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How do you speed up the the main slider?


which speed exactly? The spee on autonavigation or the speed of animation? Anyway, you can change the autonav speed in the script.js at line 274 you should see “delay:10000”. you can change the slide speed on the html “[li …data-masterspeed=”800”...]”. Please take also a look at the slider documentation.

Hello theme is awesome, good job, but when you install the theme in wordpress tells me what NEXT Failed to unzip the package. The topic is not style sheet style.css . Can you help me greetings thanks


thank you for your kind words and for the purchasing. But unfortunately you bought the wrong item. This is not a wordpress theme but an HTML template. You can not install it on wordpress.

Xone will be available for wordpress soon. If you want a refund you can contact the themeforest support.

Hello theme is awesome, good job, but when you install the theme in wordpress tells me what NEXT Failed to unzip the package. The topic is not style sheet style.css . Can you help me greetings thanks

Hi great theme thank you!

I am new to this, so your input will be very helpful. Regarding the blog section, as I will be adding information on daily basis, how do I do that? Do I do it in Dreamweaver? Or is there a simple way of uploading the information and images? thanks


you can edit the files with any texteditor (dreamweaver, notepad, ...). This is an html template so you need some basic coding (html,css) knowledge to update the files.

Note: in a week or two the wordpress version will be available, which might be interesting for you.

Hi i am trying to change the font color of the homepage slider text. Can you please let me know where I can find it in the style sheet?

Thank you


you’re portfolio thumbnails are still linking to the default single pages (portfolio-single-default.html or portfolio-single-sidebar.html)

You need to create your own portfolio html files (using the mentioned files as template) and link your thumbnails to these files.

I just want to be clear about the process. So each portfolio thumbnail needs its own single html page?


yes, this is a html template so you will need to create an html page for each portfolio item.

Great support from author! Always responds to emails fast and is very helpful! Nice clean theme and documentation, very easy to customize.

Thank you very much.

Hi, great theme! I just have a little problem in the slide of the homepage, when I put a slightly longer sentence in responive mobile version is cut! how can I fix? Thank you very much


sorry for the delay. you need to adjust the default slider height/width when initialising the slider in the script.js

Please send me an email for better support at spabrice()

Yes, clean and elegant template.

Two observations: as with other one pages, the scroll to and parallax are a bit shaky in safari, and I find annoying that the site is scrolling to the top anytime you open the menu in mobiles.

Are you working on this html template anymore? The wp version will be a hit, gl.


thanks for your interest. couldn’t see any issue for the parallax in safari. Works fine on my end. I may update the mobile menu.

Hi, Nice theme! I am thinking of buying but I need a pricing table. Does the theme include one? Thanks, Sasha


currently there are no pricing tags. But I probably will add some for a next update.

Note that this is a html template (not a wordpress theme). Wordpress will be available soon.

Hi, The theme is great. I’d like to make my site on white but I don’t see a light style sheet? Do you have one? Thanks, Ian


thanks for purchasing my template. The Site is white by default. it’s all in the style.css. i recommend to create a custom css file and overwrite what you want to change.

Hey bud, Just purchased the template and boy, it’s awesome. I have a quick question though: is there any way to change the background color of just the “Our Services” section?

Thank you.


yes this is possible. You just need to add a background via css for this section. and add the the class ‘text-liight’ for this section. See the service section in index-videobg.html.


I see you added share buttons under each project, but with no code for them to work. I’ve added this: But it wont work for some reason. I guess there is a problem that it does not open a new page ’/portfolio-sidebar-xxxx’ when loading the project. Trying to get pop-ups for fb, twitter & g+.

Any help would be nice. Thanks!


there is a more easy way to do this. Please send me an email at spabrice[]

Thanks, I’ve sent you an email.

Hi, any word on when your WP version of this theme will be available? I will be buying it!

Waiting for themeforest to approve it ;)

Does this theme work with integrating Vimeo/YouTube?

Yes of course


I noticed that the logo shrinks after scrolling down and on IE it increases to it’s original size when you head back up the page.

However, on chrome on mac it stays strunk. Would you know the cause of this?

oh, and the email I sent about the revolution slider. I managed to get the text on two lines however it’s still spilling off the side when the screensize is smaller / tablet / smart phone. I tried changing the revolution slider starting width in script.js but I couldn’t get it to work.

Would you be able to guide me on that one?

another quick question too, is that the video background i have has music, and it stops jumps when the slider slides, thus stopping the music and video till it’s slid.

What’s the optimum format / file size for the video?


I answered your email.

One detail: when you click on a building on gmaps, for example St Mary’s Cathedral in the demo, the image inside the info box is not displaying correctly.

With no improvement, I tried to correct that with #map img {max-width:auto;} or erasing that line entirely, etc.

Any idea what other classes may be distorting it, or how to fix this?

BTW, this is a great template, clean and very easy to customize with good documentation.

This seems to work: #map img { max-width: inherit; width: 204px; }

Well, please check this out, there are other layout issues.

And sorry, I know this is not the place for this kind of questions. Wrote you and email from your profile on tf.

I answered your email

Does this theme provide the UI admin end for adding / editing and uploading content like images / videos / text and etc? or do i need to access source code for such?


no this is just a html template which have no admin panel.

BUT there is a wordpress version which have all your wanted features. You don’t need to have coding knowledge to change/edit content,images,etc.

See here:


I’m finding that on smart phone devices, when the user scrolls back up to the top of the page the header white’s out. You can see this on would you know the cause of this?

I’ll check this.


I solved this issue, please send me a mail for the fix. spabrice()

I’m also having trouble getting the revolution slider to continue going through the slides even on hover. I’ve checked the setting in the script.js and it’s hoverstop no.

Is there another way to make sure the slider continues on hover?


unfortuantely I didn’t get your issue very well. Could you send me an email for better support at spabrice()


I have the same issue as “craigheyworth” mentioned. Please check it out.

I’ll check this

I’ll tell you how to reproduce this on desktop.

1. Open

2. Scroll down until the second menu is displayed

3. Resize the width of the window until it reaches a mobile media query.

4. Scroll up

5. You’ll see a white zone just above the header image.

This happens on mobile devices using chrome browser. It happens because chrome hides the location bar after some scrolling, which triggers the resize event.

You listen for this event in xone-header.js (line 25). Commenting the lines from 26 to 32 solves the issue, but I’m not sure if this will affect other parts of the page.

Please look into it.


I solved this issue, please send me a mail for the fix. spabrice()


When I use the template on a mobile phone, the layers 2 and 3 get too small so I can’t read them. There is plenty of space on the screen to keep it in good size. How can I do that?

Here is a screen shot from my mobile device (4 inch display).

I marked with a red circle the area I’m talking about. It should be at the bottom and also it should be bigger because it is unreadable.

And also, sometimes the main text from the slider touches the left/right arrows.


this is “normal”. the slider will decrease the font-size depending the screensize and the ratio of the slider. If you want to have this text bidder, you need to make it bigger from the beginning.

Play around with the startwidth + startheight of the slider in script.js.