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Hi, Im having an Issue with video Loop, http://adpmexico.com/demos/trueads-4/index.html

In this example, the clouds video loop, It blinks in Google Chrome when looping,

Safari, IE and Firefox are OK, any advice to fix it in Chrome?

Blinks in Chrome for PC and Chrome for MAC.


Pretty nice theme, but could use some cleaning up and has some dirty ‘quick-fixes’ that really bring the quality down. Slider Revolution is outdated, would be great if we could get an update on this.

Overall a nice theme, but does need some work to be used for release.

Can the fullscreen html5 video be defaulted to mute?

unfortuantely not.

Hi there,

Great theme you’ve made here, congratulations !

I’m really considering to buy it, but I would need to know if it’s possible to use video homepage in a kind of “slider style” : by that I mean having several videos following one another instead of lopping the same one again and again.

Best regards, Corinne

“looping” and not “lopping” sorry


sorry for the delay. unfortuantely this is not possible.

how or what needs to be done to use the Masonry layout with the different sizes….the sample that you display in the portfolio element section, the sample you give with the product does not work, what is it I have to add to make it work this way instead of the standard way, please be specific and detailed, because you dont explain nothing on it, in the document, or provide a working version to cut and paste or learn from, .......besides that I think I might be pretty content


sorry for the delay. unfortunately I don’t get oyu very well. After downloading and unzipping the downlaoded zip folder you should find a working demo with all elements seen in the live preivew. Please send me an email for better support at spabrice()gmail.com

Hello, can I incorporate music to the One Page Theme?



Yes this is possible.

I am having an issue with your theme.

One the revolution slider, the sr-buttons (circular down arrows) that scroll to an href tag do not work on mobile devices.

I have tried it on my development site, as well as your demo, and it does not work.

Any suggestions?


can’t confirm this issue. I checked it on my live preview and it works fine on my end (iPhone).

hello, i wanna buy this template, but the price is $14 ? is it corretct?? regards!

Yes, this is the correct price. Please note that this is the html/css template, not a wordpress theme.

How do I get rid of the bullet navigation. I either would like the menu to not shtick and stay large throughout the site or if it shrinks I would like to seed the words instead of the bullet. Is this possible?

Please take a look at the documentation file.

Could you update Slider Revolution to the latest version?

Regarding the question asked above about having the navigation NOT turn into a bullet row, but rather remain words… whether it shrank or not… your only answer was to check the documentation… As I haven’t purchased the theme yet… I just need to know whether this can be done or not… relatively easy to accomplish?


yes this can be done by just changing the classnames of the header.


Could you please tell me if your theme is WPML ready?

Thx in advance!


it hasn’t been tested with this plugin but the theme includes the .po/.mo files.

I purchased the template but when I go to add it to my wordpress, it keeps failing stating:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Would love to get this resolved asap!

I have to buy the wordpress theme? ok but I lost de 14$ that I expent with html version????

IF its this, this website is not fair…..


yes, if you want to install to wordpress you need to purchase the wordpress theme.

You can contact envato to refund the 14$.


I am currently using the template and am having issues with the contact form. It sends perfectly using all e-mail addresses I have tried but if I use a gmail address nothing comes through.

I wondered if you could give me advice as to why?

Update … it doesn’t like AOL or Yahoo addresses either. Have been onto hosting and they say there is nothing stopping it their end. It’s almost like the form doesn’t recognise free e-mail providers.

Did you check the Spam folder. it probably is there. Alternatively you can try the contac form 7 plugin.

Could you please incorporate a small update to your theme and include the latest Revolution Slider?

I’m sure this is a dumb question but can you put videos when you click on a portfolio item… like what you have in the wordpress version? I didn’t see it in the portfolio html version and wanted to make sure.


in the html template you just need to add the video to your portfolio page.

Hello, this theme is awesome and i love it! I just am having issues putting buttons in my nav bar, they don’t line up. Any help?


sorry for the delay, but i think I already answered your email, didn’t I?

Hello, I’ve a problem with polish fonts. Both fonts (Open sans and railways) have all glyphs i need, but won’t display correctly (polish letters are in backup font). How can i change coding to latin-ext? Thanks


you need to add “&subset=latin,latin-ext” at the end of the font include. Please see also the google font library for more informations.

Hi there, i’m having trouble with the theme. Contact form is not working as it should. When i send a test mail, using my mail (same as sendto mail) than its ok. But when i try using any other email adress it doesn’t work – error message apears. Second problem i’m having is fonts. It doesn’t show polish characters. Im in elementary level of php or html so please answer me the way i understand ;)

btw. Very nice theme! Thanks

Well, I upload whole new site right from download – change sendto email adress and it’s the same… i recive ONLY emails from my own server name.


I answered your email, didn’t I?

Hello, i have a some issue. At the end of the page, right after the footer has a empty space. The problem exists only in Chrome.


In Chrome appears unknown div, which has a height: 12241px and I can not edit it.

Thanks in advance for your help

A little bit to understand the reasons, I realized that this is a problem in the Revolution Slider.

Please send me an email to spabrice()gmail.com for better support.