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Lovely theme!

Is there a way to have a portfolio preview load by default on the main page?



unfortunately I don’t get your issue very well. Can you give me some more details. Please use the support tab for better support.

Hi. How can I fix my blog so that it displays correctly. This is the shortcode I am using. http://wesguity.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/FireShot-Capture-W-V-I-a-new-family-adventure-http___wesandveronica.com_blog_.png

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

[latestnews number=”9” category=”blog”]

[spacer size=”small”]

[horizontalsection color=”#14b4b7” textcolor=”text-light” pdtop=”40” pdbottom=”40”]

type="fa-th-list" size="normal" color=""] See all Posts[/button]



please send me a message via the support tab, for better support.

Hi!nice theme…This theme can be online shopping?

Is there a way to control the speed of the menu when it shrinks?


this is not possible by option and would need some major css customizations.

Hi, i’m representing a client who is having issues with the portfolio grid. It is showing 3 elements instead of 9, although there are 9 portfolio elements that have been created by importing the demo content. I tried to change the portfolio options to no avail. It seems to me like a JS issue, since the HTML source has 9 portfolio elements, but some are hidden by JS. How can this be fixed?

You are welcome to check it out here: http://www.mitya.tech/

I answered your messages.

Hi, do you guys have a new version of parallax script? it’s doesn’t work well.

How do I make the logo bigger on the header overlay?

can you add a angel list social share icon?


please send me a message via the support page for better support.

hello, are there ways to increase the size of the logo on mobile devices?

This probably need some mquerries.css customizations.

Hello is it possible to change the displayed height of the video, assuming that the video will be resized https://www.paypal.com/gr/webapps/mpp/home. i would like in the first screen(without scrolling) to show a bottom bar Thanx


sorry for the delay. Unfortuantely I don’t get your question very well.

Is the Blog completely Integrated and has the Wordpress been setup as part of the template as we want blog from day one


the standard blog features are integrated.

I’m using xone but don’t appear to have the ability to use video in the background. Is this because I have an older version? Is there a way to upgrade older version? Thanks. (see www.listen2015.com)


I answered your support ticket via email

I may purchase but after this problem fixed:

There is a jumping problem with image background while scrolling.


Could you check the problem please? We are starting the implementation. We wan to have good and fixed code base.


please send me a message through the support page of this item for better/faster support.

Hi, is there any way to add the Parallax effect to the Revolution Slider?


please have a look at the documentation file of the revolution slider. If this option is available, yes. For better support, please send me a message thorugh the support page of this item.

Hi, is it possible to get rid of the all category in the portfolio section? I need to show only items inside the categories, not all the items.


I answered your support ticket via email, didn’t I?

Yes, thanks. If there’s any way to make the portfolio show only categories when you open the page let me know. Thanks.

Can someone tell me why the anchor tags in this template don’t work in Chrome but will work in other browsers? This is driving me nuts. Thanks!


please send me a message via the support tab of the item for better/faster support. You can also send me a link to your site where the issue is visible.

How do you set the instagram link to show upon team image hover? Tries several shortcode but non worked

Great template

If you like Joomla version please let me know via my profile


The template is supported?

question about Xone Wordpress


Can the site width be made wider?


I guess you mean the content wrapper width. This is not possible by option and would need major customizations css.

Hello I can integrate this template in prestashop 1.6 ? Thanks


this is a pure html/css template. I have no experiences with prestashop, but I guess it would need major adaptations to make it work with prestashop.