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Hi there. What code should be added/ what file should be modified if I want to make the form inputs empty after a successfull message sending?

Message is sent, there is no problem with it, however after a successfull sending form input datas are still there.


You need to customize the xone-form.js

Hi, first of all, I want to thank you for providing exactly what I was looking for. I have a question ; Is it possible to add a new page with a portfolio model which would be independant from the first portfolio. Because for now, when I change something on the first one, it changes also on the second one, any idea ?? thx !


what do you mean by “change”. Using the filter? You need to make sure that you have unique id’s for both grids. These id’s also must be written in the “data-related-grid” of the filter in order to apply the filter only to the grid it’s related to.

Sorry for my english, I’m french… I’d like to create a second porftolio (grid) on a new page. How can I proceed ?


Do you use the wordpress theme or the html template? (Currently we’re on the html template conversation).

Hi, is there a way to have the parallax video working with a link instead of an actual video on the upload folder?


the video background only works with custom video file. Unfortunately it’s not possible to use alink or anything else.

Hello, Does this template have twitter integration?


only with widget for the blog sidebar.

HI, have a question about the portfolio function. when clicking on the thumbnails, the portfolio-single-default.html etc are not displayed – is there something i have to add / change?


note that chrome doesn’t support ajax when testing it locally.

great theme – like to add arrows on the slideshow in the portfolio-single-default.html images. where do i find this? also where do i can have an autoplay for this slideshows?

don’t worry – found it in your documentation

Glad you found it.


I am looking for the same thing, where did you find and how did you do it? thanks!

I would like to add some descriptive text next to the arrows on portfolio-single-default.html and portfolio-single-sidebar.html that way people know they are navigating through projects and not through individual images. For example:

< previous project next project >

If I add that text in the html in between the a href tag it doesn’t appear. Why is that? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

text will not be shown because of the css (text-indent: -9999px;) You will need to customize this part.

Hi, this is one of the best templates I have seen, but I was wondering if there is a quick way of ‘resetting’ a section when someone clicks to it – as in re-triggering the animations within that section.

I modified the bgvideo.js so it also allows looping to be optionally turned on/off, but curious to know if there would also be a quick way to restart a video on focusing a section too ?


I tried looking on google but couldn’t find any information.


thanks for purchasing my theme. Unfortunately this is not possible. It would need some major customizations in the js files.

Hi, found one problem, and no idea how to solve it, I made the main menubar transparent throughout, but when I click on a link to go to a section the transparent background of the menu bar is showing the previous section, not the section currently been displayed. Is there a way of changing that please, so the transparent header shows the section it is currently displaying ?

Thanks, and keep up the great work.

Unfortunately didn’t work – left with a previous section still displayed at the top.


please send me an email (using the support tab of the template above) for better support. If you have a live preview, please include it on the mail.

Hi managed to resolve that issue thanks.


I’m having a problem with linking my email to the contact form, can you explain to me how I can get this setup for my contact fourm? I have the contact-send.php file everything, but I don’t know what to configure to link it to send to my emails.



Please take also a look at the documentation file. Note that you need a working SMTP server to send emails.

Please send me an email by using the Support tab on the top of this page for better support.

I want my portfolio website to look exactly like your live demo “Portfolio Home & Dark Color Scheme” – what do I have to do in order to achieve this?


you can import the demo or just set up this way. Theme options you can choose the dark version.

I’m interested in purchasing this template. It is exactly what I am looking for as far as design is concerned. I’m curious about how it works on the back-end. It is a simple “plug and play” type of template or is extensive knowledge of html required. Can I add and delete menu items easily? It would be great if there was somewhere one could see hot it actually works when you are working on the site. Is the Wordpress file a better file to use for someone who has limited knowledge of html?


it’s html template, so you need to have good html + css knowledge. if you want to change/add/edit anything you need to change the html part.

I think in your case wordpress is the best solution.

Hello, the contact form is not displaying the message has been sent, what do I do?

Alternatively you can use the conatct form 7 plugin. for better support please send me a message via the support tab.

Hi ,

the background parallax video seems not to work on SAFARI !

Looks fine on MOZILLA, IE and chrome for PC and MAC… but not on SAFARI !!

Do you have the same issue ??




I answered your message, didn’t I?

Hello, I am having problems with jQuery if I add a new version to my code because the rev slider stop working. Have you upgrade the jQuery version of the slider in the last update?

I can’t get a random phrase jquery javascript effect if I can’t add last version of jQuery before this code.

Thank you.

Hello. I have a link in my primary nav that I’ve set in the menu interface to open in new window, but it isn’t. Any suggestions?


Please use the support tab for better support.

Hi. I have a problem about index-videobg.html. When i work on the local template working correctly but when i upload to server is opening too late. I dont understand why. Please help abaout that. Thanks.


it’s normal because on your local machine the file is immediately loaded, on a server, you must “load/download” the file.

please send me a message via the support tab for better support.

The layout is very beautiful, but the Responsive classes used are terrible for programming.

For example, let me say I want 3 columns of content, the last columns of the row must have the class ‘last-col’, if it don’t have, the layout breaks out.

Now, lets say I want 2 rows of 6 columns. I cant just throw 6 columns by side, I must declare a new row for each 3 columns, and also put ‘last-col’ class in the last one. (noticed it in the services section with fa-icons).

Also is good to note that the Video Parallax does not accepts Youtube links (which I was counting on).

Correct me if am wrong on anything. Thank you.

hi there.

does this theme support vimeo, youtube and/or HTML5 video headers? is it possible to have additional control-buttons (play/pause) for the videos, too?



background videos are only possible with selfhosted html videos (mp4,ogv,webm). And only the option for sound is available.

See here: http://www.spab-rice.com/wordpress/xone/demo-three/