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Great Template and Tomas is quick to respond to questions.

I’m having a real problem with the sites and the way the site behaves in some of the browsers. in particular Explorer.

On one page the slider template picture is tiny and weirdly sized on the other the picture is overly large and extends well past the text and the other below and some of the other items.

Plus the twitter feed has been working at all, and there are some other smaller issues.

I checked the feed back, and I can see that several people had the same issues over a year ago, but i purchased the template only a short while ago.

I need help…

Respectfully, Andy

I believe we are dealing with this over the email


i need Help…

where is thz SLIDER js…

I want to change the PRICE .




I am not sure what file are you looking for, but source code to slider is in file js/jquery.blueberry.js

Please read documentation for instructions how to change price and others on the page.

Thank you

unfortunately it does not work on my iPhone 5 (iOS 6.0.1) :/ the items just do not show up…

Hi, We are working on some fixes. But as a quick fix, replace line 55 from js/jquery.bueberry.js with this: $(“img”, this).css({‘width’:’100%’});

That should solve your problem.

Thank you

Hey, just saying dat the blueberry-code that you are using is not right. Because Chrome is a webkit-browser, you have to use $(window).load(function(). Hope this will help. Grtz.

And I wouldn’t use $(“img”, this).css({‘width’:’100%’}); because then you will lose the img in certain browsers like firefox.


I am looking to buy this. please suggest how much easy it is customize it and use through word press


Hi, this is not a wordpress template, you will have to convert it to wordpress. I suggest you to get someone who understands wordpress. When you convert it to wordress, you can customize it as much as you want.

Thank you

Awesome! Keep on the good work!;