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Can multiple videos be viewed in sequence?

hello,nice theme I have one problem.Please help me. My typography is not like in demo,I’ve changed style before,but now i need style like in demo.I tried to change but its not helped.


please send me a message through the support page of this item for better/faster support.

Hello everybody, Cool Template Bro !

Please help me to change the vidéo background from the Home page, i whant to add a YouTube vidéo not a mp4 from my computer, I’m new with WordPress and I’m french ^^ my English is limited!

Do i have to change the code ? Or can i link the url by the page option ?

Thk’s a lot !


youtube background videos are not possible. Only selfhosted (mp4,webm,ogv) please use support page of this item for better/faster support.

Can i random a portfolios? And Can i add a parallax video on the top of portfolios?


For better support, please send me a message thorugh the support page of this item.

Hello! Great theme, three quick pre-buy questions: Is it possible to have a portfolio that fits 5 columns of images? Also, is it possible to set a different filter than “all” to display first? Finally, any way to speed up the ajax load times?

Thanks so much for your help!


1. on different screen sizes you will have different columns. You can choose between 4 different image sizes.

2. it’s not possible by option and would need some major customizations.

3. this would also need some customizations. The loading time depends on different things. server speed, browser speed, internet connection, content size, etc.


is there a way to automatically update the theme? Or do I need to uninstall the current version and install the new one?

Yes, you need to uninstall + install the new one.

There has to be a better way of doing this, uninstalling and then reinstalling is a big pain in the butt.

It’s pretty easy and done within a few seconds. You just need to uninstall + delete the old theme. Then install the new one. You will not loose any of your content,options,features.

For more support please use the support tab to contact me.

Hi, I like the Xone theme and am considering to buy it. I’v one question: Is it possible to build portfolio posts with a stack of columns of images then some text below, or a first image and beneath some text an then some other images. So that you have to scroll down. To me it seems this would match best to the one page style of the theme. But in all your demos of Xone I couldn’t find such a portfolio single post.


unfortunately this is not possible.

hi, i’ve bought this theme and install properly relying on documentation ( i mean demo number 3 background video) and it looks like not on your demo. I’ve posted a support request. please help me as fast as possible

Just baught This Theme & Revolution Slider is Missing

I answered your support ticket via mail, didn’t I?

Visual Composer 4.12 clashes with the theme Causing layout problems….


yes this might possible. The theme has not been tested/optimized with this plugin so it might lead to some issues. For better/faster support, please use the support page to send me a message.

Hello, thinking about buying this theme. Not sure if I will get a response here because this was posted a long time ago however I have one question. What kind of options does this theme allow for color customization? I like the dark UI style, but would like to match that dark color to my branding color, as well as change accent colors from default blue to my signature red, etc. Just need to know the extent of color customization within this theme, because if there is a lot of available option for color changing, this is the perfect theme for me.


in the theme options you can first choose between light or dark sheme. But you can’t choose a custom dark color for this theme. It would need some major customizations in the theme files.

You can’t also choose an accent color (blue in my live preview) to your custom color via the theme options.


magnusi Purchased

Is it possible to adjust the spacing between the header/subhead and the body text on each page? I’m hoping to get a bit of a smaller gap. Have a CSS editor (Stylizer) but it does not seem to be able to identify this gap area – any tips welcome and appreciated!


magnusi Purchased

never mind – figured it out! :)

Would it be possible to have a static image header/front page, but one of the slides/pages under it (in the OnePage) have a video background? Or is the video background limited to the top slide.

I have installed the demo2, however the Revolution slider repeats, and shows in the header and footer, twice on the page.

i’d like to install a plugin to make my site bilingual. Which one should i install? any one you recommend?

Hello, the theme has not been tested/optimized with multilingual plugins so they might lead to some issue but could work fine as well.

I’m having the same issue as already mentioned by johnegg, which appears to be an ajax error: I have a translation of a page created with wpml, but the porfolio items cannot be opened. Besides that, it also shows the following error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in [...]/themes/xone/includes/page-section.php on line 112. Is there a fix for that? Any help would be really appreciated, because the page I’m working on already has been online for a while and I got the task to repair it. Besides that: great theme! I’ll consider using it for future projects :-)


I answered your support ticket, didn’t I?


ddzc Purchased

Hi there, for the “works” page which links to the portfolios, how do you center align them if you only have 3 for example. They’re currently left aligned. In your demo, you can also see the problem with all 4 being left aligned –



I answered your support message via email, didn’t I?

The revolution slider is not compatible with the newest updates on wordpress, it seems..


please send me a message through the support page.


wazabout Purchased

Hello, I forgot if this theme updates the copyright date automatically. If not, please let me know where to change it because I could not find it in customize. Thanks

Hello, no it is not changed automatically because it is hardcoded text. you would need to add some php to the footer to do so.