanks for purchasing my template. 1. Yes you can remove any section you want. 2. if you have some developer or you can edit the code then you can customize it. 3. Yes you can remove the mailchimp form and use your own form. 4. Template is compatible with today’s environment/setups. 5. Yes you can use 1/2/3 or 4 pricing columns. 6. No you need to add blog posts manually. Thanks


I’m using your xLander theme, hosted on WP Engine. I noticed today that the styling was off (missing fonts and images, colors back to default), so I logged in to WP Admin.

When I did, I saw two errors on the dashboard:

WhoaThemes Error Messages

The skin style file (/themes/xlander/cache/skin.css) doesn’t exists or it was deleted. Please manually create this file or click on ‘Save changes’ and it will be automatically created.

The skin style file (/themes/xlander/cache/skin.css) is not writeable. Please set the correct permissions (‘777’ or ‘755’), otherwise this theme won’t work properly.

I tried resetting the permissions (via WP Engine’s utilities) but that didn’t seem to fix the issue.

Any suggestions?


Hi, checklick, I’m the author of the HTML version. I think your question about WP theme. Thanks

Thanks – I’ll check there.

Have a nice day

Hi, I want to buy Wordpress theme I no need HTML theme i want wordpress them please refund it or give me wordpress theme link i buy wordpress theme.

Riza YALCIN rzyalcin@gmail.com

Hi , I want to buy Wordpress theme I no need HTML theme i want wordpress them please refund it or give me wordpress theme link i buy wordpress theme.

Rıza YALCIN rzyalcin@gmail.com

It’s ok. I’ll refund

How do I update the latest Visual Composer without purchasing an additional license?

Hi, sboyd2016, I’m an author of the HTML version. I think you need ask your question to the author of the WordPress version. Thanks

Dear Sir/Madam,

While using xLander teplate I found out that in the part of ’’Our best clients’’ arrow buttons to see client’s logos are not working the way they should.

Thanks, Anastasia

Hi there,

I have recently purchased your beautiful theme.

I am busy working with the contact form from the contact template and need to add in a message tab. I have tried adding in my own php but the form keeps on breaking.

Please can you tell me what I need to add to make this form work together with the message/ comment section.

Thanks Colleen

Hi, serverbolivia, thanks for purchasing my template. Please contact me via email. Thanks

I just purchased the HTML theme thinking I was buying the WordPress theme. I would like a refund as this is not clearly stated. I, like many others on here did not want an HTML template. Please refund me immediately so I can purchase the WordPress template and update your description.

Thank you.

No problems, you have to make request for refund. Thanks

Please describe the process. I am unable to find it.

Unfortunately, I’ve never done this process too. I’m sorry but I don’t know how to help you.

Hello, i buy wrong version i thought it is for wordpress, please refund thank you.

Hello i bought few months ago your template..i have just a little problem and i’d like to know if is possible have a help even if the template is not available… thanks a lot

Hi, denisphi, I’m the author of the HTML version. Do you have the question to the HTML template or WP theme? Regards

yes sorry.. i saw after sent the msg.. i was wrong.. i have joomla version .. sorry :-P

It’s OK!!! Have a nice day!!!!

Hello, I am really interested in using your template but unfortunately, I have a problem that I thought you may be able to help me with.


The images aren’t loading. How do I fix this?

I would like to use the contact form demo template, however, when I install it I cannot edit the page. Please Help!

Hi, I’m the author of the HTML version of the template and I think you have the question to WP version. Thanks