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Good, Clean & Simple!! GLWS :)

Thank you very much.

Very nice! Looks really good! GLWS! :)

Thank you

Love it! The design is great! Glws


Hi SpabRice

Awesome theme! Amazing documentation, really clean code and well written to easily understand and edit. A pleasure to work from.

Great work and good luck with sales.


Thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate it.

Looks great! GLWS! :)

Thank you.

Good job!Good luck :)


Hi, very nice theme ! Is it possible to have sound with the video background ? Is it possible also to put video in the portfolio section ? Thanks !


unfortunately sound is not possible currently.

yes you can add vimeo/youtube/selfhosted videos on portfolio section.

In the portfolio section when I click on 2nd dot to see the 2nd image i see always the 1st image why??

I’m currently fixing this bug.

It has been fixed.

This is a great theme but I need the video background to play with sound. Is this something difficult to implement?

It’s on my list for next update

This is a great looking theme…exactly what I was looking for But I would really like it in WordPress. Any chance of that?

Yes, wordpress version is in progress. Send me your email, and I will let you know when it’s available. It probably will take some weeks.

Are you planning to add IE8 support?

It’s not planned because I have no chance to test it. I don’t have IE8 and I don’t know anyone who has it. So unfortunately not.

Nice theme! Yes WP version would be great!!

You can send me your email adress to spabrice[] and will let you know when it’s ready.

Thank you, purchased… Any ETA on the wordpress version?

Hope it will be ready in a week or 2


In my team we are 2 person but in your theme there is 3 person I deleted that too, I do not arrive has center. thank you for your help


thanks for purchasing this template. If you have just 2 team members you need to change the column class name ‘one-third’ to ‘one-half’.

Please note that your images need to be bigger than.

For better support please send me an email at spabrice[]

Would it be possible to have the ajax content script fade the page fullscreen instead of above the content causing scroll problems? Such as under their ‘portfolio’ section?



thanks for your interest. Unfortunately this is not possible by option. It would need major customizations (html,javascript,css)

Overall, this is outstanding. I am considering using this for my new portfolio page. However I have one comment for you.. When you click on a portfolio item (and it opens) – I feel it would be a little more intuitive to have left/right arrows next to the image to better navigate between them. That was the only issue that I saw with this. But good work!


it’s not possible by option but it is possible with some customizations from your part. if you have good html/css skills i shouldn’t be a problem.

Hey ! Good work. I discovered your work on dribble and I have one question regarding the responsive navigation. Should it be possible to put the #menu-responsive 100% wide (width: 100%). I tried to figure out a way to do this to have a full screen background navigation in responsive mode but there’s a mistake when I switch to the Main Navigation. Here is an example of what I’m trying to make with nav.

Thanks in advance for your help.


this would only be possible by customizations from your part. If you have good css,javascript knowledge it shouldn’t be a problem.

Hi there! Great template!!! I do have discovered a bug; When I start te template, then click on ‘Elements’, then click on ‘contact’, scroll down to the bottom en click on the ‘back to top’ arrow, I have this white bar at the bottom of the screen. Can you fix that?

I answered you’re email. The updated version yill be availeble in the next days.

Really nice theme!

Question – is it possible to change the bullet navigation text?

Really nice work! I love it!! :D

Thanks ;)